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  1. I have Pro 7.5.370.0 on XP Home. Automatic Login is grayed out on the Summary tab but I have added it into the members property. If I Save and Run the backup script it still asks for the login. I can enter the password and it will work but when the script runs scheduled it asks and will not take the right credentials. please advise, -dave
  2. If coded only for Mac it should only appear under the Macintosh client options.
  3. Sounds like the best approach. Thanks,
  4. Client. Our policy does not include them.
  5. ecrm

    7.7.203 memory leak?

    For those how have to wait it out you may wish to try a feature available in SysInternals VMMAP program. Note: I have not tested this myself and this should be explored in a test environment first... Your mileage may vary. Here is a write up from TechRepublic with links to the software. "The most beneficial feature of VMMap is probably the Refresh menu option to Empty Working Set. For applications that are known to egregiously waste RAM, this may be a way to counteract the behavior without stopping the application or restarting the system. You should do this with caution and in situations where you can be sure of what the behavior will be on the process in question."
  6. Second backups: Proactive backups set to once a day will re-backup the entire client if a USB or external drive is attached to the system during the day. I'm looking for a way to disable this and haven't found anything in Script>Options, Preferences or Secret Prefs.
  7. This is a new one for me. Normally when there is a verification failure it will list it as MD5 didn't compare... But what does this mean? Better question - what to do with it? regards, -dave
  8. No, Most Recent is a subset of Active and Active is a subset of ALL. Using All Active for each... I could get multiple snapshots of the same source if they were present in the list. (for example when restore by snapshot is used.) I believe you when you say that your method works (if you've confirmed results, like I had to.) But I'm inquiring (to EMC really) with no errors reported - and - Most Recent a perfectly valid option - why are there missing snapshots. Why is it necessary to check when the software says All Recent = Success. Does anybody open their backup sets every day to see that the successful backups from the night before actually created snapshots after the script completes with 0 errors? regards, -dave
  9. Nope, snapshots are deemed "active" if they are the "most recent" (amoung other things) and the ones in question do have dates next to them.
  10. No errors reported - need to manually confirm each set by opening each backup set window to snapshots and viewing each window - not printable or selectable to copy to spreadsheet or anything! Some snapshots are missing from the destination backup set. There is no grooming policy and none are forgotten or locked in source backup set. Please advise, -dave [color:green]Using Transfer Snapshots script: -Transfer all recent Snapshots -All files -Media verification on -Automatically trans needed db snapshots Backup sets: Options: -Catalog File compression; Fast Catalog File rebuild Retrospect Multi Server: -7.6.111 -Driver Update and Hot Fix, version [/color]
  11. Can't create Snapshot, error -1115 (disk full) Had 10 of these when I came in after the weekend. I cleared some space and the recat continued and finished. Unsure now - Do I need to rerun? -dave
  12. Would it be possible to send the selector to the client first and only scan based on that criteria? I'm under the impression the snapshot looks at the whole volume after anyway. regards, -dave
  13. Performed an update to a 7.5.116 client through the Retrospect server with updater that came with server install. Cannot connect after with error -550 Uninstalled client and put 7.5.116 back on and can connect fine. Thoughts, -dave
  14. Does Retrospect support wake-on-lan? If so how? Anybody currently using it? -dave
  15. Yes this is a nice feature. A couple of points of interest though... The "Verify only backups not previously verified" option seems to refer to those verified by the scripted verify and not those that might have already been verified as part of a scripted 'backup' you did earlier. ie. "backup using media verification" In other words the first time you run this script against a particular backup set you will be verifying the entire set anyway and then subsequent scripted verifying will be shorter using this option. The second point is the output found in the log. How can this be helpful when it doesn't indicate the particular snapshot or client source that this refers to? Quote: Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\WINNT\outlook.pst" does not match stored MD5 digest. That being said I can definitely see this being a useful feature when performing new or recycle backups and just verifying them at a different time. Just make sure your "Preferences > Media Verification" is set to Generate MD5 digest at the time of the backup. It is by default. -dave