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  1. My question is not necessarily about Retrospect but on some backup strategies. We are presently using Retrospect 7.5 with all of the latest updates/fixes. We are using Microsoft Server 2003 Standard on a computer with 2 GB RAM and 3 1-TB hard drives. Our backup strategy is to perform normal backups with many file exclusions on a daily basis. Now for the problem. We want to move our backup sets from our backup server to external hard drives for off-site storage. Our external hard drives are Lacie 1 TB drives. USB transfer is too slow to make this transfer effective so we are moving up to Firewire 800 ports. The USB transfer of approximately .8+ TB takes almost 20 hours and degrades backup server operation. Does anyone have any possible suggestions on faster transfers from server to external hard drives?
  2. I am using Retrospect 7.5 with all of the latest updates and fixes. I am using a server with Server 2003 SP2, with 2 GB Memory and 3 TB internal hard drives. The server was set up and Retrospect 7.5 was installed on 5/12/08 and updated. I am using automated scripts which were just written on 5/14/08. These scripts are similar to those which were written for Retrospect 7.0 but they were not copied. Ernie Keller GFPS Great Falls, MT
  3. I have also been recieving thsi error. This is on a new server installation, new scripts, new backup clients. Ernie Keller GFPS Great Falls, MT
  4. We are presently using Version 5.1 for Macintosh and are backing up Macintosh and Win2K Pro and XP Pro desktops. We had a Win2K Dell computer hard drive failure. A new hard drive was installed and a restore attempt was made. Everything worked EXCEPT the registry resote. Hindsight being 20/20, it appears that we should have automated the Retrospect Registry Backup Manager. We weren't doing that at the time of the failure. We are now! Is there any way to successfully guarantee that the registry can be restored when using a Macintosh version to backup Window desktops? If not, what suggested steps should be taken to back up a Windows desktop for complete restoration?