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  1. I’m using Retrospect 7.6 Single Server and 7.7 Professional (both latest build) Both are disk to usb disk. Both have the same problem. My problem is my backups are backing up more than my selectors are specifying. If I open selectors and click the blue check mark, it selects all the correct folders. If I go to Backup Sets and … Click Snapshots, it shows the entire hard drive Click Sessions, it shows the correct selections If I go to Restore, then Advanced, then Restore Files & Folders, it shows a bunch of extra folders… (I can restore any of these files) C:\Documents & Settings\.........- included successfully C:\files\Backup .................- included successfully C:\files\Exclude\................- 2 of 12 folders shown C:\Delnorm Docs\.................- 1 of 5 folders shown C:\Recycler......................- 1 of 3 folders shown C:\Windows\Service Pack Files\....- 1 of 2 folders shown C:\Windows\System32\..............- ??? C:\Program Files\.................-8 out of 72 folders are shown Here are my selectors My Selectors Screenshot Link My backup script Source = C:\ Destination = USB HD Set1 Selector (See the link above) I’ve tried Universal, then Name. Windows Path – Match Pattern / Start With / Others Anyway, how do I back up only what is selected by my selectors?
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    Tape Members Forgotton - Thread2

    Thanks for your input ramon88. bump
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    Tape Members Forgotton - Thread2

    Thanks for your reply. Here are those preferences ... Erasure Automatically reuse renamed media = Yes Check Minimal erase confirmation =Not Checked Handling Retension Tapes = Not Checked Don't eject remable disks = not Checked Eject tapes and disks when exiting = not checked Stop Removable Storage Manager = Yes Checked Use new media automatically after write failure = not checked Use aspi to communication with device = not checked Request Media request timeout = not checked Automatically skip to blank media = not checked Verification Generate MD5 digests during backup operation = not checked Thanks for any assistance.
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    Tape Members Forgotton - Thread2

    Here are some specs on my setup. Retrospect SBS Standard v. 7.6.123 Retrospect Driver Update & Hotfix v. 7.6.101 Windows 2003 SBS Server Standard SP2 Adaptec AHA-2940 pci SCSI controller DAT DDS3 Tape Drive Processor - P4 2.66 Ghz RAM - 2 GB OS Partition C:\ - 9 GB Free Data Partition D:\ - 22 GB Free
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    Tape Members Forgotton - Thread2

    My apologies. I will run in and get those details on Tuesday.
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    Tape Members Forgotton - Thread2

    update The only things in the logs are like this ...
  7. This is a new thread to better clarify my problem. I have a problem where tape members are forgotten from the backup set. I have four backup sets, each set with one tape member. SetName <> Tape Member Names Set1 <> 1-Set1 Set2 <> 1-Set2 Set3 <> 1-Set3 Set4 <> 1-Set4 All backup operations are run under the domain admin account. We rotate one set per week. For example, set1 runs, then set2, then set3, then set4. Next set1 rotates back in, then set2,set3,set4, set1, set2, etc. When the old set rotates back in, the first script recycles, and the next scripts are all normal scripts. This works correctly when the right tape set member is in the drive. However, if we forget to put the next tape in the drive, the new set's tape member is forgotten. For example, Set 2 successfully finishes, and Set3 rotates in, but the set2 tape is still in the drive. The Set3 Recycle is scheduled and launches. Several days pass but Set3 never finishes because Set2 tape is still in the drive. I need to stop the Set 3 execution. At this point, 1-Set3 tape member is forgotten from Set3.
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    Forgets Tape Member

    bump The only thing in the logs are like this
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    Forgets Tape Member

    Thanks for your quick reply. I've re-worded some of the below. Correct. That is how I have things set up. To reword this ... Backup Set 1 with Tape Member A Backup Set 2 with Tape Member B Backup Set 3 with Tape Member C Backup Set 4 with Tape Member D Each set is independent, has one tape member, and is rotated once per week. That is, until set 1 fully rotates around. At that point, Set 1 Tape A will recycle on the first script, and normal on every script thereafter. I'm trying to have the "equivalent" of, on monday, a full backup with overwrite. Tuesday through Friday, an incremental. Once per week (monday) we rotate to the next backup set. Again, my problem is this. Set 1, Tape A is in the drive. Set 2 Tape B is scheduled to run on Monday. The Set 2 Tape B, Recycle script starts, but is “waitingâ€, again, because Set 1 Tape A is in the drive, but it needs Set 2 Tape B. At this point I click the “stop†execution button, and Set 2 forgets Tape B is a member. On Configure – Devices, the black M icon is grayed out. I have to manually re-add Tape B to Set 2. How do I get retrospect backup sets to stop forgetting my tape members?
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    Forgets Tape Member

    We have four backup sets, each with one tape member. For example … Backup Set 1, with tape member 1 Backup Set 2, with tape member 2 Backup Set 3, with tape member 3 Backup Set 4, with tape member 4 We rotate these backup sets once each week. Each week has one set. The first backup script is a Recycle. The rest of the week has Normal scripts. My problem is that, sometimes a backup set forgets its tape member. It seems to work correctly if we keep the right tape in the drive. However, say tape 1 is in the drive. Monday arrives, Set 2 (Recycle) is supposed to run, but tape 1 is still in the drive, not tape 2, so Monday Recycle does not run (is waiting). I arrive on Wednesday. Press “stop execution†on all waiting tasks. At this point, Backup Set 2 forgets Tape Member 2. In Configure - Devices, the black M is grayed out. I have to manually re-add Tape 2 to the Backup Set 2. How do I get Retrospect to not forget its tape member when the wrong tape is in the drive, and I have to press “stop execution†on all waiting tasks?
  11. I'm having problems with retrospect forgetting tape members from backup sets. We have 4 main tapes, using one tape per week and then rotating the tapes for the next weeks. If set 3 is set to execute, but tape 2 is in the drive, retrospect then forgets tape 3 and does not execute for the rest of the week. Set 3 never executes again until tape 3 is re-joined to backup set 3. How do I keep the backup set from forgetting it's tape members.
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    Only System State Backup

    Thank you.
  13. I don't have a tape drive handy right now to test this, but how do you back up only the system state & registry (no data files). I'd like to use retrospect, and not the nt backup utility.
  14. I have a production environment with 2003 sbs & 10 xp pro clients. I have a test lab with 2003 sbs and vista business. Both environments are using retrospect 7.6. I have volumes and selectors configured correctly for the local sbs server data. I can't figure out how to back up the client computers. I've installed the client software. I've configured client volumes. I can't figure out how to create a selector for the clients. I'd like to use the "documents and settings" selector to back up the profiles on each client computer. I've tried ... including client name = * AND selector = documents and setting exclude client name = SBS Server AND selector = documents and settings but it does not exclude the files on sbs. It selects & includes certain files on the SBS, such as the roaming profiles "my documents" folders, etc. My question is how do I backup each client. How do I configure the appropriate selectors.