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  1. Seems like my Media Set (the backup destination file) is no longer reachable. The file is stored on a networked HD, the file is there, but in Retrospect this Media Set hasn't the "green light semaphore" and in the information panel it is described as "Status: no element". I tried to Verify, Repair and Rebuild this Media Set without success, it is not reachable. Any suggestion ? Retrospect Mac 12, Mac OS 10.11
  2. pbartoli

    Restart Retro Client via Terminal

    Is it possible to remotely control Retrospect Engine on a server Mac thru Terminal / ssh? I'm running Mac Retrospect 12, that as for now, has a bug the prevents client Mac to use Retrospect own remote control of the Engine. I could simply use Apple's Remote Desktop to access the server Engine, but it is usually in use by a colleague, therefore I cannot (it's not really nice :-) ) take control of the serve thru Remote Desktop while he's working on the server at the same time. I'd like to remote control Retrospect Engine thru Terminal. Is it possible / feasible?
  3. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Wow, nice behavior ! Which release / OS are you working on?
  4. I deleted the old one and installed anew. The Client shipping with Retro Engine 8.2 is indeed release 6.3.029. What I'm wondering now is if I should enable the checkbox "prevent App Nap" in the Retro Client app info box (OS X 10.10.2).
  5. Lennart, I will check asap with the installer you indicate, but I'm pretty sure it is its 8.2's client. Thanks
  6. Working with Retrospect Engine 8.2 and Retrospect Client 6.3.029 on Mac OS X 10.10.2. I noticed that each time I reboot my Mac the Client gets de-activated. Even if I switch Client on, next time I reboot the Mac it is switched off. I guess it's time to upgrade, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks
  7. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Well, I think I have found the problem now. It appears that the Retrospect Client is off, deactivated. Problem is that I didn't switch it off ! Incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 apart, can something else can make this strage behavior happen ?
  8. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    I'll try and see if it works, thanks Daniels.
  9. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Daniels, could it be a network card issue. What I still don't understand is why I have no other network issues with this Mac but with Retrospect: for example other backup apps (like running rsync try Terminal or Chronosync) do work without any kind of problems.
  10. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Interestingly I tried to add the not-working-client to Retrospect Engine with direct IP address, and I get back the same "-519" error. Note that I'm working on this very MacBook thru ethernet (the engine is installed on another Mac over the ethernet network). This puzzles me a lot: Retrospect Engine doesn't see the client that I'm using to instruct the Engine itself... I see the Engine but the at the very same time the Engine doesn't see my portable Mac ! I tried to disable completely: - energy saving (the Mac won't go idle or shutdown the hd) - Adobe auto updates - Mac OS auto updates Right now the only app running are Apple Safari and Apple Mail. What else should I look for? help me... I'm running out of ideas how to solve the problem.
  11. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Daniels, I thought about the MacBook going to sleep, but as a matter of fact, backup runs while I'm still using it, therefore it is awake. What you mean by "bug that requires a user to be logged into the computer for the backup to run" , you mean I should be logged into the client (MacBook) ? I'm indeed, since I'm the MacBook user and keep on working on it all day long.
  12. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    Thanks twickland, how do you suggest to set up the search and polling parameters?
  13. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    About error -519, I searched into the help files and looks like it is about "timeout". I'm trying extending connection timeout to 600 seconds (I might have a slow network...), let's see if this solves these errors.
  14. pbartoli

    client not visible by Retrospect

    I'm using this release with OS X 10.10 and it works. Or looks like it works, since I have annoying random errors. Time by time, some of the clients on the ethernet network are not "reachable" (I get error -519). I don't understand why I get error -519, since I can see these Macs in the Finder, they're actually up and running, Retro Client is installed. Might the traffic on the ethernet compromise Retrospect ability to perform backup? Usually I run the backup at 6 PM when most of the computers are idle (not my MacBookPro, that is one giving errors...).