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    -523 Error?

    I resolved my issue by uninstalling the client, installing the latest Dell network driver, deleting all Dantz registery keys, and then reinstalling the client. I'm unclear if simply installing the Dell update would have resolved the issue. I appreciate all the input above. Thanks, Keith
  2. Hi, We're running the latest Multi-Server and Client, for the most part successfully. I'm exploring how we might allow Multi Server to recognize a client when connected to the network over a VPN connection. We can see the machine on our network, but Multi-Server doesn't see it. Just wondering if I need to open special firewall ports to allow this. Any assistance is most appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  3. In previous versions of Retrospect Backup Client, the start of the backup alerted the client and allowed the client to defer the backup to a better time. Is there any way to enable this functionality in 6.5?
  4. Just a thought.... Just wondering if you have a Dell Server running Retrospect? I was having similar SCSI errors when out of the blue, Dell called and informed me they had a critical SCSI Controller flaw, and then sent a Tech out the same day to update system/controller drivers. The SCSI errors I was receiving disappeared with the Dell update.
  5. shoey2u

    -523 Error?

    Would I be correct in assuming from the lack of response that no one has experienced this issue?
  6. shoey2u

    -523 Error?

    Im using Multiserver 6.5.350 and Client version 6.5.136 on over 40 XP laptops successfully. I have 1 laptop that the server successfully scans, but then fails to copy and produces a -523 (service transaction error). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the client numerous times without success. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Keith