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  1. Hi, I followed the instructions in the full Windows OS restore video today and all worked well, but only up to a point. I installed a base OS and then Retrospect. I did a full erase and restore of the disk. The video says that on 2nd reboot I should get a screen that takes me through the registry restore, but I never saw that. Any idea why this would happen? Best wishes Michael
  2. That worked for me to. What a relief. I copied that folder to the desktop and then deleted the whole content. Thanks for the great tip. Cheers Michael
  3. bazcurtis

    -1015 error

    Hi, I am getting a -1015 error on a sql database. It is the only database out of about 20 showing this error. Last time I had it, I rebooted the sql server, but now it is back. -1015 isn't in the code list. What does it mean? I am running 6.5 latest patches and sql 2000 sp4. Cheers Michael
  4. bazcurtis

    Exchange 2007

    Hi, Does Retrospect 7.5 multi server and client support Exchange 2007? Best wishes Michael
  5. bazcurtis

    Really Slow Backups

    Hi, I had the exact same problem. It took 16 hours to backup 120 mailboxes at the same rate you were seeing. We used New Media set everyday so that didn't speed it up. I tried a file backup as an incremental and that was just as slow. What was interesting, if you actually watch each mailbox being backed up it took longer to open and close the mailbox than to actually do the files. I went back to using Exmerge for brick level backups. It takes 8 minutes to do the whole server as an incremental. Shame Exmerge has gone out of Exchange 2007!! Cheers Michael
  6. bazcurtis

    Chain scripts

    I agree with all of that, but it would be much easier if you could do it within a script. I have Multi server so it is quite happy to run as many scripts as possible :-)
  7. Hi, We are running 4 scripts backing up our laptops and I get emails left right and centre after each laptop is deffered or backed up. I would like to see better control on what emails are set. Either a different option for proactive backups or on a per script basis. Cheers Michael
  8. bazcurtis

    -625 out of memory error

    Their is plenty of ram available. It seems to do it some clients and then not others. I quit Retrospect over the weekend, reopened it and all was fine again. This will be ok now for a few weeks and then come back. It does it on a mixture of scripts to. Here are the stats for two of the failed clients 141,157 files @ 8.4gb 71536 files @ 744mb It seems very odd. Best wishes Michael
  9. bazcurtis

    Put catalogs on the tape

    Hi Andi I just use a dulicate script that copies any files that are missing from one server to another. It is set to go off a few hours after the backup as finished, just to make sure the storageset is compressed and finished with. Cheers Michael
  10. Hi, It would be nice to have the catalog file added to the tape at the end of the backup. That way if you don't have the catalog on disk anymore you won't have to rebuild the tape. Best wishes Michael
  11. Hi, I am getting the following error. Script: BM Store Client: Bureau1 Date: 5/13/2006 Trouble matching BM Store on Bureau1 to BM Store [001], error -625 (not enough memory) The server is running Retrospect 7.5 and the latest rdu. It has 2gb of ram and is only a backup server it has nothing else running on it other than Sophos anti virus. Is the error from the client end or the server. What causes this error? Any help most welcome. Best wishes Michael
  12. bazcurtis

    Random restore

    Hi, I am asked to test my tapes by randomly picking files from some backups. How about Retrospect having a random restore function. Let me pick the number of files, size and type and let Retrospect pick them from different places on the tape and different tapes. Cheers Michael
  13. bazcurtis

    Export scripts

    Hi, A few times during technical issue I have been asked to bin my preference files and this has meant losing my scripts. I would like to be able to save the scripts out so I can reimport them or move them to another server. Cheers Michael
  14. bazcurtis

    Chain scripts

    Hi, I would like to be able to tell a script to run the next script after the script as finished rather than schedule it to follow on, chain them together. At the moment you would have to make sure both scripts use the same execution unit so they didn't run at the same time. Maybe make a script group and they would follow on from one another. Cheers Michael
  15. Hi, Am I right in thinking that Retrospect puts the catalog on the beginning of each tape? This makes rebuilding catalogs quick as long as you have the last tape. My issue is that we use sdlts and as the last tape is pretty much full this means that I have to rebuild the whole of the last tape and this takes a long time. Would it not be possible to add the final catalog to the end of the tape once the backup has finished? At present we have a script that duplicates the catalogs to another server and once in awhile we archive all the catalogs off to dvd as an easy way of have the catalogs handy if we need to use old tapes and no longer have the catalogs on the server. It would be much nicer to just have them on the end of the last tape. Saying that. Having seperate catlogs that can easily be moved from one server to another rather than having a database is one of our favourite Retrospect features. How do others handle this situation? Best wishes Michael