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  1. Well the Retrospect Development blog was last updated in 2009, so if that is any indicator.....
  2. I just wanted to follow up to give some positive outcome here. I managed to have some productive email dialog and a lengthy phone discussion with the Product Manager today about the support issues and state of the product and it's future. The fact that my request to speak to him got esclated (by multiple people) and addressed I view as a very positive sign as it could have easily fallen on deaf ears. I won't go into details here as I want to respect the conversation we had, but despite the current struggles the Retrospect team values the quality support we are all paying for and realizes that it is not meeting expectations currently. I do feel for the challenges the team has likely experienced over the recent years with the number of times they have changed ownership between Dantz->EMC->Iomega and now Sonic/Roxio. Having been in those shoes myself, I don't think we are going to see an overnight change, but I do have some renewed confidence after the discussions. At the least I'm hoping we will see more participation from them on the forums here as some of the points I rasied on communication did seem to resonate. Given the tone of my previous post, I wanted to be fair and let others know the outcome and leave things on a more positive note.
  3. After my experiences today, at this point I'm sadly going to say I don't see much future in the Product at all. After reading through a lot of the recent threads here with NO RESPONSE from anyone at Roxio addressing the issues or even trying to placate the user base I tried picking up the phone. What a complete disaster. I called Customer Support first to request to speak with a "Product Manager" as that is really where a lot of the issues lie right now. Instead I was told to call Sales. I explained I didn't want to talk with Sales, that I wanted someone closer to the product. After I get off the phone I get an email from a blind email address that ticket was opened, with a completely incorrect issue summary, telling me to click on the ticket link to open it. Guess what, there WAS NO LINK. The email was from a noreply email address, the CS Agent's name was just listed as "Phil" with no last name or extension number so there was no way to access or update the ticket or even reach the same guy again. I call in again over that fact to speak with a Supervisor....as not only is support for the product broken, but their entire support SYSTEM is flawed. It takes 20 min to before the Supervisor actually GETS that there was no link in the email. I kept asking him for his email address so I can send him the email I got so he could see what I was talking about, but guess what...he doesn't HAVE an email address. I try having a discussion with him about how broken their Support systems are there and the barriers created to supporting the customer, when I can't even forward an email to him, not to mention the issues in the ticket email to begin with. The icing is when I asked where they were located and got the "we're not allowed to disclose that". My response, so you're NOT in the US then are you? "We're not allowed to answer that". Yeah, point taken. I called and tried reaching a Product Manager or someone in Management through the Sales line and pretty much got the 'it's all flowers and sunshine' future given to me. I tried explaining the numerous issues and the complete despair I see in the customer forums and if things are so great, then why isn't there any communication here to address it, or some presence to stem the tide of frustrated users all contemplating leaving. No good answer from her. I specifically stated this is why there are PRODUCT MANAGEMENT issues and why I'd like to discuss this with the Product Manager or a VP. We'll see if I get a call back. At this point if I was looking to purchase a backup system, it would most definitely NOT be Retrospect, and that's a sad statement given we've been on it since version 4 or so. Scott Blair
  4. Well the problems have been more than just Grooming I believe. I've installed the latest driver and tossed another backup set because the catalog was borked. We'll see if this fixes the issues as I have a real problem paying for v7.5 just to get bug fixes for a busted v7.0! This is a completely new system and setup from when we were doing Tape Drives. I've got a box with 5 disks in it. One for O/S and Catalogs and then 2 drives for each backup set that I alternate between weekly. It's a total of 600GB per Backup Set. Scott
  5. I keep my Catalogs on the O/S drive where there is plenty of room. I let it fill the HDD's dedicated to holding backup sets and use the default grooming. Isn't that what the grooming is there for? What do you mean you've gone to disk vs. file backups?
  6. I've been on Retrospect for a number of years. About a year ago I moved our backups over to Disk-based to make life easier..instead it has been a complete nightmare. Retrospect frequently borks the Catalog file. You tell it to do update the Catalog as instructed and it says it was successful, you then run a backup script and fails again. This is with a Backup set that is only a week old. I had to toss the last backup set as everytime it tried to run Retrospect would crash hard. It's been constant issues with the Catalog files and Backup sets running Disk based. I'm running Single Server version here. 7.0.326 Given how poorly it has been performing over the last year I have a very hard time justifying any $ to "upgrade" and am starting to consider moving to something else. Why should I pay more money to fix a product that isn't working as advertised? Help? Thanks. Scott
  7. I saw some fairly old discussion but wanted to see if there is anyone who has been able to use the Linux client on a G4 with Debian or G5 running Yellow Dog linux. I've got several boxes here that I want to put on a Retrospect network and am trying to get an idea if it will work and what versions of Retrospect I need to use...6.x or 7.x? Thanks. Scott
  8. Is it possible to backup an XP client machine using a server that's running version 5.15 running on Win2k?