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  1. Hi I have been using the 30 day demo and have a few queries and suggestions. 1. Why is there no save / accept. Start / Stop type feature. It appears a lot of the time you have to Quit the app and re-open it for changes to actually stick. The Pause/Resume option only appears to affects part of it. 2. I have a Mac 6.3.023 client with 10.4.11 & 1 with 10.5.8 and one Windows 7.6 client. With the 10.4.11 client the "Rename, Set Clock, Password and Update" fields are greyed out. Is this a bug? or something else? 3. Performance wise is it better to have the Console and Engine on the same machine or not? Suggestions 1. If am going to make a lot of "Favourite Folders" and "Tags" why are these not options for the headers in the panes like sources (right click add columns) so I can view/sort by them all easily without having to expand the clients one by one? We have "All, Local, Clients, Shares" how about adding Favourites and Tags to this so we can see what clients belong to each Tag and all the favourites / sources in a list? (Is this hidden elsewhere?) 2. Proactive backup scheduling doesn't appear to work. I had it set for M W F and it scheduled a machine I added on 10am Wed to backup at 6am Tomorrow (Thurs). There seems to be nothing as simple as the old list of clients with Retro polling through them so you could see what was happening. 3. The "Add Sources" screen uses a non-expandable window when it opens, all the others don't so why this one? 4. Mouse over tooltips explaining what various options / settings do would be great in the absence of a Manual / User Guide. 5. Check Selector - this feature was great in 6.1 would love to see it back. Matt
  2. Mattosaur4

    Additional Client License - Buy On Line

    If the Iomega site takes you here and just shows this page as a homepage type page and makes no mention of Software / Retrospect change the Country to the "United States" it was on "Asia" for me and nothing was showing up. http://go.iomega.com/en/products/backup-software/retrospect-mac/download/
  3. Mattosaur4

    Retrospect 7.6 Windows or v 8 for Mac

    Thanks Russ As I've luckily had to do very few restores I haven't looked into it much as my method worked fine. Just trying the restore via the client now to a Windows and Mac machine seems to work fine, so doing it the more correct way should be no problem. I will grab the Trial and test it out and price up a win box vs mac, + the software. Matt
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    Retrospect 7.6 Windows or v 8 for Mac

    Thanks I was browsing through the User Guide just now couldn't see much on the Restore of Mac's I'll dig further, a lot of it is referring to OS 9. Typically I'm just restoring deleted or saved over files to the local drive on my current backup server and e-mailing them to users. Once or twice I've done a full restore, to a folder on my backup machine, copied it to a firewire drive taken that to the user machine and copied the files where they needed to be. I think this maybe a viable option in the Win version via the Advanced restore options?
  5. Mattosaur4

    Retrospect 7.6 Windows or v 8 for Mac

    Thanks Russ So running it on cheaper hardware under Windows is certainly a viable option? With the 7.7 Win version adding major changes from the new codebase. The pricing also seems a little cheaper. Retro Win 7.6 $679 US v Retro 8 $809 US (Retro 8 upgrade. $919 US for the multi-server, and I think an upgrade to single server will be $789 ish) and presumably 7.7 will just be a free update? Having never run the Windows version how does it deal with Mac files on HFS+ volumes (resource forks, ACL's etc...)? Do you need to restore to FAT32 rather than NTFS etc...? Matt
  6. Hi All I currently have Retrospect Server 6.1 for Mac and a 100 client pack running on a PowerMac G4 1.25ghz machine with 10.4.11. I backup to 1TB SATA drives that I swap in / out of the machine. 6.1 is now dead so I need to move on to something else. My 50-75 clients / users machines are about 90% Mac (10.4.11 and 10.5.x, 10.6 soon) and 10% Windows machines (XP Pro SP3, some Win 7 soon) I was looking down the Retrospect 8 Mac route as it seems the logical upgrade but affordable Mac Intel based hardware isn't really available (ie. Mac Pro, XServer = $$$$) PPC machines are highly not recomended so recycling an old PowerMac probably isn't a good idea. A MacMini means I'd have to use USB2 or Firewire for the HD's, which is not optimal. & version 8 isn't mature enough for me to feel confident that it will do a solid job, yet. From what I'm reading though Retrospect Single Server 7.6 for Windows allows me to backup an unlimited # of Win and Mac Clients. 10.4 / 10.5 and soon 10.6. Buying hardware for a Windows based Server will be much cheaper and the Sys Requirements are much lower meaning I can probably use an old machine or an affordable Intel Core 2 Duo type machine with SATA and plenty of drive bays. As Windows 7.6 users in this forum are their some major gotchas when backing up Mac clients? I only do user file type backups (restoring the OS from an image) and adding the users files back manually after restoring them on my Backup server. (i.e. not worried if the full automated restore feature doesn't work / bare metal type stuff) Matt
  7. Yes your original link had all the info I was after in it. Saying there will be no 10.6 aka Snow Leopard client available for 6.1 server. The blog which I mention above doesn't have anything specific mentioned about "6.1 Server AND 10.6 / Snow Leopard" it's the dev blog post about version 8's full support of 10.6 being delayed. It still means I can't upgrade any machines to 10.6 until I have Retro version 8, which going by the forums sounds like it will be a major headache / pretty unreliable for a while yet. I appreciate the team are working hard to iron out the version 8 bugs but it leaves us 6.1 users no official way to backup 10.6 machines in the meantime. Matt
  8. It's not exactly easy to find either when you go to the Homepage, click Support choose Technical support and then your product. No mention of a blog there. Nor the K Base. No sticky post refering to the blog... Quick Search in the forums, finally showed some results with the word blog. Saying all this I can't find anything in the blog specific to 6.1 and 10.6 anyway. Reading the forums for version 8 it sounds like I'd be crazy to move to this as a prodcution app for now. It would make life so much easier if the EMC team worked on making the the changes to the 6.2.234 10.5 client to cover 10.6 so we have a relaible product to use in the meantime until v 8 reaches a more mature state... Matt
  9. Thanks, couldn't find this in the FAQ, guess I needed to look harder. Time to start looking at v8 vs other options then. Matt
  10. Hi Does the latest client installer 6.2.234 for 10.4/10.5 install fine on a 10.6 client? As I am using Retrospect 6.1 for Mac from a 10.4.11 machines still. If not, is an updated client going to be released for those users still using 6.1? I am not planning to move to version 8 until next year. Matt
  11. Hi I have an old PowerMac G4 733Mhz system, a bunch of 300gb and 500gb IDE drives, 10.4.11 and Retro 6.1 for the Mac running now. I rotate the drives and am backing up about 50 users. I'm looking to upgrade to some bigger drives (all 500gb+) a new mac, 10.5 and allow for the new Retrospect for Mac when it comes out. I'm looking for alternatives to the PowerMac or XServe as both are overkill and to much $$ for what this box does. I can only see 2 options thus far * a 2nd hand Xserve or PowerMac * A Firewire or USB 2 enclosure or multi-bay enclosure for a Mac Mini that's reliable enough to run 24/7 (does one exist?) Any suggestions / Advice? Matt
  12. Any news on this? I just noticed a few off my Clients haven't been backed up for weeks as the Retro Client had turned itself Off. 2 x 10.5.4 Mac Minis and 1 x 10.4.11 MacMini with 6.2.229. What are people downgrading to to get around this at the moment? Matt
  13. You can check pretty quickly by going into Disk Utility if the drive reports as only being 127 / 128 gb then your machines needs the drivers. What is your machine? As if a program (Retrospect) requests a read / write to anywhere on the drive after that 128gb you'd get errors. Remembering that drives dont start at block 0 and write to disk sequentially. They write to available space near where it was last performed a read.
  14. What's your setup? Backup, Backup Server mode? Do you have a set Schedule for times it supposed to run in your Scripts etc...? Have you checked the Preferences for the Quit, Startup, Look ahead time etc... Matt
  15. Hi Just wondering if people can post some example Selectors they've made up. I'm currently backing up 50 odd clients to 300gb drives so have made fairly picky selectors to avoid wasting space. One problem I'm having is remembering to check if things are moving when new versions of the OS are released and new apps installed/updated etc... Unfortunately by budget backup system doesn't have capacity to backup "everything". Here's my current Selector, volumes selected are the Users home folder i.e Users/matt/ so the base its working from is the user folder "matt". I'm currently updating it now & interested in other general office environment Selectors people have made. All Staff know we only backup their Prefs, Desktop and Documents folder and no music files, so if they want something backed up to put it in there. I'd also be interested in knowing how to use paths in the Selector so I can say exclude ~\Library\Caches\ instead of folders called "Caches" as a staff member may have a folder by that name with work in it. Matt