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  1. When Retrospect is performing an immediate backup, it's in "interactive" mode, which will always require user intervention to select new tapes, even if you have a magazine full of appropriate tapes. To have Retrospect automatically access the library and use tapes during an immediate backup, once the backup commences, go up to the Control menu and choose "run unattended". This will cause Retrospect to behave as if it was an automated execution, and will happily grab tapes from the magazine without user intervention.
  2. ChuckS

    backup freezes

    After a freeze occurs, check the size of the backup set file itself. It's likely either 3.99 or 4GB; I suspect you're encountering the FAT32 filesize limit that will not permit any single file to be larger than 4GB.
  3. It's a basic question, but it must be asked: what tapes are being used when the recycles occur? In a recycle action, Retrospect is looking for one of two conditions to be true before it will erase a tape and back up. Those conditions are: 1) A blank tape is in the drive (One that Retrospect sees as "erased", not simply "content unrecognized"). 2) The first member of the correct backup set is in the drive (i.e., "1-Backup Set X"). If neither condition is true, then Retrospect will wait for the correct media to be inserted, or time out if a timeout value has been given to Retrospect. What would be useful is to eliminate the timeout value for a few days to try and capture what tape Retrospect is expecting to find in the drive. If the media request timeout is disabled, Retrospect will display its media request window indefinitely, and should give a much clearer picture of the situation.
  4. Could you expand on "appropriate priviledges"? What account does the Agent's service3 use for logon?
  5. ChuckS

    exchange agent

    Dantz has not performed any testing with the ArcServe agent, and cannot vouch for any results you might get with that configuration. Retrospect's Exchange Agent is automatically installed when you perform a "complete" install Workgroup or Server editions under a server OS. Retrospect does not see hard drives as "storage devices" per se, please see the tutorial for backing up to a hard drive.
  6. What operating system is this running under? Is a driver being loaded for the device in the Device Manager?
  7. Retrospect does not depend on any class drivers being loaded in the OS. Generally, problems with loader mechanisms occur when a generic Microsoft driver in Device Manager is corrupt, or if a third-party driver is loaded for the device. It's odd that reenabling the driver in the OS solved the issue; it's normally the other way around. Regarding your last question, if all is well under NT SCSI Passthrough, there is no need to install ASPI.
  8. It's a possibility that your configuration files are corrupt. Try removing your current configuration files (config55.*) and having Retrospect create new ones (which it will do on next launch). You'll have to recreate your scripts, but it might solve the problem. Alternately, you can always elect to restore old configuration files from a backup, if they are available. You might be able to find a pre-corruption version of the files, and would avoid having to redefine all your variables.
  9. ChuckS

    1000 GB Limit??? :(

    You've probably already noticed this if you watch the website, but Retrospect 6.0 for Windows has raised the storage limit for a backup set to 1PB (1 Petabyte). If you hadn't, hopefully this reply will reach you by e-mail if your forum account was configured to send you notification of replies to your post.
  10. ChuckS


    That's a good question. I checked the online tutorials but none of them show that browser window. It *is* in the user's guide. For Express, you'll have to search through the .PDF document that came on your install CD. If you don't have an install CD handy, you can always download the latest documentation from the main Dantz site. I can't refer you to a specific page right now, but I know it's there- I've seen it.
  11. Retrospect 5.0 does require and install CarbonLib 1.5, which isn't fully compatible with ASIP. That might be a reason that downgrading to 4.3 produces the same problem.
  12. These aren't necessarily fixes, but perhaps it'll get something moving or at least tell us more about this phantom volume. Have any utilities been tried on the drive? One oft-overlooked tool is the Test function of the Drive Setup utility. Also, if other Macs can mount this drive over the network, is it possible for Retrospect to see it that way? To test the latter, install Retrospect on another Mac in the network, then mount that volume on the new Mac. Does Retrospect see it? If so, what results from a backup attempt to a file backup set?
  13. The "connect as..." dialog sounds like it's coming from Windows, not Retrospect. In any case, what's being asked for is the username and password that are required to access that share through the network. Since Dave is in play, that adds another layer to the mystery; ultimately, though, Retrospect is at the mercy of OS/Dave filesharing permissions when it backs up a network share (as opposed to through the Client). I'd just try any login/password combination that share has. An account that has full access to that share, that is. That's about all the help I can provide for this one, as networking through Dave hasn't been put through any kind of formal testing at Dantz.
  14. There aren't any "known issues" backing up through Dave, but it isn't supported by Dantz, either. The just-released version 6.0, though, DOES back up OS X clients.
  15. Retrospect 6.0 fixes the reported problem that prevented some users from being able to fully complete restore operations from the Disaster Recovery CD if third-party RAID or other adapter drivers were required under Windows NT or 2000. Retrospect 6.0 now correctly restores these drivers from the Disaster Recovery CD. To update your current version of Retrospect to 6.0, please go here.