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  1. Ok, I've uninstalled the retrospect on the linux server and have reinstalled. It's being recognized again. I'm thinking it will probably "drop off again". Any ideas on a permanent fix or is this just not a supported OS?
  2. Hi natew, I hope you see this. This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 2). Is it the case the Retrospect does not support this release? I have succesfully killed and restarted the service at /usr/local/dantz/client/retroclient -daemon only to have it drop out of the network again after a few minutes or a few days. Uninstalling and reinstalling will not require the server to be rebooted, correct? The output from your command is retroclient-6.5.108-1.
  3. Still no luck. I su into root and type: rpm -e retroclient-6.5.108-1 and I get nothing. Then I try to reinstall by typing rpm -i retroclient_65_linux.rpm and I get: package retroclient-6.5.108-1 is already installed. Is there a service I should stop first? Thanks for any help.
  4. Thank you ver much. I will be trying this on Monday. Did not succeeed today. I'm not getting back to the # prompt when I issue the command.
  5. Hello. We use Retrospect 6 on Mac OS X and it can no longer find our most important Red Hat Linux client. It was having no problems before and we're unaware of any changes either on the network or in the client. Can someone be so kind as to give exact uninstallation instructions of the client software on the Linux box? It would be most appreciated. I will then reinstall it and see if that fixes it. Is there a service that I should stop first before uninstalling, by the way? Thank you!