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  1. Nope - we had to reinstall from scratch (although we made sure to have similar naming) Sorry RBU ? Hmm interesting suggestion but I gave up this WE and used a recovery service against an image copy of the server (to my satisfaction). Now it would still be nice if Retrospect would actually also have a restore function in a case similar mine...
  2. Folks I need to restore storage group - be it in it's original place or into the recovery storage group of my Exchange server 2003. I get the following error: + Executing Restore database from Backup at 23.12.2010 16:48 (Execution unit 1) 23.12.2010 16:48:23: Connected to SrvExch To volume Premier groupe de stockage on SrvExch... - 23.12.2010 16:48:23: Restoring from vendredi A Restore type: Full T-8: >>>HrESERestoreAddDatabase(0c7fe1f42) -- Base de données introuvable. Trouble writing files, error -3619 (Database not found) 23.12.2010 16:50:45: Execution incomplete Remaining: 3 files, 9.3 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:21 (00:01:58 idle/loading/preparing) Any idea ? Could it be a localization problem (it's a french version of Exchange) ?
  3. Athough not directly my problem a mailbox restore also fails: + Executing Restore mailbox from Backup at 23.12.2010 17:00 (Execution unit 1) 23.12.2010 17:00:41: Connected to SrvExch To volume Aldo-Régis Main on SrvExch... - 23.12.2010 17:00:41: Restoring from vendredi A, Snapshot SrvExch, 18.12.2010 03:51:21 Retrospect error code error -3407 (unexpected provider error) Reported by function kMsg_DmpDir Mailbox provider error. There is a problem connecting to the mailbox. Check: 1. Microsoft Exchange may not be running. 2. The mailbox may not exist. If the mailbox has been deleted, this is normal. 3. The mailbox store for this mailbox may not be mounted. Check its status in the Exchange manager. Trouble writing folder "vendredi A", error -3407 (unexpected provider error) 23.12.2010 17:00:59: Execution incomplete Duration: 00:00:16
  4. Hi I might be overlooking something fairly obvious but whenever trying to backup our Exchange server I get this entry in the log: [color:blue]Container Exchange Server was empty (had no volumes)[/color] And nothing gets backed up... Mailbox backup is mostly working so we are not completely "naked"... but we also get errors such as [color:blue]Trouble reading files, error -1104 (device not ready)[/color] Any idea ? FWIW I have run eseutil to check the integrity of the database and it did not return any error... This is Exchange server 2003 sp2, win server 2003, Retrospect 7.6.123
  5. well - anyone ? Should I contact support directly ?
  6. Hello For some reason Retrospect is complianing about the following error for the past few days >> Scanning incomplete, error -645 (chunk file damaged during save) I have tried to lookup this in the knowledge base but it links to a non existent page http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=26642 Any idea / suggestion welcome This is a Win2k3 server with build 7.5.324 Regards alex
  7. Hi Actually I was saving on a local disk and moved my catalog to a SAN volume: same problem. Not sure what to do... even the simplest backup triggers this error. I'm sure something must be corrupt short of the catalog file itself... Regards alex
  8. Thanks for your pointer to the correct KB articleThanks for your pointer to the correct KB article (which isn’t that helpful to be frank…). I have tried to uninstall Retrospect from that machine and I have trashed all catalog files. I have then re-installed a fresh copy and defined a script with exactly one small (1Mb – 10 files) local directory to backup… same problem ! The machine is otherwise behaving perfectly fine and despite multiple comprehensive checks there is absolutely nothing wrong with the file system as far as I can tell. Is Retrospect storing information elsewhere short of it’s program directory and catalog files (i.e. how do I perform a complete reinstall) ?
  9. Folks I keep getting this error MapError: unknown Windows error -2'147'467'259 On most, but not all, mailboxes. Used to work well. Any idea ? Retrospect Windows SBS 2003 Regards alex
  10. atakacs

    Network share permission ?

    Thanks for your help - using effective permissions I managed to pinpoint my mistake Regards alex
  11. Folks I’m trying to backup a network share that works just fine for all intended purposes… except backup with Retrospect. Whenever trying to define it as a source container I get an “insufficient privilege” error, although I’m using an admin account both for running Retrospect and accessing the said share. Must be missing something… Any help appreciated! Retrospect Single server Windows SBS 2003
  12. whooopss Somehow during the upgrade Retrospect became defered thanks for pointing out the obvious ! alex
  13. Hello We have recently upgraded from single server 6.5 to 7.5 Apparently everything worked smoothly but for some reason proactive backup is not working anymore. There is no error message, log entry or anything… Retrospect simply sits idle, listing the various clients to backup as ASAP… I have tried to recreate the proactive script to no avail. Any idea / hint / suggestion welcome Regards alex
  14. Folks, Just toying with the new feature of Retrospect 6.5... and getting the following errors when using the "open file backup" option: Can't use Open File Backup option for Data (D:), error -3047 (disk inactivity threshold not met) or Can't use Open File Backup option for Data (D:), error -1019 (not enough resources) Any idea ? Regards --alex
  15. atakacs

    Wierd errors

    Yep - right on the money ! Thanks --alex
  16. atakacs

    Wierd errors

    Hello ! For no apparent reason my otherwise well behaved v.6.5 started to log a whole bunch of wierd errors in te operation log: Quote: TPCVolGetInfo: UGetVolumeInformation failed, M:\, winerr -273865471, error -1001 MapError: unknown Windows error -273'865'471 Any idea / advise ? Thanks & regards --alex
  17. Folks, I have an issue with Retrospect client (build 236) turning itself off on my client machine. Hope I am not ovelooking something obvious (I am pretty new to OS X) but for some reason as mentioned above my Retrospect client simply turns itself off on my newly installed Jaguar machine. Simply clicking "on" will restore full functionality... until next reboot. I have tried re-install to no avail. Any suggestion ? Regards --alex
  18. Thanks seems that it is indeed helping ! --alex
  19. atakacs

    Is it for real ?

    Is the new version released ? --alex
  20. Folks, Having some problems with backup system. This is a G4 running Os X 10.5, SCSI Ecrix Tape. It has been working flawlessly for the past few months but all the sudden I am getting many aborted / hung backups, with errors such as Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:5], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 18 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 V21E1E1F |0001) Trouble writing: “1-Backup XXXX” (210370560), error 102 (trouble communicating). Or Trouble reading files, error 519 (network communication failed). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:5], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 18 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 V21E1E1F |0001) Although network errors are reported I believe I seem to have SCSI problems… BTW, using an Adaptec 2906 The real strange thing is this was working just fine… Anyone with some suggestion as of what can be wrong ? Regards --alex
  21. Thanks - sounds like a reasonable approach. What Dantz-blessed 68-pin SCSI card would you suggest in my situation ?! Thanks & regards --alex
  22. atakacs

    Retro hangs after NT2K upgrade

    Folks, FWIW instaling SP3 cured the problem... Strange... --alex
  23. Folks, Having a problem with my Retrospect setup I hope you might help to resolve… I am running an absolute plain vanilla Wintel file server for the past few year with great reliability. It was running NT4 server with Retrospect 5.X as the backup software and an Archive DAT SCSI drive for storage. For various “corporate” reasons I had to upgrade this server to Win 2000. Everything worked flawlessly except for one problem with Retrospect: for some reason, whenever requesting a media action (eject, erase, etc) the software hangs for no apparent reason with a status “No answer” in the browser window. Only cure is a cold restart. As long as the correct media is inserted everything works as expected. But Retrospect hangs invariably as soon as a DAT media action is required. This is Win 2k SP2, Retrospect 5.6 and latest driver upgrade applied. Any idea ? --alex
  24. Folks, Is it possible to have the Retrospect server send a message (SMTP, MAPI, whatever) to a client station in case - there is a new media request - of successfull or unsucessfull backup - etc Any info welcome --alex