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  1. I backup by directory to external hard drives. I backup by directory due to space limitations on the external hard drives I have, and for organization purposes. In Retrospect 7, however, you can't set it for immediate backups of more than one directory on the same hard disk at the same time. I'd really like to set all my backups at once, so I can simply get the entire backup process going and then go to bed, run errands, take my dog for a walk, etc., while the process is running and not have to babysit Retrospect and tell it what to back up one directory at a time.
  2. Somehow (I'm not sure how), the catalog file for one of my backup sets ended up in My Documents instead of where I really wanted it. What's the best way to go about moving the catalog file to the right place (on another disk)?
  3. There should be an option (an option, not default) that says something like, "Delete backup files for original files that no longer exist." Yes, this can be dangerous, but I'd like this sometimes, to avoid having to do a recycle backup.
  4. Yes, that's absolutely my concern. I use disk backup, and the size of the backup sets seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. (BTW, my OS is Windows XP Home, and I do use NTFS.)
  5. I back up to a pair of external hard drives connected by USB2. Is is better to use a File Backup Set or a Disk Backup Set?
  6. Unless I'm mistaken, there's no easy way to back a single file in Retrospect. You have to define a rule excluding everything except that file, then backup. Backing up a single file should be as easy as backing up an entire folder or hard drive: pick the source, define the subvolume (or in this case, the file), and go. This is my product suggestion for the next update.
  7. ...now what do I do with all my old backup sets and catalog files? Is there any way to move them over to the new hard drive, then point Retrospect (6.5.343, in my case) to the backups on the new hard drive?