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  1. Use Cronnix & mysqldump to do a timed export of the MySQL db. mysqldump is the command (man mysqldump) and Cronnix is an app to make it easier to set up a cron job. The computer will need to be running when the job is supposed to trigger. If you have security concerns, you may need to use something like GnuPG (or an encrypted disk image that you mount via hdiutil) so that your data is password protected instead of just being plain-text. I do this nightly and it works pretty well. The one cool thing about running in a Unix environment is that Terminal is like a zillion-tool Swiss Army knife. The trick of course is to find the right tools!
  2. Thanks for your response, Nate. Mostly what concerns me is that I was able to troubleshoot someone else on the forum who may have the same problem with a completely different hardware setup. See thread entitled Backup hangs when asking for new media. This seems to imply the possibility of deeper issues? Also, is there a way to regain access to an archive using Terminal if you had to force quit Retrospect? As I mentioned before, I tried killing the RetroRun and logging out and back in, but the Backup Set still claims it is busy and won't let me repair or back up to it. Are you guys storing a lock file /tmp or something that I can remove? Just hoping not to have to reboot the entire server--we're fairly serious about trying to keep 24/7 uptime these days. Thanks in advance, Eric.
  3. Wow. Glad that worked! Is anyone from tech support paying attention to this board, 'cause I think we have a bug here? Anyone?
  4. Did you try different new media? I had something similar happen with a Quantum SDLT 320 drive requesting media last Friday. Eventually I thought to insert a different brand new tape and this one worked correctly. Returned the other tape as bad media. (This is after I was also unable to erase it.) Unfortunately, this may point to some problem in Retrospect's recent drivers if your media turns out to be at fault as mine was. (If you want to read the details, look for the SDLT 320 post from Monday 1/27.) HTH, Eric.
  5. Hi, I'm using Retrospect 6.0.204/Driver 6.1.102 on an XServe G5 2x2ghz/1gb RAM (OS 10.3.5) with an ATTO UL4S card (driver version 3.1) attached to a Quantum SDLT 320 tape drive (firmware rev 4B4B). It's been mostly rock-solid until last Friday, when I received a DOA Quantum tape (brand new tape, apparently shipped in an unusable state). Basically, the issue is that Retrospect doesn't seem to recognize that the tape is bad. So the SDLT drive whirs through its new tape procedure twice and then halts for good. Meanwhile, Retrospect just sits there dead in the water like it didn't receive any communication back from the tape drive at all. Very very frustrating, especially because it took me about an hour (and incidentally upgrading Retro's drivers and the ATTO's drives) before I thought to use a different new blank tape! Is this a known bug in Retrospect or perhaps in the firmware of the Quantum?!? This would be incredibly bad if it happened while I was doing a permanent archive instead of just a nightly backup because it totally hangs the backup process. I could not simply erase the tape either. Any insertion of the tape into the Quantum drive after Retrospect requested it would result in Retrospect hanging, waiting for the tape drive. Force-quitting Retrospect to escape this hang seems to permanently lock the backup set you were using until you reboot the entire server. I logged out and back in, did a killall RetroRun, etc but could never successfully get Retrospect to let go of the lock without rebooting. Since rebooting takes the server offline, which is kind of unacceptable except as a last ditch desperation measure, is there a command line way to kill whatever has a lock on the backup set? Thanks in advance, Eric.
  6. Sorry, I am confusing my terminology. I am using the Backup button in every instance to start the process. I forgot there is actually an "Archive" option somewhere in Retrospect too. I tend to think of an archive as any job I am planning to remove from the server after I finish backing it up. So in fact, the list should read: [1] Backup from FireVue to SDLT with drive in CS mode [doesn't work] [2] Backup from internal SATA drive to SDLT [works] [3] Backup from FireVue case to internal SATA drive [works?!?] [4] Backup from Indigo iMac in Target Firewire mode, using same firewire cable, to SDLT [works verrrry slowly] [5] Backup from literally brand new, fresh from box G4 MDD to SDLT [works faster, but still not as fast as FireVue] [6] Backup from FireVue to SDLT with drive in Master mode [doesn't work]
  7. Here's an entertaining one. I have a Quantum SDLT 320, attached via AttoTech UL4S SCSI card to an XServe G5 running 10.3.4 Server. Recently, in order to transfer my 2004 Jobs archive from Retrospect 5 format to Retrospect 6 format, I hooked up a Granite Digital FireVue case with a 120gb Western Digital SE (8mb cache) drive in it and dumped the archive onto that. Then I proceeded to try and create a new archive from the files I'd copied to the hard drive. Much to my surprise, this did not work! Retrospect kept reporting bad blocks during verification at about the same point in the archive and would eventually thrash the tape drive so hard that the drive would simply disconnect, I think because Retrospect was makin too many crazy requests of it in terms of positioning. Several days of detective work followed, mostly because I suspected the SCSI card. However, I eventually realized that it was only files coming off the Granite FireVue drive that wouldn't work! I have done the following tests so far, all using the same 10gb folder: [1] Archive from FireVue to SDLT with drive in CS mode [doesn't work] [2] Archive from internal SATA drive to SDLT [works] [3] Archive from FireVue case to internal SATA drive [works?!?] [4] Archive from Indigo iMac in Target Firewire mode, using same firewire cable, to SDLT [works verrrry slowly] [5] Archive from literally brand new, fresh from box G4 MDD to SDLT [works faster, but still not as fast as FireVue] [6] Archive from FireVue to SDLT with drive in Master mode [doesn't work] At this point I'm stumped. It seems like there is some sort of bad interaction between the SDLT and the FireVue. But what? They are both working correctly independent of each other. I have duplicated a DVD disk image to fill the entire FireVue drive several times and had no issues. All the images verify correctly. I can backup 100's of gbs to the Quantum without verification errors. I can even use Retrospect to back up from the FireVue to another hard drive. It is only when I try and use Retrospect to back up from the FireVue to the SDLT that everything breaks. Anyone have any ideas what could be happening here? It sort of sounds like a driver issue of some sort, possibly the firewire driver? Thanks in advance, Eric. PS: Here's the Apple System Profiler info on the FireVue drive: Quote: FireWire Bus: Speed: 800 Mb/sec Speed FireVue 1394-IDE Bridge LUN0: Capacity: 111.79 GB Manufacturer: Granite Digital Model: FireVue 1394-IDE Bridge LUN0 Removable Media: No Detachable Drive: Yes BSD Name: disk2 OS9 Drivers: No Speed: 400 Mb/sec Speed Unit Spec Id: 24734 Firmware Revision: Unit Software Version: 10483 TempDump2: Capacity: 111.67 GB Available: 44.22 GB Writable: Yes File System: Journaled HFS+ BSD Name: disk2s3 Mount Point: /Volumes/TempDump2
  8. This has just happened to me again! For indeterminate reasons, tape drive crashed during archive. When I tried to rebuild the catalog, it becomes stuck in some incredible loop where it keeps running long after it should have gotten all content on tape (approx. 150 gb of content, storage set that I rebuilt from scratch for second attempt now claiming approx 350gb in archive). This is with a Quantum SDLT 320 drive. Are you guys going to look into this at all? I can send you logs if you want. (Basically, a very very long list of Tape Inconsistency errors.) This is one of those really serious errors, because when it tries to rebuild the catalog, it becomes fairly difficult to know what is actually in it when you see 3 or 4 copies of the same file? Failing a fixed driver, is there a way to force a catalog to rebuild only to a certain point on the tape, or a certain date, or a certain block? Thanks in advance, Eric.
  9. Jooooy.... I finally found the lovely note that says that no version of Retrospect beyond 4.3 supports Appleshare IP. It would have been nice if the guys on the phone had told me that when I described my plans to them and asked what version of Restrospect I needed to purchase! However, that still leaves question 2, which becomes even more important now! Is there a way to boot Retrospect 5 in OS 9 with extensions off? Or, can you tell me exactly which extensions are required for it to boot? Thanks in advance, Eric.
  10. Hello, Just bought a Quantum SDLT320, replacing out an Exabyte M2 drive on our file server. This is on an ASIP 6.3 server (beige G3) running 9.1. The SDLT is hooked to the server via an Adaptec 2940U2W and is the only device on the external chain. There are two hard drives on the internal chain, one connected via narrow 50-pin, one connected via LVD. Basically, only one SCSI device per interface connector. Previously, this setup was quite stable using Retrospect 4.3 and the Exabyte M2 drive. However, I'm suffering a myriad of problems with 5.1 and the SDLT. [1] When Appleshare is active, Retrospect hangs when I launch the app. Not good! I can throw out the Config file and reenter the serial number and it will work, but if the config file exists, it hangs. Doesn't seem to matter if I let it create a fresh config or import from the old 4.3 config, it still hangs. I can also shut down filesharing, but this is obviously not really an option on a production fileserver... I've tried numerous fixes. - Changed RAM allocation (currently 80mb). - Set Retrospect to disallow system memory use (and then unset) - Changed Appleshare max memory allowance - Reset all Appleshare volumes by deleting PDS files and recreating shares. (This seemed to work for exactly one launch.) - Upgraded Carbon Lib to 1.6 - Upgraded Quicktime to 6.0 from 4.2 [2] One other question occurs to me. Is there a way to get Retrospect *not* to require Quicktime components when launching? I usually do archives with the fileserver rebooted (on a weekend) with all extensions disabled to insure a stable platform while archiving. Currently, 5.1 displays a dialog that says something like "Some components could not be found" if you try and run it with extensions off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have to suffer through about one more month with this poor beast--eagerly waiting for the dual G5 XServes, but life must go on until then!
  11. I can verify this. If a backup to our SDLT tape hangs, it gets stuck in a loop during recatalog until the catalog overflows the free space on the hard drive. Retrospect 5.1 (177 version), Quantum SDLT 320, OS 9.1, ASIP 6.3.