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  1. And here in Spring 2010, the problem remains. Although I've been able to back up my Linux server for months, suddenly I'm getting the same -540 error during a file scan (one time the scan completed, but returned an impossible high total size for the files to be backed up (in the petabyte range), so Retrospect bailed). One frustrating thing is that if you're not looking at the screen when this happens, the error dialog goes away after a while, so you might not ever know there's a problem. It looks as though the problem started when I got the 7.7.325 update. Any ideas?
  2. Of course, it could also be because when I upgraded dad's machine from a G4 to a G5, I just dragged Retrospect across rather than re-installing it, and thus didn't get a copy of the "Retrorun" folder in /Library/Startupitems... I'll try that before upgrading. Retro 5 does all he needs.
  3. No, the computer is not asleep, and no, Retrospect is still in the Applications folder where it was installed. There's obviously some background process that enables this feature...
  4. I've set up my father's G5 running Panther with Retrospect 5.0 and Timbuktu Remote. I configured his system to run automatic backups of both his and my mother's Macs every weekend. The trouble is that the auto backups never "fire" on their own. I can Timbuktu in and run Retrospect remotely; as soon as I launch Retrospect, I get the 10 second countdown as the past-due backups start automatically. Any idea why they don't run until I run Retrospect manually?
  5. It doesn't crash; it never loads. Other things that don't load: Retrospect Client (the server is backed up to another machine); MySQL, and TestTrak Pro (bug database). All can be started manually, except RetroRun, but it's a pain.
  6. Ever since I upgraded my server to 10.2, Retrospect's "RetroRun" process doesn't load at startup, so automatic backups aren't performed unless I run Retrospect manually and leave it open. Actually, _nothing_ in the "Startup Items" folder runs. Any ideas?
  7. dramsey

    Search bug?

    Um...so...is there any answer to my original question?
  8. dramsey

    Search bug?

    "As a test, try this: Set up the same restore, but use your local hard drive as the destination. When you click on Files Chosen, do you get a browser window with the search results?" Yes! When I select the PC's local disk (instead of the Mac's remote disk) as the destination, clicking on the Files Chosen button opens a browser showing the files. When the remote disk is specified as the destination, clicking on the Files Chosen button sets the number of found files to zero. I assume it should work the same in either case.
  9. dramsey

    Search bug?

    "You have to mark those 3 files found as chosen so that you can restore them. This is done under Files Chosen after it finds the 3 files." I'd like to, but I can't-- that's what I've been trying to say. After I do the search, "Files Chosen" looks like this: +--------------+ Temp Titan 3 files 4.7M | Files Chosen | ----------------------------------- +--------------+ Total 3 files 4.7M (That's supposed to be the "Files Chosen" button represented above!) When I click the button, the display instantly changes to: +--------------+ Temp Titan 0 files zero K | Files Chosen | ----------------------------------- +--------------+ Total 0 files zero K So how do I see the list of files it found?
  10. dramsey

    Search bug?

    I'm trying to restore some files to my Mac OS X machine from my PC running Retrospect 6.0 Multi Server. Using the "Find Files" command in Restore, I enter a search criteria. The "Searching and Retrieval" window shows 3 files found in the "Files Chosen" area. I'd like to see what they are...but when I click on the "Files Chosen" button, the number of files found immediately changes to "0" and a "Not ready to execute" message appears at the top of the screen. I can't figure out how to get by this-- looks like some sort of bug to me.
  11. dramsey

    Which version do I need?

    Sigh. I'm a small developer with a total of five systems to back up. What's the difference between me and a medium-sized company with a hundred systems to back up and a fancy tape library to back up to? In Dantz' world view, there's no difference at all. The new pricing scheme, rather than depending on the number of client machines as previous versions did, is based on the capabilities of the software. So if you have a single server to back up, you're in for the Multi-Server version. As a Retrospect customer since about 1988, I think this sucks. Of course, I shelled out the $649 anyway (+$20 for a CD, just in case), because I don't want to switch to another backup system. But I still think it sucks.
  12. No, you don't need to install the Retrospect Client unless you want to back up your machine from another computer. Dantz says Retro 5.0 won't work perfectly with Jaguar. I'm running it with no problems, even though I'm backing up to a SCSI tape drive connected to an Adaptec 2930 card which is allegedly not supported under 10.2! The only thing I know doesn't work is automatic backup-- the routine that launches Retrospect at a specific time crashes under 10.2. I don't care 'cause I don't do auto backups...
  13. It's not clear from the product descriptions whether I need Retrospect Pro or one of the Server versions. Here's my setup: A home network consisting of two Windows PCs and three Macs running OS X. One of the Macs is running OS X Server. The nice Exrix tape drive is on one of the Windows boxes. I've been using the beta test version of the Windows 6.0, but its About box doesn't note which version it is (it works fine for all my needs...) The description for Retrospect Pro says it will back up "computers on your local network". Is this all I need? -- David Ramsey
  14. "You can call our customer service at 877-222-5870 and explain the situation and they will help out with the upgrade." I'd like to, but that number has been a solid busy signal all day! I guess it's swamped with Retro OS X related stuff. I'll keep trying.
  15. Irena, Thanks for the reply. This kinda sucks for me (a 10+ years Retro customer), 'cause the SCSI backup tape drive is hosted on my local machine. The machine running OS X Server is a Cube...which means there's no way to attach the SCSI tape drive. As another reply notes, backups to optical media are rarely done on the server machine, so perhaps a rethink of these designs is in order. In the meantime, I s'pose I have to cough up another $150 for the Server edition. Kinda seems like overkill for just 3 computers, doesn't it? Anyway, since I've already paid the $199.95 for the Workgroup edition, how can I upgrade from _that_ to the server edition for $150? The upgrade page says that if I've already upgraded, I need to enter my "Upgrade authentication code", but I don't seem to have one of these...