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    Macintosh Client drops out

    That was easy! Thanks! Do you know what port Retrospect is using? it would be nice to keep the firewall turned on and I think I can enable any ports I want.
  2. dgreenberg

    Macintosh Client drops out

    I'm having a similar problem as the one reported by "dfg at Olin" last November. All of a sudden, on April 20, the client on my OS X machine stopped working with Windows 6.0. I had no problems previous to this. I've reinstalled the software on the Mac at least twice, I can ping easily in both directions, but I cannot, for the life of me, get the Windows box to see the client on the Mac. The client has never turned itself off either. I did upgrade to 10.2.6 recently, but this was after Retrospect stopped working. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks.
  3. dgreenberg

    -205 error

    I did a search in the Knowledgebase on "lost contact with storage medium" and on error number -205 and ended up with a blank page both times. Not very helpful. I'm running Win Workgroup Backup 5.11 under NT4.0 and I get this error every time I try to do a backup. I tried backing up with NT's native Backup program and it worked fine. I did a clean re-install of Retrospect but that made no difference. Drive is a brand new Sony SDT-9000, machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2300. I spoke to both Sony and Dell and it seems that nothing is wrong with the drive, everything is configured correctly and the drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Please respond to dgreenberg@mohawk.k14.mass.edu TIA