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    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    UPDATE sorry, i didnt answer your question. it is C drive that says "cannot use open file backup 1017 insufficient permissions"... so its my IDE drive.
  2. kyleduncan

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    hey... i have Open file backup working again, its a Maxtor USB 2.0 NTFS formatted drive. it turned out something i installed caused the VSS service to error, meaning open file backup couldnt work. the drive i am backing up is my laptop built in C drive, and i am backing up to the USB drive. so open file backup is working again, just need to be careful with software...
  3. kyleduncan

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    Hi. i get the same error message as Alan. the strange thing is, i paid for and installed retrospect 6.5 on windows XP on Sunday, and open file backup worked monday and tuesday. today it is wedensday and it hasnt been working all day. ive uninstalled and reinstalled and everything, including wiping the backup sets and scripts etc, and even re formatted my external hard drive (maxtor Personal Storage 5000DV) but suddenly open file backup fails every time. im not even using a client or on a network. just a home wireless network but even with that disabled this doesnt work. why did it work originally? please help! Kyle Duncan