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  1. There have been other posts about Retrospect 7.5 causing the vista interactive services dialog popup but I am experiencing the symptom under 7.6.111 on a new Vista build of SP1 with all Microsoft recommended maintenance applied. I didn't have this problem with 7.5 under Vista Beta SP1 but that system has been completely upgraded. This occurs when I have scheduled backups start.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something but I liked the 7.5 approach of not bothering me with batch backup popups. As I understand it I need to run under a specific account but I only have one account (an administrator account) and I get "can't grant necessary user privlieges" when I try to enter my user ID and password (I don't have a domain to log into). Can you explain what I ned to do on a single user system to make it work like 7.5? Thanks. Dave McDonald
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    Registry Key not Found - Error 1101

    Opps. Sorry for the confusion. I saw the error email and looked at the wrong machine (the server not the client). Once I looke at the right place, I found the problem - it was a deleted user.
  4. I am running Retrospect 6.5 on Windows 2000 Professional. When I run the scheduled backup, I get an error email saying: Can't access registry for "S-1-5-21-1417001333-507921405-1343024091-1003", error -1101 (file/directory not found) but no error in the error log. I ahve done both normal and recycle backups to no avail. I found an FAQ about a partially deleted user ID, but I can't find such (maybe my registry version is different) and I have searched the registry for this string (full string and partial) and this string does not appear to be anywhere in the registry (key, value, or data). Are there other conditiions that can cause this error other than the one in the FAQ? Why does Retrospect think it should be able to find this? Thanks