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  1. AlanR

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    Hi Sorry for the delay in answering I am not running RAID or anything fancy, it's just a couple of bog standard IDE drives. I am not aware of an update for my controller but will do a little digging. I am using Norton Antivirus 2002. Thanks Alan
  2. AlanR

    Windows Shutdown

    Hello I have recently purchased Retrospect 6.5 and am having issues getting it to shutdown my PC correctly. A normal Shutdown from the Windows Start Menu exits windows and powers off my PC. Choosing the Shutdown when finished option from Retrospect however only Exits Windows, leaving my PC at the You Can Now Turn Off Your PC prompt. How can I get retrospect to properly power down my PC? Cheers Alan
  3. AlanR

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    I also get error 1017 on all of my volumes using 6.5.343. The volumes are a mix of NTFS as FAT partitions on a single physical IDE drive. Running the above I get the following Rofftest version 1.01 Log file generated on ATHLON-XP: 28/03/2004 -- 10:08:49 Running as user: [ATHLON-XP\Alan] User is member of Local Admin group [OK] Error opening the control device [0x00000002] Any suggestions? Cheers Alan