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  1. fharczuk


    A reboot and now it's working. I have a media set with a password on network storage, as soon as the desktop came up the storage location asked to be mounted. I figured this had something to do with retrospect. previously this did not show up, could this be causing retrospect to connect to the server?
  2. fharczuk


    It did it again. I think this happened when i shut down the computer; i normally leave it on. The assert_log doesnt show anything recently. the operations_log last shows when I shut down the computer. the retroisa_log shows constant activity. Please help. I haven't figured out an easy way to uninstall/reinstall. the last time I had to do it several times with reboots not knowing what the real trick was. the last several installs didn't recreate the uninstall utility, is there a way to get that back?
  3. I get this when launching retrospect mac 10.2.0 Connecting... I had this happen 2 weeks ago and I had to uninstall and reinstall several times to finally get it working. This is happening too much, any suggestions?
  4. fharczuk

    MacBook Retina Bottom Bar

    I'd rather not make a system change to satisfy one app (Retrospect), by changing the dock. I am not able to change the vertical size of Retrospect, I guess it has it's minimums and I must be at it. Funny when I click "Zoom" under the "Window" menu, Retrospect goes to maximize, and this reduces the vertical size of Retrospect and I have the buttons on the bottom this way. At this point I am running it full screen, but this is definitely a Retrospect bug since all other App don't have this problem.
  5. fharczuk

    MacBook Retina Bottom Bar

    Ok, i can live with the work arounds just wanted to be sure i wasn't missing something. thanks
  6. fharczuk

    MacBook Retina Bottom Bar

    Ok, so I guess that is another work around, and a fix is in the works?
  7. I can't access the bottom bar on my MacBook 13" Retina. It is under the dock and I can't resize it. I have the display set in the mac's system preferences to "best for retina display". If I select Zoom under the window menu in retrospect it maximizes the window and then I am able to see all of retrospect.
  8. fharczuk

    Backed Up Files

    Logically "Media Sets" would be the way you would think, but not so. The "Restore" way works of course but this is so slow... I have a brand new MacBook Air, not a killer machine but it's only backing up itself so why so slow to just look at a catalog of files that were backed up???
  9. fharczuk

    Backed Up Files

    I am moving from windows to mac and testing the trial. How do I find the list of files that were backed up. With windows it was done through reports. TIA
  10. Maybe there is something I am missing then. Since I change my password on my Vista machine that runs Retrospect, Retrospect does not backup other network shares. I believe when I installed retrospect it asked me which account to use for backups and this is the account that I changed the password. So my question is how do I change this account that Retrospect may be using to backup? PS. This isn't a problem when I manually launch Retro only when it runs in the background. TIA
  11. I have Vista Ultimate with Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.387 In the Preferences Security all of the settings are dimmed out. I enable/disable "User Account Control" but nothing. How do I get these undimmed?
  12. Can anybody duplicate this problem?
  13. Server edition 7.5 is not backing up windows vista encrypted files. I get this error: "can't read, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)" Had no problems in Windows XP. If I unencrypt the files Retrospect will backup normally.
  14. fharczuk


    I will try that on the next full backup. This morning the backup worked correctly and did the matching correctly. I changed nothing, yesterday it selected all the files today it selected none which was correct. Thanks
  15. fharczuk


    I am backing up a client and have the "match source volumes to catalog file" and "don't add duplicates to backup set" checked under options but retrospect single server still wants to back up all the files even though they have already been backup up on the current tape. What could be wrong? Single Server version 7.5