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    resetting linux password?

    Thank you, waltr, that worked--I didn't know about the retroclient.state file, so removing that made the difference. cal
  2. Just plain idiocy here-- Is it possible to reset the client access password on a linux 7.0.109 client without knowing the current password? thanks, cal
  3. I hope someone can help: I have windows multi-server 6.5.136, running on a 2000 server with SP4, backing up a linux client (fedora core 2) at 6.5.108 I can access the client, configure volumes, and scan, but the moment copying starts, the client process crashes. The log on retrospect simply says error -519, network communication lost, the log on the client contains these messages: 1092383290: SThreadSpawn: pthread_create() failed with error 12 1092387981: SThreadSpawn: pthread_create() failed with error 12 thanks, kali