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  1. Well the firewire drive mounted and I was able to do a file backup set. I don't think that means that "the hardware is OK" necessarily. I don't want it to happen again.
  2. Hi! Thank you for replying. I had no problems previously mounting firewire drives or backing up. Now drives seem to mount okay though, but the catalog file still won't open. I'm afraid of running a test back to a file back set stored on my internal hard drive in case I erase the hard drive. Is there any way of checking to see if it's an OS problem or hardware setup problem that causes the hard drives not to mount? And more importantly, how do I fix this? Would rebuilding the desktop help at all? I have Retrospect express 5.x. Thanks, Erland
  3. Hey, Once I finally got my backup hard disk mounted (had a lot of problems getting it mounted, anyone know why? WD 120 GB Firewire) I opened up Retrospect Express, since I hadn't backed up in a while due to the hard drive not being able to mount, and started backing up my HD. Once I was backing up my HD I got a spinning beach ball. It remained there for quite some time so I hit the restart button on the computer. When the computer had restarted I had troubles getting the Firewire drive mounted again. Once I got it to mount I started doing the backup in Retrospect Express. I got the following error message: "couldn't open catalog .cat error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match). After this the iPod wouldn't mount and I'm still having trouble mounting the firewire drive. What's going on here? Someone please help out. Thanks, Erland -PS. There's a long delay of the of the letters coming up when I type this. Maybe a forum problem?