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  1. I likewise have had terrible lag times after moving from 10.0 to 10.1. I'm running on OSX 10.8.2 on an xserver 2.26 Quad-core Intel with 6 Gb of RAM. Only running AFP services on that machine and after upgrading to 10.1 I can barely use retrospect.
  2. Nope it was 6.0 driver update from 3/8/04
  3. The last update i believe was from 3/9/04 ver 5.2.1??
  4. I've read with interest the updates for 6.0 and have updated my 5.1 server version on my g4 Dual 1.25 running Panther 10.3.2. I run a Sony LIB-162 library and its painfully slow scanning the unit. Retrospect doesn't remember the tapes when I quit so it rescans everytime I go to the device menu. What's up with that?