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  1. Roxio states the RHEL 5 is supported by Retrospect 7.7 for Windows. When will there be support for a linux client for RHEL6 X86_64? To follow up: I used yum to install the dependencies by specifying i686 (glibc.i686). Retrospect client in successfully installed on RHEL6 x86_64.
  2. To determine the necessary dependencies first run: rpm -qpR Linux_Client-7_7_100.rpm The 32 bit binaries are locate in /lib. For RHEL6 X86_64 server install the following: yum install glibc.i686 yum install libgcc.i686 Install the retrospect client. rpm -i Linux_Client-7_7_100.rpm
  3. It is evident that UDP/TCP ports 497 are not the only ports Retrospect 6.5 uses to communicate with Clients. When utilizing piton multicast to locate clients on the subnet, Retrospect clients communicate back to the server listening through random UDP ports such as 1591. This is easily seen by running netstat before and after trying to add new clients. Each time an add is attempted using the multicast the ports that the server is listening on change: for example; from 1591 to 1595. Because the firewall settings on Windows 2003 server are static it is not possible to select ports to leave open for the server to listen for client responses. Is there a way to set a fixed port for server to listen on? Or maybe some other workaround?