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  1. The data was being saved to a hard drive in another system versus tape. How would I recreate the catalogue from the hard drive? I have plenty of space available on the hard drive to restore. Where would the original catalogue file reside and what would the file be named? Did you use version 5.x to backup and restore?
  2. Selected Tools/Repair Catalog/Recreate/File Backup Set and received the following message - "Couldn't open Catalog File Copy of Clock4.rbf, error -1020 (sharing violation).
  3. File Copy of Clock4.rbf is not a Catalog File or is heavily damaged. The copy and the original are stored on a local hard drive.
  4. Yes. Windows Explorer will allow me to copy the backup set.
  5. I receive the same error message when I chose Tools/Repair/Repair File Backup set. The file was set to archive, not read only, but I removed the archiving and still received the same message.
  6. When attempting to restore a file backup set, I receive "Couldn't open Catalog File Clock4.rbf, error -1020 (sharing violation)." If I select Tools, Repair Catalog, I receive the same error message. Please help. The server crashed and need to restore this data.