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  1. I know that the solution from EMC is to downgrade below 6.2.229. Just wanted to chime in I'm experiencing the same syndrome to: 2 G5 XServes running Tiger at least 2 Leopard/Intel clients. The backup server is running on Windows and is Vers 7.6x. Of course, please reply back when you have fixed this issue, EMC. Thanks! P.S. Also, you might want to take down the "upgrade" link on 6.2.229 until this issue goes away.
  2. On a w23k server sp1 I just did a bare metal restore from a 4 day-old disaster recovery backup set via the "install another w23k instance and then install the retro client after/restore over the network" method. After the restore I get "load needed dlls for kernel" after the restart - windows failed. Trying the CD restore method next, but if someone has an answer it would be helpful. This is our main website server. Need assistance asap. Thanks Arn Johnson
  3. arnj

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    Dunno if this helps, but I had the same issue backing up from a raid-5 10 disk set (hardware SATA on Escalade). It's not exactly the same environment comparison, but you might want to check this out. I tuned the settings to this: disk inactivity threshold 2500 (milliseconds) retry timeout 20 (minutes) Problem rarely occurs now.
  4. In the manual under the Exchange agent appendix there's an extremely specific procedure regarding setting up a new retrospect account with the proper rights et al. I'd review that and make sure you followed it to the "T". Also, at least on Exch 5.5, I would make sure to make said acct a "service acct admin" at the root of your email org. I have had 0 problems since doing so. That's not in the manual, but IMHO it probably should be. Some more details might help answer the question. Are you on AD? What version of Exch?