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  1. retrospeck2004

    what a nightmare!

    i just want to inform the puplic that i did not get any answere from emx untill today! (about one week) what a bad service!!!
  2. retrospeck2004

    what a nightmare!

    i own a 7.5 license for retrospect pro. one week ago i ordered a upgrade license from the german distributor comline, we are a dealer and selling retrospect to our own costumer. This time we did need a upgrade license for our own backup system. the first upgrade license from retrospect pro x.xx was allready used (thats what this link told me: http://www.retrospect.com/de/upgrades/wizard_intl.dtml Then i ordered a second upgrade license because absolutly nobody at EMC is reachable since days. This license worked and i got a online response which got me a new static license. Now it comes: Its a 7.6 license which doeas not work for 7.7. I trying to reach EMC since days and even their german distributor can do anything. I need a license right now and we dont have any backup since days since we did upgrade our server to Win 7. Sorry to say that but this company has the worst support on pleant earth!
  3. retrospeck2004

    5 hour Snapshot storing 119.3 MB

    same here! if i dont find a solution fast i sell this produkt, i only have trouble with retrospect since 5 years now.
  4. retrospeck2004

    ultra slow snapshot creation

    no reply? i really need help on this. thanx!
  5. retrospeck2004

    Snapshots taking 2 hours to build

    i have exactly the same problem. i have to stay every evening about 1-2h longe and my girl is really getting angry about it. so i really need to find a solution fast. i also have nod32 but i am not going to change that!
  6. retrospeck2004

    ultra slow snapshot creation

    i use retrospect to back from my notebook to my server. the backup prcess it self is fast as one can call retrospect fast (never was) but i really cant stand the snapshot creation time. it takes about one hour and my harddisk has only 32gb used. the backup process itself takes a couple min. for about 1.5gb / day. i cant work during this time because my notebokk is slow as hell during this time. please help thanx
  7. Hello, i am planing a backupsolution for about 1.5TB i want to do a daily backup on one G5 with about 4-5 clients. I want to have a max troughput. What would be the best HD solution, just a bunch of external FW800 drives? Would it be better to have a case with 2 750gb drives in raidlevel 0 with 2 other drives that mirror that raid level 0 (sorry i forgot the raid level number for that, anyone knows this?) One question what hapends of one drive fails? Would i have acces to the other drives? Then i want to have a tape system for the weekly backup. What is the fastest and biggest, best tape drive at the moment AIT or DLT ? Thanx for any help!!!
  8. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    no it was not the open file backup option. i now turned of the md5 digesting option and at the next boot it works now. i hope it will stay so. thanx for you help!!!
  9. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    Quote: Quote: there must be a real massive bug. Hi, This is not a bug. If the backup works with a new backup set and not with incrementals there may be an issue attempting to match source files against the catalog file. What are you backing up to and where is the catalog file for the backup set stored? as i wrote: i do a backup and that takes about 20 min. the next day i do an inkremential backup and its also taking about that time, even if i do the next backup within one minute it takes a much to long time. i know retrospect very well, and i never had the problem that the moussepointer turns into a sandclok for 15-20 minutes until it starts the backup!!! if thats not a bug what is it then??? i just checked at a friends computer and he is allmost doing what i do but with version 5.xx and he is not getting this moussepointer and within the whole time retrospect is responding. right after i click on backup retrospect is not responding anmore for a long time and it even got better i had times while had the pc on for a whole night and retrospect was still not responding and the sandclock was still on. beleive me there is something going wron please anyone help!!! i need a running backupsystem, this is not working. thanx!!!
  10. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    Quote: Hi, How many files do you have on this drive? Are there any errors in the operations log? Have you tried backing up a subvolume rather than the entire drive? Is Acronis running or installed while when the backup is running? Are there any other running applications? i ahve a regular xp drive with a couple 10.000 files on it nothing special. acronis is not running and i turned of all other apps and precesses.
  11. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    Quote: Hi, At what point does the backup hang? Is it during scanning or copying? Does it hang on one particular file? Does the same thing happen if you try backing up a different drive? its hangs right after i start a backup, here is what i do: i go to the menu choose the backup and right after that the mousse turns into a sandclock and thats it. even if i wait 15h nothing is hapening, except that retrospect is moving the read/write head of the hd the whole time. the first time i do the backup (after i gennerate a new backstrategy) it works fine, but when i restart right after a backup its not workinh anymore. i did a fresh retrospect 7.5 install, before that deleted everything in the user folders which could belong to retrospect, a new backup scheme, fomatet a brand new hd, turned of everything which does not belong to xp or retrospeckt and that really all i can do. there must be a real massive bug.
  12. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    Quote: Hi, How many files do you have on this drive? Are there any errors in the operations log? Have you tried backing up a subvolume rather than the entire drive? Is Acronis running or installed while when the backup is running? Are there any other running applications? The Drive was fresh formated, there are no logs because after a day i shut down the computer, yes i try to backup a subvolume, no ther aplications are running and i shut off all non xp services except these from retrospect.
  13. retrospeck2004

    Cannot Backup with Retrospect 7

    Hello, i have serios problem with retrospect in gerneral. I have it since a long time and because of that i am using Acronis right now. When i create a new Backupstrategy and do the first backup everything wents fine. but when i do the next backup the harddisk it reading forever bevore anythign happends. that means i open retrospect, then i choose backup from the menu and after that it sounds like the hd is reading something and after that the application is blocked forever before anything else is hapening. i have a notebook with xp sp2, and i tried different fresh formated usb2 or FW disks with no difference. I had this with 7 and now with 7.5 (the only reason why i upgraded) too. please help!!! thanx
  14. Hello, i switched from Retro 5.6 Mac to PC 6.5 everythign is fine (more or less) but i found out that a dlt tape on the pc side can only filled up with 70gb from the same backup client disk. in other word on mac after 80gb are backed up retrospect tells me to change the drive and on my pc it tells me after 70gb to change the tape. is this normal???
  15. retrospeck2004

    veryfication very slow

    hello, i have a athlon 64 3000 server with 3 maxtor 300gb drives and i am trying to back up my mac g4 867mhz containing 2 internal system drives and one external 300gb maxtor. the backup trouput is about 900mb per minute which is allready a bit slow for my taste but its probably the mac which is slowing down the backup precedure. BUT when it comes to veryfication its going down to about 300mb per minute which is not aceptable anymore. can anyone help is there a trick or something? besides this does it even make sense to verify a harddisk? or is this function indendet more for tapes? any help? thanx