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    Unknown Backup Set Member

    Dear Amy; PS I also want to use each of my 8 tapes, one each day but in no particular order. WHatever tape they happen to grap. They usualy go in order and are numbered 1 - 8 with one backup set. Recycle should work for this but isn't I keep have to manually erase the tapes after the first week. Brian
  2. bvagnoni

    Unknown Backup Set Member

    Dear Amy; Hi, no all I want to do is have Retrospec erase the current tape then do a full backup of my system each day to how ever many backup sets that it requires. I would prefer one set to keep it simple. What happens is it works on recycle for about 1 week just fine then stops working and it usually can't recogize the backup set even though Ionly using one. What do I have to do to acomplish this. Keep it very simple, I want the process as simple as possible. I very computer literate, but the people doing the backup aren't, not in the least. Brian
  3. bvagnoni

    Unknown Backup Set Member

    Dear All; First, let me tell you what I want to do. I have 8 tapes, and I want to use all of them. I have to backup 6 out of 7 days Monday - Saturday. I have one backup set called 1 Backup Set A. Each day I want that tape that is currently in the tape drive to be erased, and a full backup of the system done. Which option, Normal, Recycle, New Media do I need to use to acomplish this? What is happening is when the it tries to do a backup sometimes I get an error that it doesn't recogoze the tape thayt's in there. If I eject the tape and place it back in the tape drive in raeds it as 1 Backup Set A. However, when I do a properites onthe tape it tells me I have an unknown backup set member; why? Do I need to do a recycle backup everyday and just have a tape for each day and not use the other 2 tapes that I have? Why can't I just have teh software erase the tape before it starts and just use it. WHy does it choke when it see unrecogized media. Normal is incremental so that doesn't help me. New media won't overwrite a tape that has a back set on it. Recycle doesn't seem to be doing what it's suppose to do. Please help? Sincerely brian
  4. bvagnoni

    3ware EDIDE Storgae Cpntroller

    Dear Dantz; When is this new update coming. It's now summer, I think I've waited long enough for you guys to get your act together with it. Brian ps By the way none of your suggestions worked.
  5. Dear M; Only one problem it doesn't work. WIndows 2000 file protection comes on and starts asking you for the cd. I basically had to lose data and do a normal install. Your post though welcome is a little late, like 30 days late. I'm very disappointed with the product and guess I'm going to have to spend several hundred dollars and get Backup Exec to get a product that actualy does disaster recovery for real, not pretend for my device. Thanks Anyway A very Unhappy Customer Brian Vvagnoni
  6. bvagnoni

    3ware EDIDE Storgae Cpntroller

    Dear Support; Is there anyway to script the code so that it gets or finds the drivers. Also, during Mode 2, if I select to skip loading the drivers before the copy process starts, and I elect to skip 4 files 3wdrv100.sys, 3warerun.exe, 3ware srv.exe, & oemsetup.inf, it copies the rest of the files fine. I'm prompted to reboot, and when it starts to load windows during the second screen with the blue load bar at the bottom I get the following error inacessable boot device, please run chlkdsk /f. Sincerely Brian Vagnoni PS Do real support people respond to this forum or is this all user based?
  7. dear mayoff; did that and it stll doesn't find the controllers drivers either way even though they are present on the disk. brian ps where is it looking for the drivers at, they are presnt in the i386 and drivers folder. I even madfe a special cd and placed them in the root of the dr cd and the system32 folder of the dr cd as well as thedrivers and i386 folder, still didn't find them what about doinga regular windows install, installing retro and then doing the recobery. howvere one me anyway this totally defeats the purpose andthe reason I purchased the product pss the knowledge base is also no help it doesn't work
  8. Dear Support; I was re-reading the direction created when I created the dr cd. It states to boot up using my win2k cd, if that is the case what is the point og making the dr cd bootable and coping half the windows system on to it. Sincerely Brian Vagnoni
  9. Dear Support; I have Retrospec 5.6 Workstation, and am using it on a Win2k Workstation machince withan Onsteam Sc-30 tape drive. My system ghgas a 3ware edie raid storage controller which is the bootable primary and only bootable device on the system. I'm having prpblems dioing a disaster recovery. Mode 1: Follow instructions; boot from disaster recovery cd, and windows installer reports back that it can't find any hard drives to install the os on to. Yet when I check the retro_dr cd the controller card drivers are present. Mode 2: boot from retro_dr cd and load 3ware drivers via windows installer F6 command. windows installers detects hard drives and I'm able to partition, and format the drive. However when it goes to copy the os, before it copies it tells me it can't find the drivers for the controller card even thoug they are on trhe retro_dr cd. Please help Brian Vagnoni