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    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    I've looked at my recent logs for comparable tasks, selected extracts below, and for a 700 MB Backup, the rate was previously 700MB/min, but is now 110 MB/min. Dave. + Retrospect version 7.7.341 + Executing Immediate Backup at 11/04/2011 16:43 Completed: 230 files, 684.9 MB Performance: 690.6 MB/minute (466.9 copy, 1369.7 compare) + Retrospect version 7.7.562 + Executing Immediate Backup at 14/05/2011 12:18 Completed: 231 files, 687.2 MB Performance: 716.9 MB/minute (473.8 copy, 1526.9 compare) + Executing Immediate Backup at 15/06/2011 20:27 Completed: 231 files, 688.3 MB Performance: 220.2 MB/minute (119.3 copy, 1474.7 compare) + Executing Immediate Backup at 18/09/2011 10:02 Completed: 232 files, 699.0 MB Performance: 108.7 MB/minute (56.7 copy, 1310.5 compare) + Executing Immediate Backup at 07/10/2011 16:53 Completed: 231 files, 693.1 MB Performance: 710.7 MB/minute (472.5 copy, 1433.8 compare) + Executing Immediate Backup at 29/11/2011 17:09 Completed: 233 files, 702.2 MB Performance: 109.5 MB/minute (56.9 copy, 1504.5 compare)
  2. purdyd

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    I have noticed the same problem over the past few months - backing up from Win XP to a Win 7 system using Retrospect 7.7.562 now takes 5-6 times longer than previously. Is there a fix for this ? TIA Dave.
  3. Success ?!? A Custom Configuration has been completed for both CD-R & CD-RW formats - the 'blanking disc' phase with the CD-RW format took around 20-25 mins. I'll report back if I encounter any problems when I use Retrospect for a formal backup. Regards, Dave.
  4. I have upgraded to Retrospect v6.5 and tried again the Custom Configuration option, but the 'blanking disc' process seems to continue for too long. Does anyone know approximately how long this should take to complete ? (Neither the software dialogs nor the User's Guide give any indication.) Regards, Dave.
  5. Have since tried the Custom Configuration option in Retrospect v6.0.206 with 'devices visible using NT passthrough' selected, but found that the 'blanking disc' process continued apparently endlessly (at least 10 minutes). I was unable to stop the process and extract the test CD via the dialog 'stop' button - this was possible only after shutting down the process via XP's taskbar and rebooting the PC. Regards, Dave.
  6. Randy - many thanks for the suggestion. I have tried the 'devices visible using NT passthrough' as an alternative setting but unfortunately the CD-RW still isn't accepted as a suitable device. Does anyone else know: a) when this CD-RW drive might become compatible with Retrospect ?, and, what to do meanwhile ? TIA Regards, Dave.
  7. Nate. The drive was supplied as an installed drive for a Dell Dimension 8300. Regards, Dave.
  8. I cannot trace any info about the compatability or otherwise of the Sony CD-RW CRX216E with Retrospect v6 running under Windows XP, nor will 'Configure' detect the device. Any suggestions to help overcome the 'configure' problem would be much appreciated. Regards, Dave.
  9. purdyd

    selectors not working properly bug

    Looking at an earlier reply ('Selector name is: \Program Files\someprog doesn't work... #34696 12/16/03 06:23 PM by Nate), it looks as though my problem is solved by: disregarding: Universal Name and using instead: Windows Path Dave.
  10. purdyd

    selectors not working properly bug

    I encountered the same problem yesterday (Restrospect 6.0.206 & Win 98SE), with the files selected to be *excluded* in this style: C:\LETTERS\another folder\*.* but weren't Regards, Dave.