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  1. We recently underwent a fairly major network redesign as the result of moving into a new building. Since the move (where everything changed IP addresses but 'names' remained the same), apparently the only way to identify a machine to retrospect is by 'direct' access, neither multicast nor subnet broadcast ever seem to find the machines. While direct works it causes "grief" if a machine leaves the network long enough to loose it's DHCP lease and gets a different address when it comes back on line, which happens frequently here. Some network info in case it matters (I'm sure it does :-) The server that runs retrospect is with a subnet mask of and default gateway of Most (i'd say all, but I'm not 100% sure) clients have addresses of 10.2.1.xxx, subnet mask of and default gateway of Any ideas of why PITON isn't working? Bruce
  2. Our server, several clients and the NAS drives moved to a new building on the "other side" of the VLAN they used to be on. As a result, they all have new IP addresses. I have several "issues" that I can't seem to resolve that are related to those changes... A little environment data to start... The server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. The retrospect version is 7.7.562 The clients are running a variety of Windows, mostly XP and 7. The NAS device is a Buffalo Link Station (LS-Q4.0TL/R5) with Firmware V1.05 The server is IP The NAS is IP The clients are all 10.2.1.{mumble} I can mount the NAS device in WIndows explorer. When "proactive" backup is running, when it gets to any of the clients, the status is "Waiting for storage media" If I look at the "Backup set", click on the "members" tab and then properties, it's still looking at the old IP address ( of the NAS device. If I try and change the member properties to point to the new IP address, it pops up a message box that says "Sorry, server login failed, error -1116, can't access network volume) server: volume: backupshare user: retrospect Please try using Explorer to connect." How do I tell retrospect to stop looking at the old IP address and start looking at the new IP address (or mapped drive letter, which also fails). Thanks! Bruce
  3. bbowler

    catalog file out of sync.

    No answers??? I decided to rebuild the catalog file and see a couple of interesting things in the log from that rebuild... > The Disk Backup Set data file "AA002262.rdb" reported missing by user I never (or at least don't recall) saying it was missing and Interestingly, that file is there! ! After a Catalog rebuild, only the most recent backups for each source are stored in the Catalog. ! Older backups can be added by going to the Backup Sets' view Backups tab and clicking Retrieve. I don't see the mentioned options anywhere...
  4. One of our backups died yesterday with the error "catalog file out of sync with backup set for "servers" To repair it, use Tools>repair catalog>update existing catalog file. Which I did, A "rebuild" job appeared in the execution queue. It finished in about 1 minute (there are over 10 million files in this backup set *NOTHING* happens in 1 minute for this set). When the next machine that goes with that backup set started, it said there no files that needed to be copied (which I doubt) and it's entry in the execution queue says"Checking disk backup set data files... Please wait, this may take a while. When it finished it said, in the log file, "catalog file out of sync with backup set for "servers" To repair it, use Tools>repair catalog>update existing catalog file. What's going on??? Bruce
  5. Back after a month out of the office... There has to be a better way... I just counted it up and I've got 127 snapshots to delete from this particular backup set. Each takes ~15 minutes to process and each *completely stalls* retrospect for that entire period (stalls as in windows says (not responding) in the title bar and based on watching other executing tasks, nothing happens). If my math is correct, that's 1905 minutes (or just over 31 hours), assuming I was able to start 1 "forgot" as soon as the previous one finished. Surely there's a better way...
  6. bbowler

    rebuilding time?

    Agreed on the split. Not quite sure why the guy who set it up did it that way, and he's not here anymore to ask. Is it possible to move an existing catalog file to a different (local) disk and tell retrospect to "look here, not there" or do I need to recatalog again? Thanks! Bruce
  7. bbowler

    rebuilding time?

    I was mistaken... WTM says the link speed is 1Gb/s, but for some reason it's only using about 2% of that. I wonder if there's a bottleneck in the network somewhere... Off to chase that down. On a positive note, at least it's "moving forward" (the numbers are increasing :-)
  8. bbowler

    rebuilding time?

    OK, so it was a semi-loaded question... The disk on which all of the data exists is a 4 TB Buffalo NAS drive configured as RAID-5. It's on a 100MB network link. The server is running "Windows Server 2008 R2 standard" with SP1 installed. It's a 2.13GHz processor with 8GB memory. The catalog file is on the same NAS device. So far it's up to 15 *DAYS*. I think it's close to done (completed is 4525089 files, 2296GB 15 02:37:33 sec). I thought that was a bit too long :-( Bruce
  9. I have a backup set that claims it needs to have it's catalog rebuilt (and since nothing works, I'm guessing it's right :-), how long should I expect it to take? the "data" part of the backup is about 2.3TB (yes, TB), the existing catalog file is about 2.5GB (compressed) and I'd estimate there are on the order of 4.5 million files in the backup. Yes I know that's excessive, but I didn't set it up and the guy who did isn't here anymore. Once I get it to a point where I can do something with it, I intend to re-organize it, but in the meantime... Am I looking at hours or days or weeks to recreate the catalog file? Thanks!
  10. I know I can sort of do this from the client side by going into the retrospect control panel and say "don't back up drive d:". but I'd like to be able to restrict it from the server side. Here's why (in case it's not obvious). User has external terabyte sized drive full of music and movies. He connects it to his system via USB, it shows up as drive D and retrospect tries to back it up. It doesn't fit, fine, go to the control panel, say don't back it up and all's well until the next time, when he's also got a thumb drive (as D) and now the terabyte drive is E and retro tries to back it up... Thanks! Bruce
  11. Thanks! I'll give it a whirl. (just too bad I can't select multiple snapshots at the same time, there are *hundreds* from this particular machine)
  12. I have a backup set that has lots of systems in it, some of those systems no longer exist and I'd like to remove their data from the backup set to free up space. How do I do that? It's all Windows and version 7.7.562. Thanks! Bruce
  13. bbowler

    Feature Requests

    Back in 6.0, if a backup was run from the run menu (and probably other places too), the activity window had a "realtime" compression ratio if software compression was turned on. That feature is not there in 7.5. I found that feature to be very useful and would like to see it returned. Thanks! Bruce
  14. bbowler

    "realtime" compression rate?

    bumma... Is there a place where I can request that this feature be added back in to a future version of the software? (can someone explain why it was removed?)