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  1. thanks for the response.. ping from server to client is successful, client is turned on and ready, and is in Applications/Retrospect Client
  2. Hi there, hoping for some further troubleshooting advice: Retrospect 5 running on X-serve, OS 10.2.8 mixed workstations , mostly mac, mostly 10.2.x 4 workstations (G4's) OS 10.3.2, client 5.1.109, successfully backing up and restoring since 12/03 1 of the 4 began giving me -1028 errors about a week ago, and I'm stumped. I've repaired permissions on the client and server, uninstalled and reinstalled the client, created a new user, tried to connect with the client launched, not launched, user1, user2, sitting at login screen. I've changed ethernet cables, swapped ports on the hub. but to clarify: it's on the network. filesharing is functional. no firewall enabled. condition the same with either static or DHCP ip. client not visible. any help?