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  1. I was setting up a new backup set, backing up user folder trees \User1 and \User2, and started getting the following errors: - 11/16/2010 2:00:17 AM: Copying User2 on DRIVE_C (C:) 11/16/2010 2:01:04 AM: Snapshot stored, 1,090 KB Can't save Backup Set MYPC_data, error -1103 ( write protected) <****** 11/16/2010 2:01:07 AM: Execution incomplete Completed: 51 files, 80.7 MB, with 31% compression Performance: 268.7 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:49 (00:00:31 idle/loading/preparing) 11/16/2010 2:01:07 AM: Execution incomplete Total duration: 00:00:48 (00:00:31 idle/loading/preparing) --------------- Data to back up into a single backup set: "C:\Users\User1" "C:\Users\User2" Retro catalogs: "C:\Users\user1\Retrospect Catalog Files" The cause of the error turned out to be the location of the *.rbc catalog file. Since the *.rbc file was *within* the \User1 tree, the program was able to backup the first directory tree, from \User2. But as soon as it tried to back up the \User1 tree it failed since it had locked all or part of the tree, including the \Retrospect Catalog Files directory and *.rbc file. I moved the \Retrospect Catalog Files directory and *.rbc file (technically I created a whole new directory and file, as a new backup set) to another location outside the C:\Users tree and now I'm able to back up all user data without any errors. So on the one hand, yay me! On the other hand, 1) it was *Retrospect*, not Windows or another program, user setup problem, etc. that was write-protecting the "Backup Set" (+ poor error message--it was the *catalog file* of the backup set) and 2) it was *Retrospect*, not me, who set up the default \Retrospect Catalog Files directory and therefore *.rbc under the data directory of the active user. The script setup wizard does show a user where the *.rbc catalog will be placed but Retrospect is the entity picking the default location (within a user data tree) and a user is unlikely to know it should be changed if, heaven forbid, the user wants to back up his own data... ----------------------------------------- Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit + Retrospect version 7.7.341 Launched at 11/16/2010 4:54 PM in user account MYPC\me Using Open File Backup
  2. awnews

    7.7 does not fix failure to launch on schedule

    Try disabling UAC completely and see if Retro is able to Auto Launch. http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/31733/post/128637/hl/GoAWest/fromsearch/1/#128637 The inability to auto-launch if UAC is enabled was seen by many under Vista and Win7 with Retro 7.6 and below. It's very disappointing that they'd release a new "OK for Win7" R7.7 and not address this basic issue.
  3. awnews

    Retrospect Launcher not launching on Win7

    I've got Retro Pro 7.6 installed on a Win7 RC1 box. I have the UAC option slider cranked to the bottom (not clear if that completely disables UAC or just suppresses all warnings). On that PC, Retro was able to autolaunch and run. I didn't manually set any registry values & reboot, another way to turn UAC off completely.
  4. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    After more begging & pleading, I was able to get IT to turn UAC completely off on my Vista SP1 PC (we'll see if that "sticks" after the next group policy update). After I did that and rebooted, Retrospect automatically launched and ran my scheduled backup. It wasn't able to do this with UAC on but just in "quiet mode." On my home Vista PC, with UAC also off, Retro has also been able to auto-launch and run. I'm also using another backup program (since Retro hasn't been working for me). It's been able to auto-launch and run regardless of UAC. So based on what I've been seeing, Retrospect (the retrorun launcher service?) seems to have an issue with UAC, independently of what user account permissions are set inside of Retrospect. Any known info on this?
  5. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    So I'm pretty well stuck--Retro refuses to auto-launch on my (work) Vista PC. I don't believe this is a generic Vista issue problem as Retro auto-runs on my home Vista PC. So it seems more likely that it's something to do with the locked-down nature (e.g. UAC) of my work PC. There's no evidence in any of the System Event Viewer logs that the Retro Launcher service is even trying to launch anything. I've gotten around the UAC annoyance by periodically running TweakUAC to put the system in UAC "quiet" mode. This doesn't disable UAC (can't on my system as Group Policy forces it back on) but does suppress the annoying popups for a while (until GP policy turns them back, and then I use TweakUAC to turn them back off). My "work-around" (if you can call it that) is to manually launch Retro a few times a week. As soon as it's launched the missed scheduled backups run.
  6. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    So I was (for now??) able to get manual launching without the UAC popup [work-around == begging & pleading with IT to change group policy, for my PC only, to turn off warnings but not UAC {"quiet mode"}]. However, Retro is still not able to auto-launch and run any scheduled backups. I've quit and reenabled the launcher from inside Retro [quitting and restarting Retro each time), changed the run-as option for the Retrospect launcher service [Local system vs. my account--the "old way" that used to be needed], changed Retrospect to run as admin, stopped/restarted/started the Retro Launcher service etc. No go. The retrorun service *is* running. But Retrospect never launches and there are no log messages. The scheduled job immediately starts running if I later start Retrospect manually.
  7. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    But if it was autolaunching at all (even without a GUI), it should write some basic info into the log. That's not happening. If I change from the specific user (name, pw, domain) to "log in as logged in user") I still get the same UAC dialog when I try to manually launch Retro. And I don't think Retro will be able to run when my PC is locked (even if I leave myself logged in) unless I let it run with the specified credential--they're still mine, my admin-level account(same as logged-in-use when I'm sitting in front of the PC). And back to UAC dialog popping up when trying to launch Retro manually--means that Retro doesn't have valid cert/digi sig to make Vista happy? Solve that and we can worry about autolaunching...
  8. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    I also just tried your "launch during the day" experiment. I hadn't tried it before because I expected the below *and* because of the fact that Retro is causing the UAC to fire even when manually launched. So I set Retro to launch a few minutes from "now" and then quit out. It never launched (no launch, no popup from UAC, no events in the Retro log, no events in any of the Windows Event viewer log). I then launched it manually and set up another one-time start of my backup script. But this time I left Retro running on the desktop. At the scheduled time if ran the backup OK. As I've noted, I have the Security Prefs => User, Password, Log on to [domain] set up with my correct info.
  9. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    I will do that. Can you please answer my question regarding why UAC is firing when Retrospect is launched *manually* from the start menu? I get this whether I launch Retro "normally" to tick the "run as admin" option.
  10. awnews

    Retrospect vs. UAC under Vista

    To be 100% accurate, I don't know what it's doing on autolaunch (at 1AM). I have it configured with my correct domain/name/password. But there are no log messages indicating that Retro even tried to launch. However, when I try to launch it manually from the Start menu, I get the UAC dialog. After I confirm, Retro tries to run the missed backup jobs. UAC A program needs your permission to continue If you started this program, continue Retrospect EMC Corporation So I'm assuming from the lack of backups or log messages of any kind at the scheduled time that Retro if failing to launch, most likely due to UAC. If we just focus on the *manual* launch attempt for a moment, why is UAC firing when Retro is started? Does 7.6+ lack the correct cert/digi signature? Many other apps are able to launch without throwing up the UAC dialog.
  11. I've been forced, kicking & screaming, to "upgrade" from XP to a Vista-32bit system (Win7 not allowed). Once there, I'm required to leave Windows Vista UAC in place (enforced by group policy and reboot scripts that reenable it if disabled via local group policy, control panel settings, registry settings, etc. on any reboot). The problem is that, with UAC enables, Retrospect stops at the UAC warning dialog on any launch and waits for an "OK" response from the user. This makes unattended backups impossible. + Retrospect version 7.6.123 Launched at 9/10/2009 3:30 PM + Driver Update and Hot Fix, version Running Vista 32-bit SP1. I'm tried setting retrospect.exe to run as administrator, but that's not really the issue when using UAC. I've also set it to launch with my domain login, but no diff (and that's not the UAC issue either). Other programs are able to launch without throwing up this UAC warning dialog (a matter of a certificate, digital signature, etc.). What needs to be done to allow Retro Pro 7.6+ to successfully launch and run unattended with UAC enabled under Vista?
  12. awnews

    Windows changes letter designations

    Have you tried forcing the drive to a letter way down the list (e.g. the R drive) so that it doesn't get bumped (e.g. F=>G) by random insertion or scan order? I do this with my backup (USB) drives and they always get the same letter on connection or reboot.
  13. awnews

    BSOD with Retrospect

    The problem is that Retro is calling the VSS/OFB software from Microsoft. So who's fault is it? I don't know, but we get to do the classic finger-pointing dance. I've been able to run without a BSOD since turning off OFB, but it's annoying to see the errors go from 0 to larger numbers (at least tens, sometimes >>), due to sharing violations, date mismatches, etc. that OFB worked around. And I can't just not back up those files since it's during the snapshot (when, again, Retro is calling some MS routines) that the errors occur.
  14. Glad you're back on line. You're still not running with much headroom if you only have 23gb free on a 250gb HD (<10% free). One comment about removing Symantec/Norton. I've found that it doesn't always do a reliable job of removing those protected files even when the program is uninstalled. So even though you've deinstalled the program, it's possbile to end up with a large amount of wasted space in the Norton protected location. I'm not using their products on this PC to check, but I recall it being a hidden folder (or at least within a hidden folder--you can change your Folder Prefs to see those) with a name like "Norton Proected Files." I've recovered huge amounts of space by just throwing that away (and emptying the trash) on systems that used to have Norton/Sym installed.
  15. Do the Retro backup directories show that those files are taking up all the space (e.g. 250GB). You're using Disk backup and not File Backup (no grooming in the later)? Are you running Norton/Symantec (etc.) that would try to *not* throw away old files? Can you empty the trash (right click => Empty Norton Protected Files as an example)? No messages in the logs indicating that grooming can't run (due to a damaged backup set, a backup set created with an older Retro or update patch, etc.)? You can resort to a recycle, but obviously something is wrong as grooming should do this for you.