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  1. It's a disk media set. I think I'll give the latter one a try. Disconnect the current USB drive and connect the empty one and see what happens.
  2. Hi all, What's the best way to force a daily backup script to start using a new USB disk? We currently have "1-BackupDaily" on the set. I know it will automatically ask for a new disk, and call it "2-BackupDaily" when this one fills up but on want it to go to a new disk now. Retrospect v6.1.230 w/ Mac OS X Server 10.6.8
  3. We just have 6.1 to Backup our mac os 10.5 server. I can't tell if it is the desktop or server edition.To upgrade to 8 should I just get the Desktop version. I don't back any other computers on our network with retrospect.
  4. Following setup: Intel Mac xServe 10.4.9 with new HP StorageWorks DAT 40 USB external drive. Mac Retrospect 6.1.126, Driver Getting Error: "Trouble positioning: "1-Monday" (0). error 109 (unexpected filemark or FTP end of file)." when trying to read a DDS-2 Tape. I'm not having any problem reading the newer DDS-3 Tapes that I have, only the DDS-2 Tapes. Any dierection that any one can point me to would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.
  5. The DDS-2 Tapes, from 96'-97', were written on another drive, a SCSI DAT drive and are readable on that drive. The tape heads don't need cleaning, brand new unit. Trying to transfer from these DDS-2 tapes to new VXA-2 tapes. Looks like I'll have to do a double transfer, from tapes>HD>tape.