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  1. I too find this change a major headache - we have to keep 3 years worth of backups for project development audit purposes and I am now in the position of having to buy entirely new media to continue this process (not cheap given the quantity involved) - I could not even get Retrospect to copy the data from an old set to a new set in an attempt to get around this so I could reuse the old media in rotation - it just went unresponsive after 500,000 files and we have much more than that on tape! Restoring the data and rearchiving is out as we don't have the disk space. Another issue is that of clients. We are upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 but 6.0 cannot communicate with the 5.0 clients to upgrade them! It tells us that they are too old! As we have 200 workstations that is a lot of work to reinstall the client on each - another headache. Pity Dantz did not develop proper migration tools for what seems to be fairly obvious requirements.