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  1. Well this has really been an underwhelming response from Roxio. It took a week to get an email stating that I need to call the sales department. I called and left a message and it's been over a week with no response. I'd like to use the software, but Roxio doesn't seem to be very responsive. I suppose I'll just have to be patient as I'm unaware of another product in this price range that can do proactive backups like this. At least they have some features I need/use. Hopefully their development, marketing and support teams get on the same page soon. Thanks to everyone that responded.
  2. I don't want come across as difficult, but I need a solution. If you read the reply of the tech support agent above, it conflicts with what you are saying. What is the path that companies in our position are to take then? Is there an upgrade product that obviates the need for a return, or is the window asking for the license code something we should just ignore? Either way, thanks for your reply.
  3. I have the email from roxio (somehow through ingram micro) with the code for "Retrospect Professional, WIN 7.7". I think their response is interesting since you have to fill in the license code to post the support form. It sounds like their system isn't working very well if they need to ask you where you bought the product.
  4. I assumed that was the support link I had tried earlier. I'll try that method. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your replies. I'm hoping that somebody from Roxio can answer as this seems to be the only way to communicate with them currently.
  6. We purchased Retrospect Professional to back our office laptops up. I assumed that since we didn't have a server in the office we could use the Pro product and not single server. When I click to set up a proactive backup it asks for a Proactive Backup license. I can't find any way to purchase one on the website. Also, the product comparison was very confusing on the website. Professional states it will back laptops up and I can't imagine a scenario where you'd do a scheduled backup with a group of laptops being normal. Please point me in the right direction. I tried to submit a ticket to tech support or customer service but Retrospect doesn't come up in the list of products and so I can't fill the form out.
  7. Has there been an update to this problem? I am experiencing the same issue on an Xserve running the latest 10.5. I'm really not able to downgrade the OS on the box. The only solution is to restart the app every morning. No iscsi or anything special that I'm aware of.
  8. This was fixed for us in the following version. I think you just need to upgrade.
  9. We backup about 35 laptops which are a mix of Win and Mac without serious problems. My main complaint is that there is no way to log a failure to back a client up with a proactive client within a given time period. I constantly need to go back and check through the backup report. I'd prefer to see an email when any given proactive client was not backed up in x days/hours etc. Also, since everything is subvolumes to cut down on the snapshot/scanning time issues the proactive tab under 6.5win is worthless.
  10. We use disk backups, and have never compressed the catalogs.
  11. Not to muddle the waters any further on this, but we had this problem big time a little while ago. It was after the upgrade to 6.5. But what we figured out was that around the same time we started backing up a large number of OSX machines. It happened randomly (once or twice a week) and was a real pain. Then we added some linux clients for the first time and it happened every night. What we finally did was split the linux clients and OSX clients into their own scripts/backup sets and the problem went away. The only thing we could figure was that the number of files on each server or workstation running a UNIX like OS was an order of magnitude over our OS9/Windows servers/workstations and that Retro couldn't handle the number of files. Our catalog files weren't too large, but rebuilding them never was able to get us through a full backup. It would work fine during incrementals, but always fail on recycles. just my two cents, Alex
  12. One of my major complaints about the Agent in 6.5 is that the logging makes no sense. Perhaps I have something set wrong. In the operations log, every time I run an incremental/log backup it says nothing was backed up, but I can log into the Exchange server and see in the event viewer that the backup ran and the logs were truncated. Also, being concerned about this, I set up a test. I created a new disk backup set and ran the incremental to this. It ran and there was data in it (over 200 MB, which makes sense for our site). So, I believe it's working, but I hardly feel comfortable with the logging. Is this anyone else's experience? Anyone else running incrementals against E2K? tia, alex
  13. A problem has come up just recently (since our updating to the latest build). A number of our W2K or XP laptop clients will stop working. When you launch the client, the status windows says "Client networking not available, or service not running." This was working before just fine and as near as I can tell, not all laptops are doing it. This is especially a problem since all of our laptops are backed up using proactive and there is never a log event if a proactive client is NOT backed up (wish this was different), so the only way we find out is by going exhaustively through the log or the user calling us when they get the 7 day notice. Anybody else seen this, or have any ideas? I've tried reinstalling the client.
  14. I've seen this crop up lately as well. I wonder if it was a recent update. As near as I can tell, it is still backing the information store up, but because of the poor logging implementation for the Exchange Agent, you never really know if it's backing it up or not.
  15. I notice this is also the case. One further complaint (more of a feature request I guess) is that if you have subvolumes defined you don't know which machine is represented in this list. I back up Documents and Settings on all of our laptops (Users on OSX) and I just see a long list of Users and Documents and Settings. Sort of worthless. also running 336 alex