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  1. The list of supported drives for Retrospect includes this reference to the Overland AIT LibraryPro autoloader: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=compatibility_list_detail&id=8063&sid=Ej9R7Nqtm4M2wziR In that entry, the LibraryPro is listed as supported by Workgroup 5.5. There is no reference to 6.5, so does 6.5 Pro support this drive, or does one nead 6.5 Single Server ? PS - my 6 yr old picked the chicken icon !
  2. Client has recently acquired SkyData SST-2000X which is a relabeled Sony TSL-SA300C 4 tape AIT-1 autoloader. They have Workgroup 5.6 (Windows) on a 200MHz PII with 128MB and NT4 (SP6a). 6-8 workstations usually on this cluster. Working fine using the SDX1-25C tapes. But they want to get a bunch of, much cheaper, SDX-T3N which are the 25GB (raw) AIT cartridges made WITHOUT the MIC (on cartridge memory, Memory In Cartridge). Does it make much practical difference in normal workstation backup operation with infrequent data recovery ? Seems as though this would slow down searches, which is one big advantage of AIT on data recovery. Savings is quite substantial on 20 tapes. And they know enough NOT to go buy USED pull tapes. Comments ?
  3. 7tronics

    Client not seen after coming out of stand-by

    Mainly concerned over whether or not there are license issues with 6.0 client running on Retro 6.5 Pro. Can I simply use the "updater" for 6.0 client as I don't currently have access to 6.0 client ? If this DOES work, then perhaps an excellent work-around is to make the 6.0 client available with instructions and limitations noted, to the 6.5 licencees. Not all of us went the 6.0 to 6.5 route with all of our systems (or customers).
  4. 7tronics

    Client not seen after coming out of stand-by

    Nice idea, but I have been unable to start/stop Retroclient using NET START, NET STOP on Win2K pro. Is there another way ? And does that method require Admin permissions on Win2K/XP ? As in the other thread within this area on the client problems, one key issue here is requirement for admin permission which managed PC environments don't assign to users. Don't want to rely more upon Retrospect snapshots recovering PCs than I have to !
  5. 7tronics

    Client not seen after coming out of stand-by

    Before I experiement with this, can someone verify that the 6.0 client install and work with 6.5 Pro ?
  6. Yes, indeed the 5.1 license was both for the server and up to 100 clients. works great for disk set backups, BUT the Exabyte 8505 is recognized and not used. I have configured many Exabyte drives on many different systems using Retrospect and other backup packages for UNIX, MS-Windows, Linux, and ALL of them have recognized the 8505 drives. The status returned includes the message "(no driver)" after picking the status tab under Devices conifugration. Now this is a drive that was used sparingly in an IBM RS/6000 server backup capacity until recently and label returned on an inquiry is "IBM 8505", did that affect the 5.1 version of Retrospect Server, even though in 5.6 Express and 6.5 Pro it is recognized and used ? Will have to borrow another SCSI tape drive and take over to verify this problem. Docs indicate 8505 was supported when 5.1 (actually 5.11 in this case) was released.
  7. Having used ADSM (now ITSM) over the years in large customer environments, I became accustomed to setting up Storage Pools which can act as a "disk cache" for later migration of data to tape. Looking to do the same in Retro Pro 6.5 and Retro Server 6.0 at two different small sites using Syquest 1.5MB disks as cache for Exabyte 8mm tape drives or Seagate/Certance NS20 drives. Any way to do that in Retro Pro 6.5 or Retro Server 6.0 (or 6.5, I guess) ? I must admit I was surprised when I was unable to include removable disk devices into Backup Sets with tapes. It did not jump out at me that the Backup Sets must be homogeneous collections of tape OR disk (OR CDRW). I see related posts on backup to disk then tape and staging from disk to tape in this forum. And another post on mixing DVD and hard disk backups. This last post seems to address some of the question we have about staging, or using disk as cache, for tape backup sets. But, could someone clarify, how can one get Retrospect Pro (or Server) to collect "incremental" backups WITHOUT generating a full backup using that same type of media and so in the same Backup Set ?
  8. Well another request from (potential) customer as we are now getting into Retrospect based backup more. Quote: ? Is a licensed RS 5.1 Server package with the following line on the license sticker for BOTH the Retrospect 5.1 Server itself AS WELL AS 100 Windows Client User licenses ? Retro Server BU 5.1Win 100 USR I'd prefer this group go with 6.5, but they have 5.1, it works with all devices and client types that they care about, and just want to increase to more users on a server. Above is the wording from license sticker on a RS 5.1 package that includes CD with Windows Server code and this license agreement. Tx for response,
  9. Using RS 6.5 Pro, when doing first full backup on approx 8GB using SCSI Exabyte 8505 (5GB/10GB) tape drives (yes, I know, older tape technology, but its what we've got...). The second tape gets to a spot and just hangs with "waiting on media" prompt in status under "Executing" tab in status window. There is drive activity, but after several hours in this state, I PAUSEd backup, ejected tape, and re-inserted. Then un-PAUSEd the backup. After a few minutes, the state was back to same "waiting on media" prompt. Tried this a second time, but managed to jiggle the SCSI connector and got BSOD (blue screen of death) on W2K, so rebooted. These are new tapes, but I think I checked off the "8505" when formatting rather than "8505c". The 2 tapes in this set are 112m length, thus should support the 5GB uncompr/10GB compr (ha). First tape has a bit over 6.5GB. There were 4 Windows "drives" in the backup set, the problems are in the 4th drive (all FAT but the first which was NTFS). What should I do next ? Should I RECREATE the backup set catalog first, then initiate a new backup of the last drive onto a new tape and add to this backup set ? The 8505s are not the fastest in the world - the backup/compare cycle here has taken a bit over 8 hours so far on this backup of the local machine. UPDATE: the drive was in the midst of performing the COMPARE, so data and snapshot had been stored. How do (and should) I initiate a COMPARE manually ? Next up, planning the backup/restore strategy for the remote clients of this machine. Thanks for suggestions,
  10. Tx Nate. After going through the proces with the UAC, I understand ! Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics
  11. Nate, I would do so, but the 6.5 package is the upgrade version, not full version. What files need to be in place for the 6.5 upgrade installer to recognize that a prior version is (was) installed ? Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics
  12. After running trial of 6.5 pro on a Win98SE machine, I am now installing full license 6.5 Pro to a Win2K machine that will be the 6.5 pro server. Now want to put the 6.5 pro client on the Win98SE PC that was running the trial code. Pardon my naivete, doing this as a test before installing on church system that may soon include a Mac, so wanted to go with Retrospect to have same core backup process for the lone Mac and a few PCs. I thought I read a post about problems with taking trial version to client, but cannot find it on search for about 20min. I assume that I need to: - uninstall 6.5 pro trial version from Win98SE PC - reboot Win98SE PC - install 6.5 client onto Win98SE PC - install 6.5 pro version on Win2K PC server Any other issues here that I am missing b4 I mess this up ? The church PCs have two copies of Express (5.6) that came with TR5 tape drives. Any issues with putting an upgrade version of 6.5 pro on one of those PCs and the 6.5 pro client on the other ? Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics
  13. 7tronics

    Client not seen after coming out of stand-by

    In thread, first post said that the client was greyed out, fixed by reboot of PC. Second post says "restart client". On Win2K and XP, how can one "restart client" ? Is it possible to do same on WinMe ? Cheers & 73 de Mark @ 7tronics
  14. Newbie to Retrospect here. Have managed TSM in large installations, but Retrospect seems better suited (and priced) for SOHO environment at a church. Sizing Retrospect Pro for use with Seagatte NS20 USB tape drive in combination with USB CDRW and Zip media currently somewhat haphazardly used. There are 4 PCs, backup server (also server for Church Management System) with Win2K, two WinXP clients amd a client PC running the Fedora code, where can I acquire the RPM that I see referenced elsewhere in this forum ? Will this Linux client will work with Retrospect Pro 6.5 on a Win2K server ? There is also a Mac running Retrospect 4.1 to a AIWA USB NS8 tape that is being phased out and replaced with the Linux PC. In part it is the ease with which backups have been managed on that old Mac with Retrospect that I am interested in moving away from Microo$oft indivdual system backup to Retrospect network backup. Comments ? Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics