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  1. Problem solved: The Retrospect client left a file called RETRO_DEFER in the Windows temp folder. It has zero length, and was created in April when I did the *only* defer on this workstation. After I deleted the file the continous deferral was fixed, and the workstation was backed up as expected! Apparently the file is a flag that keeps the workstation in a deferred state, and the client software failed to delete it regardless of the on-screen settings. This is clearly a BUG that really should be documented and fixed. Again, the symptom is a stream of "user deferred" messages in the events tab of the activity monitor. This has been happening for four months, forcing me to do a manual backup on this (my) workstation, rather than relying on proactive backup, which handles the other PC's.
  2. That's not my problem. Proactive backup DOES run, and all workstations get backed up except for the one that was previously deferred. (In any case, I'm running 6.5 without the X button.)
  3. As a further test, I set the countdown timer to zero. With the problem client turned on, proactive does not do any backups, and this message appears in the operations log: extgTask: Source polling timed out after 30 mins. When I closed Retrospect, it hung while "Quitting..." and I had to terminate the task.
  4. Further test results: The behavior is the same with client 6.5.132 and 6.5.138. Client uninstall and reinstall has no effect. Are there some hidden configuration settings that could be reset? I can do an immediate backup with no problems. Proactive & client works fine on other PC's. If I watch the problem client window as proactive scans the client, I see the following status messages in rapid sucession: Connected In use by "BackupPC" for: Preparing... Ready At this exact moment, proactive resumes scanning at the top of the source list, ignoring any sources below it. If I turn the client off, scanning continues to the following sources and they are properly backed up.
  5. I have the same problem with Retrospect 6.5.350 and a Windows-98 client that shows "user deferred" every two minutes. But the more serious consequence is that proactive backup goes back to the top of the source list, and never checks the sources after the troublesome client. As a result, we've gone 4 days with no backups on our most critical drives! So there are two problems: (1) The client defers automatically, and (2) Proactive backup gets reset to the top of the source list. Are there fixes for these problems I'm not aware of? Just like Jocelyn, the problem started after I did a singe deferral on this PC, which is running cleint 6.5.138. I think this is the first deferral I've done since updating from the 6.5.132 client two weeks ago.
  6. The "Elapsed Days" column is blank in the 6.5 Backup Report when using "Standard Format". If I switch to "Performance Data Format", the elapsed days are shown, but the "Duration" colum is empty. Looks like a bug. It was fine under 6.0. Now using 6.5 Single Server (6.5.336) w/Proactive backup, RDU 4.7
  7. I agree that this is likely to be a basic drive issue, and not related to Retrospect. I have a Buslink USB 2.0 drive that works fine under Win98FE, but Buslink provides separate drivers for error-free operation under USB 1 vs 2.0 The fact that a separate driver is required attests to the quirkiness of USB support under Win98. Perhaps a separate USB 2.0 card will solve your problem. It will also speed up your disk access more than ten-fold.
  8. ASPICHK.EXE reports "fully operational" with version 4.60 on all components.
  9. Auto-configure fails with a Samsung SW-252B under Retrospect 6 Pro. Log entries appear below. I have tried three times with two separate CD-RW disks. Drive works fine with EasyCD & Direct-CD. Using Win98 on P4-2.6, CD Firmware R701, and RDU 3.9.106. Any suggestions? Running CD-RW custom configuration tests on SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252B Setup test: Successful Default setup test: Successful Drive type test: Successful Drive initialization test: Successful Disc information test: Successful Polling method test: Successful Read test: Successful Continuous-write method test: Successful Append test: Successful Read test: Failed RD-RW custom configuration tests: Failed