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  1. Thanks to both of you for excellent feedback. I feel very comfortable with your comments that all is well in our Retrospect / Data Domain world!! Bart
  2. Data Domain is an enterprise level deduplication storage environment provided by EMC. http://www.emc.com/backup-and-recovery/data-domain/data-domain.htm In our case Data Domain is a member of a media set (the only member). Data Domain only stores to its drives byte level data that is different. For example, if you have 2 servers, each of which is running Windows Server 2008 R2 only the bytes that are different between the two server would be stored. In our case we see data reduction in the 70 - 80 % of original. Data Domain has a "clean" option where it can reclaim storage space that is no longer needed. My question is, if within Retrospect we groom our backups, does it communicate with Data Domain and say that it is no longer needed and therefore can be cleaned from the backups. If you (or anyone else) have further information I'm listening intently. thanks Bart
  3. Does anyone know how Retrospect for Mac 9.0.2 works with Data Domain and its cleaning process? Specifically, if I have Retrospect groom backups does that notify Data Domain that it can clean up that space and reuse it? Any guidance or help would be appreciated. thanks Bart
  4. I've had Retrospect Server 5.0.X running on an OS X 10.2 machine taking care of all the backups for our school. . . works rather well. I updated to OS X 10.3 on the machine two nights ago. I fear it was a mistake. Retrospect still runs, but when it is running and the time comes for a client is to be backed up, Retrospect (or some other process) launches a 2nd instance of Retrospect as shown in the Dock. I then receive 2 e-mail messages that the script had started. Immediately thereafter I receive a 3rd e-mail with the message "Volume "Backup Clients: Blahblahblah completed with error -45: file locked.". When the backup is completed I then get a message that the backup was successful. Looking at the backup status of the clients would leave me to believe that it was attempting to backup twice and that one of the two was in deed successful. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you know the workaround, or is there one? This does not seem to be one of the issues mentioned in the Panther Upgrade Knowledgebase. Thanks so much.