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    update error

    I have windows vista 64 bit. I just tried to update retrospect express version 7.6.111. When i click on updates, it says there is an update (7.6.123)and so i allow it to be downloaded. When it goes to intsall it, the install wizard comes up. Then a warning comes up that the "retrosepct launcher (Process ID:3020)" is using files that need to be updated and to close it. But there is nothing open but the actual installer (Retropsect is closed). I keep trying to close it, but I have no way to close it because it is not open. Task manage shows me nothing to close either...any thoughts about how to close what i cannot see is open?
  2. dabren


    Hi, when my comuter goes into standby, it doesn't see the Maxtor hard drive upon coming back into noraml actiivyt mode. Therefore, retrospect Express 5.x cannot run the daily back up scripts. Anybody know a way around this beside just shutting ogg the standby? IS there a driver missing or something? Thanks!