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  1. It's ver. 7.6.123, and there's nothing showing up in the Event Logs.
  2. On an SBS 2008 server with 12GB of RAM I'm getting the following error: Can't back up registry, error -1019 (not enough resources) This happens every time a backup runs no matter what backup set I use. I haven't changed any permissions or anything and it just started all of a sudden. Otherwise, backups and restores are working fine. Ideas?
  3. kcorbin

    Roxio buys Retrospect software

    I'm not so sad myself. I've been disappointed ever since EMC bought Retrospect from Dantz. The releases have come far and few between and the support went downhill as well. I think EMC was just too big and Retrospect was just another small product in a huge portfolio and got handled as such. I think part of it is that EMC deals with 'enterprise' applications/hardware/customers so much they don't know how to handle stuff for small/medium businesses.
  4. This all seems to be a problem with Retrospect and 64 bit OSes and/or anything newer than XP/Server 2003. I have two servers running Small Business Server 2008 (SBS is only available as 64 bit) and have the same issue of the constant "not responding". It will work for 3 seconds, then hang for 30 in this constant annoying cycle that makes it almost impossible to get anything done in it. There's also other issues like frequent crashes, and a known issue of Retrospect not backing up Exchange mailboxes that they've been working on a fix for months but no sign of it yet. I also use it with Windows Server 2003 and it's rock solid, stable, and trouble-free. I think, for them to claim it's compatible with 64-bit Vista/SBS/Server 2008 was motivated by $$$ and not actual compatibility. As for the Network Monitor box that you have that keeps popping up it's because Retrospect launcher will start up Retrospect in the background as a System process. When you get that, open up the task manager, go to processes, and check 'Show processes from all users' and you will see Retrospect.exe running as SYSTEM. Kill that and you can start it back up normally. To keep it from happening, you have to go into Configure->Preferences->Startup and un-check 'Enable Retrospect Launcher service' Then, you will have to keep Retrospect open all the time in order for it to run scheduled executions if you have them. Retrospect doesn't seem to handle the new security model in Vista/Server 2008 well.
  5. I still see problems with this ability. What if Suzie is out sick, doesn't swap tapes, and then you needed something off of the backup that ran the day before yesterday, but that was just overwritten by the backup that ran last night? There's problems either way you have it, so I don't see why you wouldn't backup to disks, files, etc. and eliminate the need for tapes completely.
  6. Just to be clear, as of 6.5.336 I only need to create 1 DR cd for each machine regardless of which backup set/snapshot I wish to restore from? If so, this is much improved because I would have had to make a CD for every server and backup set to be fully prepared. So....15 servers x 7 backup sets = 105 DR CDs! LOL, 15 CDs is a little easier to swallow.
  7. Unless I'm missing a way to set this, it would be nice to get my daily operations emailed to me so I don't always have to go into Retrospect to check the previous nights backups, etc.
  8. I think your solution is really hardware based. Buy an autoloader and your problem is solved. Then, you only have to worry about off-site tape removal which you can do yourself every month or so. They are not really that expensive compared to the time spent training a mindless desk jockey to switch tapes and click 'OK'. You've already spent the money on Retrospect, why not make the jump to a maintenance free system? With your system, what would you do if a backup doesn't fit on one tape? Overwrite the tape in the drive? What you are asking for really defeats the purpose of most backup systems IMO.