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  1. I get the exact same errors backing up to a WebDav source.


    I can mount it fine, can copy files to it fine. I have Retrospect 10.2. It starts off backing up okay but after about 20Gb or 30Gb into it I have about 10 of these MapError: unknown Mac error 60 TFile::Flush: fsync failed, /Volumes/webdav.livedrive.com-2/Retrospect/Media Set A/1-Media Set A/AAd.rdb, oserr 60, error -1002


    Eventually it gets hung up and Retrospect looks like it's still backing up but nothing is happening. I try to stop the script but won't stop. Have to force quit and repair the catalog. (Which repairing works, it finds the data and repairs it no problem)


    I've sent my logs to Retrospect. Hopefully this can be solved soon. I'm using this WebDav server as my offsite backup and ready to dump several TBs of data to it.



  2. Interested in purchasing a LTO-5 tape solution for Mac soon but will wait until tested. Does anyone know a timeframe when the Mac OS will be tested? I found this on a device search


    Device Interface Media Windows Mac OS

    Quantum LTO-5 FH SAS LTO Qualified Not tested

    Quantum LTO-5 HH SAS LTO Qualified Not tested

    Tandberg HH LTO 5 SAS SAS LTO Qualified Not tested




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  3. I've got 4 proactive scripts with schedules Monday - Friday 6PM-7AM Every 15 hours.


    They all started at 12:00AM Tuesday Morning. Nothing else was running. Shouldn't they have started at 6PM Monday night?


    Also, I reported a bug that my proactive M-F All Day Every 15 hours only temporary sticks. It reverts back to EveryDay instead of M-F.


    Console & Engine from installer 8.1.626



  4. That's what I was worried about... if Retrospect was smart enough that if I manually removed an old Snapshot that it didn't remove any files that are associated with other snapshots. Sounds like it is.


    I used a server to duplicate all my laptops to so for every recycle that server was the first to get backed up. Then the laptop backups went quickly. That was with Retro 6.x. I got rid of that for Retro 8.x thinking I'll never will do a recycle.


    I'm in the process of copying recent backups to my new offsite 16TB Drobo (on week 2) so my data is pretty massive and the snapshots I'm talking about are pretty deep (back to April '09).


    I'll play around with removing a past backup on another mac and see how painful that is.


    I'm also toying with the idea of just doing a Recycle but will wait until my offsite backup is current. Will then have to use my offsite for incrementals until my regular backup finishes the recycle.


    Decisions, decisions.




  5. I have a couple Server Volumes with 100s of Gigs of data that were temporary storage. I erased those volumes, partitioned, and renamed the drives.


    My backup backed the temp data months ago. Besides doing a recycle how do I get that data out of my backup? Grooming I don't think will work because those volumes don't get backedup anymore and will never reach my "Groom to keep this number of backups 30".


    What if I "Remove" the snapshots in the "Past Backups" will it then be groomed out next time around?



  6. I think I know the answer but needs some clarification because it's a little confusing to me.


    I want my proactive schedule to run 5:00PM Friday night to 9:00AM Monday morning. The only way I see to do that is:


    Schedule1: Select Friday & Saturday 5:00PM to 5:00PM (next day)

    Schedule2: Select Sunday 5:00PM to 9:00AM (next day)


    Will that give me what I'm trying to accomplish?




  7. I was trying to figure a way to backup users external portable drives & flash drives during the day without doing a full scan on the startup volume. Those scans can take 15 to 20 minutes just to realize at the end that the volume was excluded in a rule.


    And don't always know the name of the external drives and would like it to be an automatic process without me setting it up before hand as a source.


    Just wishful thinking