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    Typical grooming timeframe ?

    It's the grooming. I forced a stop to the previous job and ran a groom process from the Backup Set itself. The groom looks to be hanging from its initial step in analyzing of the catalog file. You asked if I had deleted the .rdb's as not doing so would force a groom. If I delete them manually am I just bypassing the groom process or will it screw up the backup set. I am running Version 7.0.301 Retrospect Update, version Thanks so much for the insight thus far.
  2. Hello, I am currently begining to stretch the amount of free disk space on my backup system and have begun the process of grooming old backup sets. As per one of the tutorials I have removed (forgot) the snapshots that are no longer needed and added the groom option to my normal backup set. I am wondering what is the typical timeframe to groom old backup files. I still have a backup running for about 13 hours that typically takes 5 minutes. I could understand that the grooming process could take some time before actually copying the new data for backup but IMO this is a bit too long. Could I have done something wrong? Am I supposed to delete the old backup files (forgotten snapshots) manually, or is this what the grooming process must do on its own ? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hello, We recently moved over to SQL 2005 and were running both our Transactional and Full database backups without issue. Recently we added mirroring functionalilty to our server creating our Hot Backup. I have noticed that our transactional backups are now failing with a -505 client reserved error. I understand the reasons for this error to trigger, although does this meant that Dantz does not support the backing up of a mirrored database structure at this time? Does anyone else have a similar setup in place that can confirm this or is it just me Thanks
  4. Hey, Do not forget, you cant compare the speed of disk-to-disk vs. disk-to-tape backup. 15gb @ 6hrs may be a bit time consuming but not something that I would see as being impossible. One thing you may want to look at instead of grooming before you backup is in the Transfer Set Options. You can make sure that only the most recent files for the set in question are transferred to tape. MB = Cheap retention of backups could verywell = priceless Hope that helps ya some.
  5. Apologies, I have figured out how to accomplish this task
  6. Hello All, Here is my situation, I am looking to Create one backup set which will backup my Sql Database to a hard disk on my network. For offsite purposes I would like to tke a DVD backup of those files offsite. My dilema is in the creation of the second backup set that will take the hard disk residing backup and burn it over to the DVD. Currently the Grooming on the Hard Disk backup is set for 15 consecutive daily backups, but that will not fit on DVD. If in the second backup set I set it to groom per every backup will that only be what that particular set stores for restore purposes, or will my original to hard disk backups be destroyed? My Assumption is that I should create a set that will run Daily and write data directly to the DVD, although I was just looking for way to not have to backup my Sql database twice daily freeing up some resources for end users. Thanks
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    Grooming Question

    Great Thank you
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    Grooming Question

    We run three backup sets on our database regularly. Weekly = Full Daily = Differential Hourly = logs In regards to grooming I would like to keep 3 weeks worth of data before backups begin to be groomed out of the disk used for storage. Weekly and Daily are configurable without issue, although when it comes to hourly that would mean 360 backups before the groom takes effect. The Backup set properties only allow a max entry of 99, is their anyway to circumvent this option so that I can make the 360 before groom rule possible? Thanks in Advance