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  2. Nigel Smith

    Win 10 client not found after wake-on-lan

    Does the failing PC have wireless, ethernet, or both? If it was working and now isn't, you haven't made any changes to Retrospect client or server, and you also have a PC that it *is* working on... I'd say the first thing to do is to play "spot the difference" between the two PCs -- why are they behaving differently to the same cues?
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  4. The explanation for the head of Retrospect Tech Support's comment, which turns out to not be applicable to the OP's problem, is in the P.P.S. of this post in the corresponding Mac 9+ Forum thread which the OP subsequently created. A subsequent post in that thread shows that the OP solved his/her problem, which appears to have been caused by administrator error—possibly resulting from confusion shown by the misleading use of the red-markup terms "Server" and "Client" in the OP's screenshots—which I attempted to explain in a later post in that thread.
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  6. DavidHertzberg

    Win 10 client not found after wake-on-lan

    robr, You don't say what version of the Retrospect Windows "backup server" you are running, nor do you say whether this particular Windows "client" is being backed up with a Backup script or a Proactive script. In addition, you don't supply any information about what makes the other Windows "client" different from this Windows "client". This 2012 post says, for Retrospect Windows 7.7, "If the computer is already asleep, then retrospect will not run. There are 2 places to enable 'Wake on Lan' in retrospect, but I have found that it does not actually work (and yes, WOL works on my machine from other apps and is enabled in the bios)." Presumably that is why you are waking your "clients" with a Python script. Moreover, in spite of the fact that the Retrospect Mac Sources category has a checkbox under Client ->Options for enabling Wake-on-LAN, Retrospect Tech Support in 2016 verified my report that it wasn't working for Retrospect Mac 12 (equivalent to Retrospect Windows 10). However the cumulative Retrospect Windows Release Notes say, for 15.1.0, "Windows Client: Fixed Wake-On-Lan (WOL) for upgraded Windows client (#7358)". I suggest that you Remove that particular "client" machine's Retrospect Client from the "backup server", uninstall and re-install its Client program, and then re-Add the "client on the "backup server" (pages 277-293 in the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide)—after which you will have to re-Add it in each script that backs it up and drag its name into the appropriate sequential position (page 178 in the UG) . However it may be sufficient to do what this recent post in another thread says, which is that the Remove and re-Add etc. in the "backup server wasn't needed—only a clean Client delete and re-install.
  7. Hello. I have a Windows 10 client running client version 15.6.1. Recently its nightly backup has been failing with error -530 (backup client not found). After some testing, it looks like the client becomes inaccessible after the computer is awakened from sleep via wake-on-lan. If I reboot the computer, the client is accessible. If I manually put it to sleep then wake it by pressing a keyboard key, the client remains accessible. But if I manually put the computer to sleep, then wake it with a python script sending the magic packet to its MAC address, the computer wakes, but the retrospect client is inaccessible. At this point, restarting the computer lets Retrospect access the client again. Anyone have suggestions where to look to debug or fix this problem? I have another Windows 10 computer that wakes and backs up properly, so I think it's specific to this one client. Thanks.
  8. So I thought I would do one more run of my scripts before I submitted the bug report, and now the VSS errors are gone?!🤐 Windows issue? Retrospect? I have no idea, but I don't have the time to chase down this ephemeral issue.
  9. David, I don't use OneDrive nor Hyper V. In any case, I never had this problem until the 16.6 upgrade. Later today (so I don't forget), I'm going to file a support case with all the relevant backup logs attached.
  10. x509


    Agree. I have a selector named "_Always Exclude." The leading underscore means that this selector will be at top of the Selectors list. This selector contains entries like, "~*.* for MS Office temp files, *.bak, my \temp directory, etc. Works fine.
  11. Yes, it does work. I'm running Windows Multi Server V16.1.2.102 and I was able to CTRL-Click more then one snapshot and it deleted/forgot them.
  12. redleader, To avoid confusing simpleminded people like me with your naming scheme, I'm going to insist that you follow certain terminology rules in this thread: Your machine names shall be listed inside quotes (inverted commas), e.g. "JRP SERVER" and "FS SERVER". Your volume names shall also be listed inside quotes (inverted commas), e.g. "JRP DATA" and "JRP DATA BU" and "FS SERVER DATA" and "FS SERVER BU" and "FS SERVER TM". Where the same name is used for both a machine name and a volume name, e.g. "FS SERVER and "JRP SERVER", every use of that name shall be prefixed or suffixed with the word "machine" or "volume"—so we know whether you are talking about the machine "FS SERVER" or the volume "FS SERVER". Lastly every Retrospect Inc. program shall be referred to with a name beginning with an upper-case letter, e.g. Server and Client, and followed by the word "program". Now that we've established those rules, I'll ask you two sets of questions: (1) Why are you running both the Server program and the Client program on the machine "FS SERVER"? (2) When you wrote ""I 'got around' the issue but ["but" presumably intended to be "by"] turning off all the retrospect active tasks with activity manager and starting the client First", did you mean Retrospect active tasks on the machine "JRP SERVER" or the machine "FS SERVER", and—if it was the machine "FS SERVER"—did you mean you started the Server program on that machine or the Client program on that machine (I presume that when you say "turning off all the retrospect active tasks" you are referring to tasks in the Server program)? Let me now point out that, if you were backing up the volume "FS SERVER" on the machine "FS SERVER" using the Server program running on the machine "JRP SERVER", of course you had to first start the Client program running on the machine "FS SERVER". Do you ever turn that Client program off on the machine "FS SERVER", and if so why? See the P.S. of this post for possible circumstances—local backups using machine "FS SERVER"—you might do that. P.S.: I now realize that this up-thread post probably means that you are running the Server program on the machine "FS SERVER" to locally backup its connected—possibly external—drives to one or more Media Sets connected to machine "FS SERVER"', and also running the Server program on the machine "JRP SERVER" to do Remote Backup—over the public Internet—instead of over machine "JRP SERVER"'s LAN—of one or more drives on the machine "FS SERVER" to one or more Media Sets connected to machine "JRP SERVER"'. Is this correct, and—if so—do you need to turn the Client program running on the machine "FS SERVER" off when you are not doing the Remote Backup? As for macOS Catalina's "poor current state", I hear 10.15.2 fixed a number of bugs.
  13. Thanks David, I 'got around' the issue but turning off all the retrospect active tasks with activity manager and starting the client First. But like I say that 'got around' the issue, but with OSX Catalina in it's poor current state who knows what's next!? 😞
  14. redleader and everyone, To redleader's Windows Products—Retrospect -> Server, SBS and Multi Server Forum essentially-OP-only version of this thread, the head of Retrospect Tech Support posted a reply that reads in its entirety "If Retrospect is having trouble seeing Macintosh Client volumes, make sure you are running the 16.6 version and not 16.5.1." Since there is as yet no release of a 16.6 Client, I assume that refers to the Retrospect for Mac 16.6.104 "backup server" download. I saw this around 9 hours ago New York City time, but did not have time to phone Retrospect Tech Support until 5 minutes before their closing time this evening. I'll phone again late tomorrow morning NYC time. I'm still on 16.1, because I feared bugs in the 16.5 versions, but have no external drives. Recently it has been extremely rare for anyone from Tech Support to post to these forums, so I'd take this as admission of a bug in the Mac 16.5 Engine. P.S.: I phoned T.S. Tuesday 10 December (after phoning Sales because I mistakenly remembered extension 2 instead of 3), but I couldn't get them to pick up the phone. I sent an e-mail to support@retrospect.com asking if there's a 16.5 bug; they set up a Support Case. P.P.S.: Tech Support replied Wednesday morning: "The fix for the client volumes not showing up with names longer than 27 characters was applied to the Retrospect engine v16.6.0.114, so suggestion from Robin followed to see if it fixes customers issue in this situation. Retrospect client did remain unchanged with version" From the screenshots I don't think the suggestion applies to redleader's problem—but the rest of you be warned if you have long volume names. Rather IMHO the head of R. T. S. was harried as usual, felt impelled to respond with a suggestion, but was as confused by the OP's marked-up screenshots as I was—which is what led me to establish the terminology rules in the first paragraph of this post below.
  15. If Retrospect is having trouble seeing Macintosh Client volumes, make sure you are running the 16.6 version and not 16.5.1.
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  17. DavidHertzberg

    Upgraded to 16.6, now getting error 3050, VSS

    x509, Disclaimer: I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator, and my only Retrospect experience with Windows was backing up a job-mandated Windows 95 "client" from 2001-2004. Please tell me where to mail you a bag of guinea-pig treats—whatever those are—for upgrading to 16.6. 😃 Look at the thread containing this post, and another one containing this post. The first thread pointed to OneDrive as the problem, and the second thread pointed to the Hyper V shadow copy service as the problem. Did you do any Windows upgrading at the time you upgraded Retrospect Windows? If not—and even if you did, I suggest you file a Support Case; the Retrospect "Inc." engineers may have messed up or missed a Windows change in the new version. BTW eppinizer, who made posts in the first thread, is IRL the actual Retrospect Tech Support person Jeff. M.. Ah, those were the days.😢
  18. After doing the upgrade, I got a 3050 error for my Outlook PST file and the Adobe Lightroom LRCAT file. Outlook was active at the time, and until this latest upgrade, I have never had any issues backing up Outlook. So I shut down Outlook and reran the relevant backup script and this time Outlook was backed up. But still no backup for Lightroom, which is odd because Lightroom was not running at the time. I even inspected the folder where I have my LRCAT file, and I didn't see the LOCK file that Adobe creates when Lightroom is active. Is this a bug in 16.6, or some weird Windows issue? Or some Adobe Lightroom bug? (No way, Adobe never, ever has any bugs. 😉 ) I haven't yet tried to reboot my system and repeat the Lightroom backup.
  19. So I solved the problem. First I uninstalled the old Retrospect client, using Revo Uninstaller. That utility does a much better job than the normal Windows feature to completely clean out files and registry entries. Then I did an install of the new client (using Revo to track the install.) I did not have to remove the client from Retrospect. After the client install, all my backup scripts worked properly for this client.
  20. DavidHertzberg

    Several Issues with mac Clients

    Pesetus, You need to read this Knowledge Base article, and also this one. Note that the first KB article, in its last multi-sentence paragraph, erroneously links to the Mojave version of the second KB article rather than the Catalina version—which it should have (except that somebody on Retrospect "Inc."'s. august Documentation Committee didn't coordinate what he wrote in the first article with somebody else who was rewriting the second article for Catalina). Also, on general principles, I suggest you upgrade your Retrospect Windows "backup server" to version—which was just released 4 days ago.
  21. Hi everyone, from the start we had many different client problems, from double volume listing, to several "mac specific" filters and options that wouldn't work, On Demand Restore won't work, basically all conf lost due to upgrading from 15x to 16x while using certificates to authenticate clients and so.... most of them i managed to fix by myself... Now, after Catalina OS, no client will work, i've done every step in the upgrading guide, verified security configs, even tried to uninstall the client (using the uninstall script) and re installed it with no effect. Persistent issues; 1- In screenshot 1 you will see a client that appears reachable, shows no errors and has every backup mark as successful. After looking closer, those backups are empty, 0kb. If i try to examine this client volume, it will show me an empty list as shown in screenshot 2, and if i try to set up a sub-volume in there, it will give me a permissions error, as seen on screenshot 3 2- Another Client is on a loop trying to be updated. It just "Successfully Executes" updates from 16.1 to 16.5 again and again (message shown in Screenshot 4) 3- The Dashboard just stopped loading, no error, nothing. Tried starting as administrator and running it from console, no error. Task manager does not show any zombi/dormant/frizzed processes 4- We had a few clients that were just unreachable after the upgrade and we had to uninstall and re install only to find them in situation Nº 1 I'm also attaching the execution log of a client, note that the selector 'selects' 0 files... obviously the selector was checked and worked until the Catalina upgrade, i'm sure it has something to do with the client not being able to read the disk... even after selecting them for such permissions on System Settings Our setup is the following We have a Win server running Retrospect 16.5 and around 40 mac clients, all of them laptops with only one network interface. Server and Clients are on the same subnet, all clients running 16.5. All clients with Catalina show problems Sorry for the screenshots in spanish!
  22. DavidHertzberg

    Drop the Dashboard

    kidziti and everyone else, I had another telephone chat with the head of North America Sales for Retrospect "Inc." this morning (his time), in which I asked about the Retrospect Console Preview which was released yesterday as part of Retrospect 16.6.0. He had just come back from an all-hands meeting on the subject, and he agreed with me that this new Knowledge Base article is uninformative—verging on misleading regarding the article's Web (versus top-of-the-article) title. "Desktop" in the title doesn't mean that this Console only runs on the Desktop Edition; it is apparently meant to contrast it with the Web-based Management Console. What it does mean is that it runs only on the particular "backup server" machine it is monitoring, with the currently very-limited-beyond-monitoring capability of creating Proactive scripts on that particular "backup server". The Retrospect Console Preview does not use Heroku or any other Web server, and requires no Add-On. IMHO the engineers have contrived a way to hang a new GUI parasite onto the Engine using the existing internal mechanisms for the Retrospect Windows integrated Dashboard plus—for Proactive script creation—some additional existing or new-in-16.6 GUI internal mechanisms, only now without some of the interfering properties of the existing integrated Dashboard you Retrospect Windows administrators have long complained about. For those Retrospect Windows administrators who have physical access to their "backup server" machine, the Retrospect Console Preview may enable them to avoid using the existing integrated Dashboard—and even to leave their Retrospect Engine running constantly without using Auto Launching. The Sales guy says that the reason the engineers released the Retrospect Console Preview at this time is to get people to beta-test the first version of a future Retrospect Windows GUI. My cynical guess is that another reason for them releasing now it was to check off one or more boxes on their managers' lists. P.S.: Upon taking a second—careful—look at the KB article linked to in the first paragraph, I realized that this version of the Retrospect Console Preview will not easily enable Retrospect Windows administrators who have physical access to their "backup server" machine to avoid using the existing integrated Dashboard. I phoned the head of North America Sales for Retrospect "Inc." again this afternoon, and it turns out he still hasn't tried using it. The way I would describe this version is a "funhouse hall of mirrors", similar to the one in the first few minutes of the movie "Us". Once you start using it, it appears you can't get to its Dashboard substitute without first setting up a new Proactive script that starts to run immediately. I think J. G. Heithcock, and possibly also his boss at StorCentric, ought to be embarrassed for thus trying to force Retrospect administrators to run a beta test of the script interface.😦 IMHO a less-sneaky way of getting beta testers for essentially a superset of the same interface (even if the Heroku Web-based code is JavaScript, not C++) would be to put the Management Console Add-On into the Configurator, especially if it were priced at no more than US$49 even for fancier-than-Desktop Editions. P.P.S.: Upon thinking still further, I realized that this version of the Retrospect Console Preview has only one primary purpose—as a Sales demo for administrators either considering buying Retrospect Windows or considering switching to a competing Windows backup application because they are sick and tired of its current GUI. For the rest of us, IMHO the key sentence in the KB article is "We plan to steadily build Retrospect Console into a replacement for the current user interface for Windows and Mac." But I'm happy with the Retrospect Mac GUI, even though its Console can at most be used over a LAN.
  23. x509, The screenshot in your OP is simply a copy of the only one on page 303 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide, and says it is of the Mac Client. The Windows Client screenshot you probably should have included is on page 304 of the UG; it has a Protected by Retrospect checkbox line instead of an On / Off button line. Mac windows have three round buttons at the topmost left, whereas Windows windows have three square buttons at the topmost right.😀 Do what Nigel Smith suggests above, except that I'd suggest Forgetting the "client" machine from your "backup server" beforehand (page 290 of the UG) and re-Adding afterwards (pages 281-299 of the UG). Unfortunately you'll then have to re-enter and re-arrange the "client"'s list order (pages 177-178 of the UG) in all Scripts that use it. I used this procedure the other day, as recounted in the P.S. of this post in a Retrospect Mac 9+ thread. Also consider updating your "backup server" to Retrospect Windows; it was released yesterday, but the Retrospect Windows and Mac Clients are still for 16.5.1. As far as the updating of the UGs is concerned, that hasn't happened—except for the "What's New" chapter that is over-written with every major release without previously being copied into later UG chapters—since Retrospect Windows 9 was released in 2014. A couple of years ago Tech Support, replying to my Support Request, told me that the august Documentation Committee intended to get around to updating the UG. In order to get StorCentric management to approve the one person-week that I estimate would be required to do that, I suggest sending a snail-mail to the Chief Technology Officer: Drobo Attn.: Mr. Rod Harrison, CTO 1289 Anvilwood Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA Please include in the envelope a round piece of paper with "TUIT" written on it, as a suggestion that Retrospect "Inc." should "get around to it".🤣
  24. Mac screenie, but repeated mentions of Windows -- I'll assume you've got Windows client problems... See if you can find your current client version. Uninstall it, restart the client machine, re-install using a fresh download from here -- personally, I'd start with the most recent ( and, if that was still problematic, work my way back version by version. If you don't want to re-register the client with the server you could take a punt and simply re-install over the top of the old client. I've just installed the latest client on a clean, up-to-date, Windows VM without issues, so it looks like something specific to this instance rather than a generic Windows problem (but I don't deal with Windows much, so I'm probably wrong...).
  25. One of my clients stopped backing up and I just examined that system. The backup computer doesn't detect this client, The Retrospect client says that it is OFF, but there is no apparent way to turn it on. Specifically the ON/OFF line shown on p. 303 of the Retrospect 16 UG simply does not appear in the main window for this client. I clicked on ALL the client tabs, but I could find no way to turn the client back on. I don't know if it's just my client system, but the Retrospect client seems extremely slow to respond. Every time I clicked on a tab, I got a Windows spinning blue circle for about 15-30 seconds. There is no way to open Retrospect Client Preferences, as described at the top of p. 303. I suspect that this section was not updated for Windows 10 (and maybe not properly tested?). What do I have to do here? x509
  26. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David and everyone else, I followed David's suggestion and set the Grooming policy for my PROGRAMS dataset to 6, wanting to be very, very conservative about keeping the ability to do restores from not just the last few days. And I selected Storage-Optimized because I'm almost out of space on my backup drive. Anyway, before the backup, PROGRAMS was 1156 GB, over 20% of my 5.45 (net) TB backup drive. The grooming operation removed 675 GB from this backup set. so now I'm done to a net 481 GB for this backup set and I have lots more free space on the backup drive. Part of my "backup hygiene" is that I use a new backup drive each year, starting Jan. 1. So this grooming operation means I won't be running out of space before year-end. Amazing.
  27. To be clear -- I don't think his client "went bad", I think it just got stuck in a reserved state and simply deleting the retroclient.state file and restarting the Mac would have cleared it. I often see "-505s" here, sometimes because the server borked and, more often, because the client was deliberately disconnected (eg laptop lid closed or network plug pulled) partway through a backup. It used to be a simple command-click on the client control panel's "Off" button (a simple click turns the client off but leaves the process running and the .state file untouched, cmd-click shuts down the process and removes the .state file) -- I don't know if the same works with "modern" versions, but we lock ours down anyway so the user can no longer solve this themselves and it's easier for me to visit than explain Terminal commands to them 🙂 What I don't trust is a re-install, especially without a full and complete un-install first -- though that may just be me and the fact that I'm dealing with clients of various vintages (because it is easier to sort things out when these rare problems rear up, rather than proactively update).
  28. cgtyoder, Nigel Smith, who has experience administrating an extensive LAN—which I don't have, is assuming the Client on your Macintosh machine has "gone bad" in a one-shot occurrence. OTOH I, based on my prior experience, am assuming there is something making it systematically and repetitively generate -505 errors. Try what Nigel Smith suggests; then, if that doesn't permanently solve the problem, investigate along the lines of what I have suggested. Please let us know in a post here what you found. P.S.: This morning I'm a lot more receptive to the idea of Retrospect Mac Clients "going bad" in a one-shot occurrence than I was 24 hours ago. The OP in this thread describes my experiences starting last summer getting -559 (network connection timeout) errors up to 2 hours into the 3-hour Saturday-morning Recycle backup of my MacBook Pro. The last post in that thread describes my October 28th conclusion that, based on my having acted on Nigel Smith's suggestion that I change the System Preferences -> Energy Saver settings, the problem had been caused by a change in macOS 10.13. But yesterday morning I got a network connection timeout for my MBP (without any -559 error) about an hour into my Saturday morning backup. I switched back to my slower 4-year-old Actiontec MoCA 1.1 adapters (see the second paragraph in the linked-to OP), and tried running No Media Action (Retrospect Mac name for Normal) backup scripts—all of which failed with -530 errors even though my MBP was running because the Client kept switching itself off despite reboots. What I finally did was to Remove the MBP from my "backup server"'s Sources, re-run the Uninstall and Installer apps for Retrospect Client 16.1 on my MBP, and re-Add the MBP to the "backup server"'s Sources and Scripts. I have been re-running the Recycle backup since 1:44 a.m.; it finished backing up and comparing the MBP at 5:57 a.m., and has nearly finished backing up the second of two local disks on my "backup server". Conclusion: something made the Client on my MBP "go bad"—and "stay bad"—in a one-shot occurrence. I'm still on 16.1, because it appears 16.5 is a "bad release".
  29. It says they are offline to the Retrospect client of FS Server (which is different from offline to FS Server's OS). As David says, check FS Server's Privacy settings and make sure Client has Full Disk Access. You could also get clever in the Terminal with "lsof" to see if any process is blocking access to those volumes, but I'd start with restart of FS Server to clear everything and turn to Terminal if the problem came back. Are you actually using FS Server as a RS backup server? If not, stop the Retrospect Engine via its Preference pane -- the Engine *shouldn't* interfere with the Client's access to those volumes, but if you don't need it why take the chance?
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