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  2. thanks robin, i'll do that now.
  3. maxhowarth please contact support directly for test version requests. That is the best way to reach us in situations like this.
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  5. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Have you updated to Retrospect 15.1 on both the Backup Server and the Client(s)? Retrospect 15.1 has updates to mitigate the problems with Windows 10 1803.
  6. Retro 15.1 (upgraded from 15.0) on Mac 10.11.6 Server. After updating, the server spontaneously restarts itself every few minutes. Had to go back to version 15.0, which seems stable. In addition, when upgrading the server on every version since 9, the installer says that it failed, but it apparently succeeded. And this is on multiple different systems. Can't this be fixed? I can't believe i'm the only one seeing this.
  7. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    I have changed it back to Open file access ON (I had turned it off as that was a suggestion to get rid of the -1103 error), on turning it back on and running back-up the -1103 error returned Oh well.... will turn off open file back up and endure the -1020 errors. Seems to me MS is really screwing up with Windows 10 updates, I get loads of calls from my clients after Windows 10 updates, with all sorts of general problems. One wonders if it is because we are now on the 2nd or 3rd generation of developers who just do not have the background/experience the 'oldies' had, and are making silly mistakes or are just trying to 'cut corners'!
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  9. Client Updating Not Working

    I can confirm the same behaviour on Retrospect for Windows when I tried to update one of my Clients (which after the failed update is now unreachable too). It also appears the standalone installer included in the download for the Retrospect 15.1 Client is broken too when trying to use it to update an already installed 15.0 Client.
  10. Hi, Every time I update our Mac Retrospect Server (15.1 as of today) I seem to have to go to all my Mac and Win clients and manually install the client app again. The "Update" on the server interface looks like it is doing stuff but when I go back after some time (hour more) I refresh the clients and find that they are still on the previous version - except one. Why is this. Is it user error somewhere? Using the .rcu that I dowloaded for each OS type, Thanks.
  11. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    If you disable Open File Backup you will get the can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) error because the files are in use by Windows. The two different data size errors in the compare will also be related because the file has been modified by Windows between the backup and the compare.
  12. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    To add onto this discussion as I too am having same problems after April update, Having made the changes to One Drive (turning One Drive setting for On Demand OFF) the same error occurred. On Changing Retrospect (Turning off Open File Access and disabling Instant Scan) the back up completed but with some errors, which were.... File "C:\Users\Trevor\NTUSER.DAT": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\ntuser.dat.LOG1": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\ntuser.dat.LOG2": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Comms\UnistoreDB\store.jfm": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Comms\UnistoreDB\store.vol": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Comms\UnistoreDB\tmp.edb": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Comms\UnistoreDB\USS.jtx": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\CacheStorage\edb.log": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\CacheStorage\edbtmp.log": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.LOG1": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.LOG2": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy\Settings\settings.dat": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\DataStore\Data\nouser1\120712-0049\DBStore\spartan.edb": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\DataStore\Data\nouser1\120712-0049\DBStore\spartan.jfm": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\DataStore\Data\nouser1\120712-0049\DBStore\LogFiles\edb.log": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\Recovery\Active\RecoveryStore.{FF9B4B84-AF46-48FB-8166-B4A3E64C4A36}.dat": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\Temp\~DF3CA83FFD19C2D3A8.TMP": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AppData\User\Default\CacheStorage\CacheStorage.edb": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AppData\User\Default\CacheStorage\CacheStorage.jfm": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) 17/05/2018 19:53:09: Building Snapshot... 17/05/2018 19:53:11: Copying properties for 14,375 folders 17/05/2018 19:53:23: Finished copying properties for 14,375 folders and 0 files 17/05/2018 19:53:23: Copying Snapshot: 2 files (23.3 MB) 17/05/2018 19:53:24: Snapshot stored, 23.3 MB 17/05/2018 19:53:24: Comparing Trevor on Trev-PC-Win10 File "C:\Users\Trevor\OneDrive - Just Think IT\.849C9593-D756-4E56-8D6E-42412F2A707B": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) and 8 others File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs\Business1\SyncEngine-2018-5-17.1815.8768.9.aodl": different data size (set: 59,090, vol: 60,127) File "C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs\Personal\SyncEngine-2018-5-17.1814.6164.11.aodl": different data size (set: 67,210, vol: 68,247) But at least I backed up the essentials! Trevor
  13. hey david maybe you could pm me the his contact details? i'd be happy to run a test version of r15 if it helps the cause.
  14. As related here, for the past three days I have been using a version of Retrospect Mac 15.0 tarted up with additional debugging code. So I've had a chance to use the preview release of the Retrospect Web Console, although just as an improved Dashboard but not over the Web—as I write this the Web version is either not released or not available to us lowly Desktop Edition licensees. It turns out I only guessed correctly about one of the three blue icons at the upper right below the menu bar. Looked at closely and with the benefit of mouse-over, they are as follows: The leftmost icon is for Restart Server, which would be a new interface controlling the Engine; I tried clicking it once, with questionable results. The center icon is for Retrospect Support, which would test communications with a Web browser; I tried it once, and it works. The rightmost icon is for Print (I guessed that one correctly in the P.P.P.S. of the post directly above); it works. So my prediction in the last sentence of the second paragraph of the post immediately above was almost correct. There is one icon that can immediately be used to test a new control interface with the Engine. One of these months a fully-functional Web Console will be available, but that month is not May 2018. Therefore you Retrospect Windows administrators must continue to suffer for at least a few more months. Sorry about that.
  15. It turns out that the developers at Retrospect Inc. are also eager to fix the -530 bug (I now think there's only one bug with 3 manifestations). On 14 May I left a voicemail on the Tech Support hotline, asking to whom I should snail-mail my now-no-longer-needed MoCA 1.1 adapters and 40-foot coax cable. Early on 15 May I received an e-mail from the head of Technical Support, saying that liability issues prevented Retrospect Inc. from accepting equipment from customers, but offering me a test version of Retrospect Mac that is related to the -530 bug. Later that afternoon I received another e-mail telling me how to download and install the test version of Retrospect Mac 15.0, which turns out to have added logging to troubleshoot -530 errors. I downloaded and installed that evening, and have been running both test and daily incremental production backups of my MacBook Pro using the test version. Last night I uploaded the resultant logs to my Support Case, and today I will revert back to my regular Retrospect Mac 14.6 version. IMHO the moral of this story so far is that some bugs can be very difficult to find and fix. If only a minority of users experience a bug, and if most of those are too busy to help isolate the precise conditions in which it occurs, the developers of Retrospect are going to find it very hard to reproduce the bug under controlled conditions.
  16. FedEx delivered my new Motorola Zoom Telephonics bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters early in the afternoon of 9 May, and I tested one of them before going to the gym. However I wanted to do further tests using both of them, but first had to register and speak at an official meeting on the 2019-2020 Canarsie Line renovation—grabbing dinner before the meeting started and doing grocery shopping after it ended. My idea in substituting only one of the adapters first was to test out my speculation that a hypothetical power surge on 30 January 2017 had damaged the MoCA 1.1 adapter in the study while ruining the adjacent 100Mbps Ethernet switch. Since MoCA 1.1 is supposed to be upwardly compatible with bonded MoCA 2.0, simply replacing the adapter in the study would test my speculation. Well we can definitively discard my speculation; I still had to do a Locate under all circumstances to get the Engine to see the MacBook Pro's Client, but the combination of one new and one old adapter worked fine for "sacrificial" backup scripts (running them is faster) once I did the Locate. My further tests late on the night of 9 May, with both new bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters substituted for the old MoCA 1.1 adapters, produced the same results. My conclusion is that it's the backup software that has "gone bad" in two successive stages, starting on 31 January 2017, not any networking hardware. I forgot to say that yesterday, before the FedEx delivery, I dug out my used-once 40-foot length of Radio Shack RG6 coax (it's got printed labels) and repeated the test I did back in the spring of 2017. I got the same results I've been getting for the past 2 months with my RG-59 cable running through the walls and under the floor, so there's nothing wrong with that piece of networking hardware either.
  17. Before we head too far down the VM route what x509 is talking about here are multiple physical installations of Windows in separate partitions on the same disk such that only one of them can be running at any one time. This is quite common among power users but rare among general users.
  18. The head of Retrospect Tech Support said here "The VWMare add-on doesn't support current versions of VMWare and we are no longer selling this add-on unless someone absolutely needs to use it. This old add-on is discontinued." He then went on to say "If you would like Virtual Machine support, please look into purchasing Retrospect Virtual which is a complete solution for virtual environments." Since I have no connection with Retrospect Inc. other than as a customer for Retrospect Mac, I have no idea how much the product he mentions (he once forbade me from mentioning it)—which won't run on a Mac—would cost for a single Windows machine.
  19. An easy way to evaluate this is to get on the Retrospect website and run the configurator. There's no legitimate way I know of to share a single license across multiple installations of Windows. But the VM issue throws a slight wrinkle in things, and it's been a while since I looked at the price list for that. They might offer an option that would do what you want.
  20. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Hi All, Earlier in the forum post I mentioned we may be able to create a test build for version 12 users that contains a workaround for this issue. Unfortunately the engineering team found that porting the changes back to version 12 was a non-trivial task. They have to focus on the latest release. I would instead suggest trialing version v15.1 to see if the changes help in your environment, www.retrospect.com/try and if they do, consider upgrading to the latest version. -Jeff
  21. Retrospect 15.1 Released

    We have released Retrospect 15.1 which includes multiple bug fixes and better support for Windows 10. We have also added some new features for grooming and Email backups. http://www.retrospect.com/updates Release notes at: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/documentation
  22. Are you wanting to install the full Backup Server or Client on each one? For the Client each installation would require its own license as they are in effect all unique installations. For the full Backup Server you would need to check the license agreement to see whether Retrospect is licensed per physical machine or Windows installation. On a more practical note I have my doubts as to whether Disaster Recovery would work well with your multiboot setup. I dosen't work for me on machines that dualboot with Linux because the Linux partition is not part of the backup but is where grub is which is needed to boot the restored machine. I solved the problem for my needs by periodically taking disk images using clonezilla which when a disk fails I first restore from then use Retrospect to bring the system up to date. If you have a spare hard disk or three I would suggest doing some trial Disaster Recovery restores, see what's broken, then adjust your procedures accordingly.
  23. My main system actually contains four extra Windows 10 installs - separate partitions which I access via multibooting. (And I use EasyBCD to manage these partitions.) Doing multi-booting, I can bring up any of these extra four partitions as an entirely separate Windows 10 environment, which is great for test purposes. I would like to back up each of these partitions so i can do a Disaster Recovery on each of these partitions. Can I install Retrospect Professional in each of these partitions to back up that partition?
  24. Thanks Scillonian, you're absolutely right! How stupid of me. Thanks so much for your help Cheers, Stu
  25. I use the Windows version of Retrospect so I may be missing something here... In your screenshots above the dialog shows searching for "file name contains matt smith". To get the results you want, shouldn't you be searching for "folder name contains matt smith"? When search by file name you will only see files in a folder that match the file name criteria. Files that don't match the criteria will not be shown. When you search by folder name all folders that match the name criteria will be show and all the files in the matching folder. Folders that don't match the criteria will not be shown along with the files in them.
  26. Hi all - does anyone have any more thoughts on solving this? Thanks, Stu
  27. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Thanks for the heads up, Jeff. Just as a sidenote: There is another backup program vendor that encounters exactly the same issues as Retrospect after the Windows spring 2018 update. Their solution is to turn of the OneDrive feature that causes all this. So this would also indicate that it is more a Windows 10 issue than an Retrospect issue.
  28. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Hi x509, Unfortunately we don't release public patches for non-current versions. We can put together a test build for version 12 and distribute it via support webtickets. If you don't have a ticket already, please submit one. You can reference this thread/post and it will get to me. It might take a few days to generate the build, and again its more of a stopgap while we continue the investigation than it is a fix.
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