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  2. 🙂 redleader, I've concluded that ANSWER is actually your demand that somebody on these Forums supply you with an answer to your problem. Your frustration is what is causing you to spray posts in multiple topics about that problem. I think that problem is "supplied by my Reseller Dashboard with linked Retrospect keys", meaning somebody sold you what purports to be a license for Retrospect Mac 17. You may have to break down and buy a legitimate license from Retrospect "Inc."; I don't work for them.
  3. DavidHertzberg

    Retro 8 scheduled scripts stopped running

    oslomike, The Forums last heard from you in this 2019 "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" thread. Did you update your Retrospect Mac Console, but not the Engine, to Retrospect Mac 14.6.2 per this Knowledge Base article? If so, maybe there's a new bug—and maybe it's not cosmetic.
  4. After unfailing service for about 8 years, suddenly, all my retro 8 scheduled scripts stopped running. They all look exactly the same and the schedules are all in tact. ANY idea as to what happened and if they are permanently broken? I could try to remake them, but maybe there's a simpler solution?
  5. fredturner, This 2016 post says the way that OP got rid of a -641 error was to do a Recycle backup of a particular "client", even though other tests of the "client" SSD indicated no errors.. The thread is in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" Forum, but "Allowed catalog rebuild to continue after skipping invalid backup data that causes error -641" is a bug fix in the cumulative Release Notes for both Retrospect Windows 15.0 and Retrospect Mac 15.0—so whatever generates a -641 error must be in the underlying code for both variants. I don't know whether doing a Recycle backup would be acceptable for your situation. Sorry I didn't do a Forums search for "-641" before.
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  7. DavidHertzberg

    Retrospect 17 Client Connection Popup

    Hofstede and anyone else experiencing this problem, On Friday 3 April I "attended" a webinar on Remote Backup, given by the head of Retrospect Tech Support with an long introduction by the head of North American Sales. The salesperson said there will be a new release of Retrospect 17 "in about two weeks". I assume that will include a fix for bug 8547, since—as I've implied in the second paragraph up-thread—it sounds as if an engineer forgot in the "quickie" release of 17.0 to remove all debugging code.
  8. Waiting on a more senior viewpoint and conclusion from Retrospect Support directly.
  9. DavidHertzberg

    Add To Favourite Folders - not working

    redleader, All the Forums within "Windows Products-Retrospect" have to do with capabilities that are peculiar to the current or ancient versions of Retrospect Windows, except "Server, SBS and Multi Server". (Because of the recent advances in NASes and consequent simplification of macOS Server, AFAIK there is now no reason to purchase a Server Edition of Retrospect Mac—which IMHO explains why the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15.1 included a yellow-background Note "Linux Client: In a future update, Linux clients running on server-level Linux distributions will be treated as server clients" that Retrospect Inc. intended to charge for.) Of the three Add-On products listed in your post directly above, Open File Backup and Disaster Recovery (meaning the special facility in Retrospect Windows) also are capabilities needed only by Windows installations. Although Proactive Backup is a standard capability—not an Add-On—also of Retrospect Mac, my impression is that most installations using it—at least prior to COVID-19 Work From Home—are businesses (and therefore predominantly Windows-oriented) using Proactive Backup for the "client" machines of salespeople and on-site technicians who come into the business' central office intermittently. Maybe that's why it was decided to steer Proactive Backup topics away from the "Professional" Forum. In any case, you eventually solved—if you did in fact solve—your problem by macOS-required means that have been discussed in a number of threads in "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh". These had nothing to do with what Server Edition of Retrospect Mac you are running.
  10. redleader, I think you're saying—after posting in three threads instead of one—you've found an answer for your "Add To Favourite Folders" problem, if my understanding of the checkmark and the smiley icon following it are correct. You could have found the answer in this Knowledge Base article, since your problem seemingly resulted from upgrading your "backup server" to Mojave. "InstaScan" is your abbreviation for Instant Scan, so that line in your OP doesn't look like an annotated reply from Retrospect Tech Support. If your "client" drive(s) are formatted with APFS instead of HFS+, you shouldn't have Instant Scan turned on. Who told you to turn it on?
  11. DavidHertzberg

    Retrospect 17: A Cautionary Tale

    redleader, First, just because—in your thread in the "Server, SBS and Multi Server" Forum—I gave you a link to this thread, I didn't mean you should post in this thread. Your two posts immediately above have absolutely nothing to do with the problem described in the OP of this thread—other than the fact that both you and the OP are using Retrospect Mac 17.0 (which IMHO may be buggy because it was a "quickie" release). Second, the last two lines in your first post up-thread sound as if you were yelling a plea to Retrospect Tech Support, except that the Support Case system doesn't allow large-sized red text. Everyone reading and posting in this Forum—including me—is a volunteer, and is not an an employee of Retrospect "Inc.". Third, neither of your up-thread posts describes your problem; that description is in the OP of your "Server, SBS and Multi Server" thread. I'm wondering if the resources available in your area of the UK include an adult course in properly using website forums, certainly including linking—but also including practice in reading what is already posted in a thread. Your ability to outline portions of screenshots in red boxes IMHO doesn't substitute for such skills. Fourth, if your drive(s) on the "backup server" and "client" Macs are formatted with APFS, don't use Instant Scan—it doesn't work on APFS.
  12. ISSUE : MAC OSX Retrospect Single Server for Mac Version 17.0.0 (149) MiniMac 2020 i4 Quad 32Gb Ram Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.latest Retrospect Client for Mac Version 17.0.0 (149) supplied by my Reseller Dashboard with linked Retrospect keys MacBooks in the Wild 🙂 Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.latest It all appears setup perfectly fine and the Clients appear automatically back on the Retrospect Server in Sources. But when I browse to add a Volume or Folder (hopefully) but ... nope, cannot find Client. ANSWER : MAC OSX Ensure you have added the RetrospectInstaScan and Retrospect Client into System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy. Turn on InstaScan too 😞 #memoryhogg Reboot Try again √ 🙂
  13. Mac OSX Mojave.latestRetrospect for Mac Single Server Version 17.0.0 (149) iMac i7 8 Core 2018 48GB Ram Toggling Engine and OFF/ON did not solve the issue. Toggling Engine AND InstaScan OFF/ON alleviates the issue, temporarily. BUT not everyone runs InstaScan as it is a terrible Memory Hog! So, hopefully a focus on InstaScan being OFF helps?
  14. Mac OSX Mojave.latest Retrospect for Mac Single Server Version 17.0.0 (149) In /Library/Application Support/Retrospect we only have (from r16.5.latest) Config80.dat ConfigISA.bak I remove those and did as directed and Retrospect v17 still freezes saying Connecting. THIS IS A REALLY SERIOUS ISSUE. Can we have an immediate resolution please.
  15. The Forum heading Server, SBS and Multi Server For general discussions of Retrospect Server, Small Business Server and Multi Server. Also use this topic to discuss the add-on products: Open File Backup, Disaster Recovery and Proactive Backup. All Versions Is far more apt English than broadly Retrospect 9, to be precise. But I will go and look at your link, thank you.
  16. jhg, AFAICT you haven't done a couple of acid tests: With Retrospect opened by clicking on the Disaster Recovery Catalog File in its new location, run a Backup script whose destination is the Backup Set on your Disaster Recovery disk. Use the No Files Selector if you don't want the script to actually do any backing up. With Retrospect opened the way it normally does—such as a schedule, run the Backup script whose destination is the Backup Set on your Disaster Recovery disk. Use the No Files Selector if you don't want the script to actually do any backing up. If either of these test fails to work, do what I suggested in this up-thread post. (If I've gotten the drive letter for your Disaster Recovery disk wrong by calling it "D:\", please excuse my error.) However, over the long term, IMHO the bug you've described needs to be fixed.
  17. You were, and somehow I missed your original post. Thanks! This looks like a trivial bug that should be fixed -- at least I hope so.
  18. Interesting. I was indeed right.
  19. After a couple of posts in the bug report, here is a workaround, and my assessment (as a 40-year career developer) of where the bug is. Retrospect support suggested that I could try to open the moved catalog file by double clicking on it (the catalog file) to launch Retrospect. Here is my latest response on the bug ticket:
  20. DavidHertzberg

    Add To Favourite Folders - not working

    redleader, See this 5 March thread in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum. The post by me offers a possible explanation : a bug fix in the "quickie" 17.0 release. The 25 March post by the OP amkassir says what Retrospect Tech Support told him to do. If you do what it says, IME you'll probably have to redo all your Sources and Scripts. We were told in a webinar on 3 April there's a 17.x bug-fix release due out "in a couple of weeks", no doubt needing the redo. BTW your OP seems to have nothing to do with "Windows Products-Retrospect Server, SBS and Multi Server." You should have created a thread in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum, where you probably would have gotten—or found—a quicker answer to your Mac-related problem.
  21. I cannot add some Folders to my Favourite Sources. I have checked permissions, restarted the Retrospect App, stopped/started Retrospect engine. Mac OSX Mojave.latest Retrospect for Mac Single Server r17.latest
  22. Thank you, x509, but you are talking about relocating a Member of a Backup Set—whereas jhg is talking about relocating the Catalog File for a Backup Set. (Please excuse my using initial-upper-cased names for Retrospect entities, a habit I adopted some years ago from the User's Guides that IMHO encourages clarity at the expense of style.) I believe that what you call "one of the more pleasant surprises" was introduced in Retrospect Windows 11, where it is briefly mentioned as "Portable Backup Sets/Media Sets" on page 14 of the Retrospect Windows 11 User's Guide. (One of my often-expressed peeves about the UGs is that, for the last 5 years, certain features mentioned in the "What's New" chapter for one major version were never copied into a later chapter for the next major version—and thus disappeared from non-Retrospect-Inc. knowledge because they weren't considered important enough to appear in a Knowledge Base article.) It says: That would be after what we benighted Retrospect Mac users call a Finder move; I don't know what the equivalent Windows term is. But anyway, the quote says "move the member folders of disk sets" and not Catalog Files—which is what jhg has done. He wants a feature to make that move be effective. Pages 113 and 433 of that same UG (I'm sure only the page number has changed in later editions) say the default location of the Catalog File is "..My Documents\Retrospect Catalog Files". I don't know what ".." in that context means to Windows users, but—by analogy with Retrospect Mac—I suspect it means the letter for the "backup server" boot drive followed by a colon and backslash. See the first paragraph of this up-thread post for a Mac discussion. I'm still puzzled as to why jhg wants to keep the Catalog File for his Backup Set on the same HDD as its first Member. Maybe it's because his Backup Set is for Disaster Recovery, a situation where the "backup server" boot drive would just have been re-initialized—and not yet Restored. Faced with the same situation, I'd just re-install Retrospect on the boot drive and then Recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File from its Member(s).
  23. I know that I have had to relocate backup datasets on several occasions. See this screen grab: For dataset properties, select the Members tab and then in the Member Properties window, just edit the location. However, one of the pleasant surprises in V16 (or was it 15) was that Retrospect is now smart enough to locate a backup dataset that is not in the "default" location. I recently had to work with several years of datasets for compression/grooming. I organize all my datasets by year. Each year gets a new HDD (until older years get really groomed/discarded and then consolidated onto one HDD). So I would place a drive, call it 2017 Backups, in my drive dock, so intead of G:, that dataset would be on drive H:, in my case. And shazam!, Retrospect just located the dataset without any further work on my part. I'm sorry that i didn't remember all this a week ago, but I've been busy trying to find toilet paper in the stores. Here is the drive dock I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GZHTNLD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It replaced a similar unit from Orico, which stopped working, and Orico didn't respond to my emails.
  24. Understood; the support case is number 73057. I've been a user of Retrospect since one of the earliest versions on a Mac SE30 (backing up to 1.44MB floppies) and generally been satisfied, but I agree that bugs linger for ages before being addressed. But glacial bug resolution pace seems to be the norm -- see Apple, Microsoft, Quicken, etc.
  25. jhg, In the Retrospect "Inc." Support Case system, ordinary customers cannot read any Support Cases they have not personally submitted. I followed the link in your post, and it merely led to the sign-in screen, with my personal customer e-mail ID and password already filled in—which is what usually happens. At least post your Support Case number, so other users of the Support Case system can refer to that in their own Support Cases. Under the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" Forum, there still exists a "Retrospect bug reports" sub-forum. However J.G. Heithcock e-mailed me a couple of years ago saying Retrospect Inc. personnel are no longer routinely reading any of these Forums, excepting Product Suggestions to assess feature demand. The charitable 🤣 explanation is that posters were not supplying needed supporting information—Retrospect Edition and version and OS version etc.—that the Support Case system forces a submitter to supply. The uncharitable explanation is that the Support Case system used to slam a submitter in the face with pressure to add on Annual Support and Maintenance, which prior to the StorCentric acquisition obviously paid most of the Technical Support departmental budget. (I was assured a couple of years ago in an e-mail from the head of Technical Support that one doesn't have to have ASM to submit a Support Case, which is why my boilerplate posts—which I keep linking to—emphasize that ASM is only required for personalized help in dealing with a bug.) Such foolishness has IMHO been one of the main reasons the Retrospect application has a decades-long reputation for not having its bugs fixed promptly. When I started a thread about Retrospect on the Ars Technica Mac forum in 2016, I was immediately hit with a barrage of posts from Ars sages denouncing the application for past bugginess—so I'm not exaggerating. I'm quite sure Mihir Shah of StorCentric is aware of that reputation; I hope he can change it.
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