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  2. haggis999, Your question about Forums Search is very apt. In fact the way I found the 2007 post was by searching on "'Backup Set' member location" without the outer quotes, in other words with quotes only around "Backup Set". Indeed I just tried searching on "Cannot use the specified backup data folder" in quotes, and it did not find any posts other than the three in this thread. Strange! As far as -530 errors are concerned, the real point of my paragraph above mentioning them was to suggest—as the linked-to "unconventional approach"—that you consider running Retrospect.exe continuously rather than under control of the Retrospect Launcher. The P.S. in the post I linked to indicates, to the extent I can easily gather evidence using Retrospect Mac 14—which does not have a Launcher—that leaving Retrospect.exe running all the time will likely only cost you on the close order of 250MB real memory when it is not performing any activity. That is IMHO an acceptable cost in these days of cheap multi-gigabyte RAM; my Mac Pro "backup server" has 7GB RAM, the last 4GB of which cost me less than US$50. Doing so would AFAIK enable you to eliminate any permissions problems.
  3. I'm aware that Retrospect has had a chequered history. However, it still provides a very powerful backup tool, despite the sluggishness in fixing bugs highlighted many years ago. More to the point, I'm not aware of any other software that does a similar job at a similar price. I'm used to the idea of using quotes in other forums to limit a search to the whole phrase, thus eliminating all the partial matches, but in this case I didn't get ANY match for that error message (apart from this thread) until I encapsulated it in quotes. That seems a little odd to my eyes. Why does it need the quotes to find a mention of that exact error message in the 2007 thread you mentioned earlier? It's some time since I looked at my issues with autolaunching Retrospect, so I can't remember if an -530 error was involved, but I'll keep your comments in mind when I find the time to look at this again.
  4. haggis999, If you read between the lines (or read the the references) for the "History" section of the Wikipedia article, you will realize that the Retrospect developers at EMC/Roxio/RetrospectInc. had many more vital problems to contend with from 2008 through 2012. Thus IMHO getting ready the fix I mentioned here for relocating Backup Set members by the end of 2015 is not exceptional dawdling under the circumstances. Consider that EMC announced a Wake-on-LAN feature for Retrospect Mac 8 in early 2009, but it definitely still doesn't work for non-Proactive scripts (I don't run Proactive scripts myself, but the announcement for Retrospect 15 implies something new for Wake-on-LAN is being done for them) backing up clients as of 2016—there's even a mention that it doesn't on pages 329 and 525 of the Retrospect Windows 11 User's Guide! Yes, in Search facilities for most applications, putting a phrase in quotes helps to find it. In fact in the Retrospect Forums Search facility, you need to put an error number such as "-530" in quotes; otherwise it will return also posts that merely contain the number after the minus sign—such as 530 whether or not it is preceded by a minus sign. Speaking of -530 errors, which I think you may have been getting for your NAS drives, I've contributed to or started several threads on that subject. I started getting them again a year ago in January, but found a "sacrificial script" workaround that worked until a couple of months ago. I then adopted this manual workaround, whose Retrospect Windows equivalent may be slightly less effort than starting Retrospect manually every morning. However I recently suggested this unconventional approach for administrators who have a different problem with running Retrospect Windows auto-launched via the Retrospect Launcher; it may also solve your problem without repeated hands-on effort.
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  6. Your first link is interesting. It quotes Retrospect tech support saying that problems with relocating the backup set are on their bugfix list. That was over 11 years ago!! Earlier this afternoon, I searched the forum for "Cannot use the specified backup data folder", but failed to find any thread except this one I raised today. However, my search was done without encapsulating the phrase in quotes. Adding the quotes at the beginning and end makes a surprising difference to the search results. With regard to your second link, I never did get to the bottom of why Retrospect no longer autolaunched in a reliable manner, despite finding a way to nudge Windows 10 into rediscovering my NAS drives. Certain events, such as my recent NAS rebuilds, made Win 10 forget how to automatically discover my NAS units on the network, but mapping the drive to a drive letter was the key to jogging its memory (the drive mapping could then be deleted). Since then, I have just been starting Retrospect manually every morning. Many thanks for your help on this. I will try again to fix my current problem...
  7. haggis999, I took a look at two out of my three Media Set (Retrospect Mac name for Backup Set) member storage USB drives—the third one is in my bank safe deposit box. Each of them has a "Retrospect" folder on it. Within that folder is a folder with the name of the Media Set—e.g. "Media Set Red"—and also a zero-byte Unix executable named "Backup Media" that was created in August 2015 (when I first started using modern Retrospect with Disk Media Sets) and hasn't been modified since. Within e.g. the "Media Set Red" folder is a file for my single member, named e.g. "1-Media Set Red". (It just so happens that within my "Retrospect" folder on the USB drive named "G-Drive White" I also had, not only the "Media Set White" folder that should be there, but also a "Media Set Red" folder I mistakenly created there in January 2018—which I've just deleted.) The foregoing is the structure required for Retrospect Mac; the structure required for Retrospect Windows may differ. I also did an Advanced Search of the Forums for "'Backup Set' member location". This 2007 post seems to be the best previous answer to your problem; it says you then had to do a Rebuild of the Catalog File, and the post following it told how to avoid the "Cannot use the specified backup data folder" message. There is also this October 2017 post by me—replying to a post by you, suggesting that you create a subvolume on your (presumably old and now dead) NAS.
  8. I am currently looking at the Member Properties dialogue box for the relevant member of my backup set and simply trying to change its storage location, but I just get the message "Cannot use the specified backup data folder". I can browse to this folder from within the dialogue box, so what might be going wrong here? After my NAS (called BonzoNAS) died recently, it was rebuilt and had the data restored from a backup NAS. Previously, the member called 1-Backup Set NAS1 was stored in the following path and the Member Properties dialogue box successfully used a location of \\BONZONAS\Backup\. Backup/Retrospect/Backup Set NAS1/ I tried to store this member folder in a new path on the NAS as follows, but a location of \\BONZONAS\Retrospect\ doesn't work. I have tried moving 1-Backup Set NAS1 to a variety of different subfolders but I still can't find a path that is acceptable to Retrospect. It is insisting that I use a volume name of Backup on my NAS and is also appears to be insisting that I use a subfolder called Retrospect. Retrospect/Backup Set NAS1/ In other words, the only location that works is when I recreate the original path on the NAS! Is there a hidden secret to relocating member locations?
  9. I've just realised that you may have misunderstood what I was trying to do. It's not a matter of wanting to "move member folders of disk sets to new locations". It is the Backup Set itself that now has a new name and path on my NAS. This Backup Set has no subfolders and contains about 4,000 rdb files. EDIT: Please forget this post! I misunderstood the terminology. It is indeed a member folder I am trying to modify.
  10. Hi David, My previous attempts to obtain guidance from the Retrospect 12 for Windows User Guide had been unsuccessful, so thanks for that useful information (and apologies for not making it clear I was using version 12). I will now dig a little deeper and see if I can do the edit you have suggested.
  11. haggis99, In the "What's New" chapter of the Retrospect Windows 11 User's Guide, page 14 says "Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac now allow customers to move the member folders of disk sets to new locations and let Retrospect know by simply editing the members and picking the new location. There are scenarios where moving these files is preferable to a set transfer." Presumably this is what you want to do. Unfortunately these sentences were not moved elsewhere in the Retrospect Windows 12 UG, nor were they amplified. Instead they were simply overlaid by the new "What's New" chapter. Being a Retrospect Mac administrator, I don't offhand know how to edit Members in Retrospect Windows. There is an Edit Pencil capability in the Retrospect Mac equivalent of dealing with Backup Sets. I assume that, if you click the Show Members button shown in the dialog on page 410 of the Retrospect Windows 11 UG, you will find something equivalent to that edit pencil that will let you edit the Members and pick their new locations. Retrospect Windows administrators, fee free to chime in with more particulars. BTW you haven't said in this thread what version of Retrospect Windows you are using, but I see from one of your recent posts that you are using Retrospect Windows 12.
  12. I have just made a major reorganisation of the folder structure on the NAS unit I use to store my Retrospect backup files. The destinations in all my backup scripts therefore need adjusting. How exactly do I do this to ensure a smooth transition to the new folders without losing any of the previous backup information?
  13. Force PROACTIVE Script to Run

    redleader and Insixdays, I don't know anything about Proactive scripts, because I don't use them. However Retrospect Mac 15 (and Retrospect Windows 15) introduced a new feature called "Proactive AI", described in this Knowledge Base article. If you read the "Algorithm" section of that article and look at what it says the algorithm used to be, it, you may be able to figure out why some of your Proactive scripts aren't running. If that gives you an explanation, and it sounds though the new algorithm would fix your problem, you may want to consider upgrading. As I've said before, I've never worked for Retrospect Inc. or its predecessor companies. You could always try a 45-day free trial.
  14. -519 -530 again and again and again

    redleader, I hate to be the one to predict future rain on your parade, but your fixing the problem by upgrading the Backup Server and Client software may turn out to be an example of what I have termed -530 Bug 3—see the fourth paragraph in this post and boomcha's preceding post in that thread. If that turns out to be true, I predict you'll "magically" start getting -530 errors again after a few weeks because of some kind of corruption in a configuration file. As reported in this post responding to saskia's preceding post in that thread, I now—as a result of experimenting to reproduce your problem—am getting -530 errors every single time I run a script to Backup my MacBook Pro using Retrospect Mac 14.6.1 (Client 14.6.0) under macOS 10.12.6. The workaround, also reported in that post, only takes me about 2 minutes—so I'm willing to live with it. One possible cure would be to replace the MoCA 1.1 adapters on a segment of my LAN with bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters, but that would cost US$160 and might not work. Please report back every couple weeks as to whether your fix is still working. I hope I'm wrong in my prediction.
  15. Force PROACTIVE Script to Run

    I usually just find the client in the backup report, highlight the info that says when the last backup happened and delete that info. Be careful not to delete all clients backup information. This should put the client at or near the top of the Proactive list. Sometimes I have to go to history and delete some past history as well.
  16. WORM Backup to File

    redleader, Yes, Retrospect Mac 14.6.x (your current version per your other recent post) can do that, once you get over your presumed hangup on wanting a File Media Set. The facilities you want are not available for a File Media Set, which is a hangover from Retrospect Mac 6 that EMC left in Retrospect Mac 8 because people were still using it. The references I'm going to give you are from the Retrospect Mac 12 User's Guide, for a reason that will become evident. The reasons you should not use a File Media Set are spelled out on pages 50-51, but the following is how to define a Disk Media Set that will give you the results you want. First, follow the steps on pages 95-98 to Add a Disk Media Set with its only Member on the drive you choose. Item 5 on page 96 tells you how to specify that the Catalog File for that Media Set be on that same drive, if that is what you want—although for safety reasons Retrospect Inc. advises against it. The last sentence in item 2 at the bottom of page 97 tells you how to specify the maximum size for the single Member. Next, set the Grooming Options for the Media Set per pages 211-212 to something other than No Grooming. Observe in passing that the italicized Note paragraph on page 212 says "Because Catalogs for Media Sets with active grooming policies need to store this additional data, they will be larger in size than Catalogs belonging to [presumably non-Groomed Disk Media Sets, but the last part of this sentence was left out of the UG]"; this is a reason why you probably want to avoid putting the Catalog File on the same drive as the Member. When you actually set the Grooming Options, you will observe an additional Months to Keep box under Groom to Retrospect Defined Policy; this is explained on pages 8-9 in the second paragraph under "Improved Grooming" in the "What's New" chapter, but that explanation was then heedlessly overwritten in later versions of the UG—which is why I'm referring you to the Retrospect Mac 12 UG. Setting a Grooming Option other than No Grooming will cause "the backup Script to delete older Files once the Backup File is full, thereby making room for newer Files", rather than asking for a second Member. I'm not sure how you could specify "changed/modified Files [my emphasis] only", if that is actually what you want. I suppose you could mess around with Rules for your Backup script, as per pages 183-191, but I don' know how to exclude all changed folders. There is a discussion of a somewhat similar Product Suggestion here. As I'm sure you know, deduplication of changed/modified files—via the Snapshot for a Media Set—has been a feature of Retrospect for many years. Besides, given the length limitations of Mac file names, the name of the enclosing folder(s) is IME frequently essential to figuring out what data a file actually contains. You've been on these Forums since 2006, redleader. Please in future use the term Media Set (or Backup Set if you're using Retrospect Windows) instead of "Backup File", which has never been a correct Retrospect term. Also please in future post the version of Retrospect you're using, and also the version of the OS you're running it under.
  17. Thank you DavidHertzberg--I filed a Support Case and Retrospect is on the case. They suggested upgrading to v.14.6 at the very least. Am waiting to hear from my supervisor if he wants us on v.14.6 or go straight to v.15.
  18. I want to be able to do a backup Script of changed/modified Files only I want this backup Script to be to a Backup File I want to be able to set the maximum size of that Scripts Backup File [say 500GB] I want the backup Script to delete older Files once the Backup File is full, thereby making room for newer Files In essence a WORM Backup File process Can Retrospect do that?
  19. -519 -530 again and again and again

    Well ... we updated to v14.6.x [SERVER and CLIENT] for Mac OSX and the problem magically went away :-)
  20. CherylB, If your installation is going to upgrade to Retrospect Mac 15 soon, then IMHO you should open a Support Case ASAP. Whenever Retrospect x.0 is released in March, there is usually a Retrospect x.1 released in June to make bug fixes that either didn't make it into the March release—or were caused by errors in the x.0 release itself. If you move fast, and your bug is reproducible, there's a chance—especially since the bug seems to be related to a new version of macOS—that it'll be fixed in Retrospect Mac 15.1 in June. If you file a Support Case fast then, even if the Retrospect Inc. engineers can't fix your bug in time for the Retrospect Mac 15.1 release, they're likely to give you a non-release version so you can beta-test the fix. That's what they did for saskia, and I think the released fix for her bug is #7046 in the Retrospect Mac 15.0 Release Notes. Those same Release Notes don't seem to indicate that your bug has been fixed in Retrospect Mac 15.0.
  21. Thanks for the reply David. No, I'm not "Moisie". Guess I'm a "fuddy-duddy" too since I'm sticking with OS 10.12 for now but many of the users I support ran the upgrade. We are in the process of soon upgrading to Retrospect V.15 but I will try your suggestions and reply back here.
  22. CherylB, This post on Ask Different sounds so much like your problem that I'm wondering if "Moisie" might be you. If so, then you may have some of your 45 days of free Retrospect Tech Support left, so I would call them and ask about what may be a read/write permission issue—as "Sayan" says in the reply to that post. If your 45 days have run out and you don't have Annual Support & Maintenance, I urge you to open a Support Case as described here—but you might always try phoning Support in case the head of Retrospect Tech Support (who seems to be the person who usually answers the phone these days) takes pity on you because this turns out to be a new macOS 10.13.3 problem. An alternative temporary approach would be to exclude folder [computername]/private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store/ from the backup. The way to do that is described in rhwalker's post in this old thread. Another approach worth trying is to upgrade your "backup server" and the affected "client" computers to Retrospect Mac 14.6. That has an enhancement, described in this Knowledge Base article, that may eliminate your -1101 error messages. In any case, good luck. As a fuddy-duddy who is currently sticking with macOS 10.12 Sierra, I'm afraid that I can't resist saying that pioneering in the High Sierra can be daunting (insert appropriate smiley here).
  23. I’m beginning to see a pattern of errors in Retrospect v.14.5. It seems to be happening with only on computers that have upgraded to OS 10.13.3. (OS 10.12 & prior are fine.) Retrospect finds the volume, and reads like this: 3/13/18 2:28:53 AM: Copying [computer name] on [computer name] While scanning volume [computer name], Folder [computername]/private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store/ Scanning incomplete, error -1,101 (file/directory not found) Then Retrospect continues to match and backup files on that computer but marks the entire script as unsuccessful (as indicated by the red dot with an X). How can I resolve this?
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  25. PSA: Wikipedia article on Retrospect going away in current form

    DovidBenAvraham has noticed an substantial increase on 6 March in the Page View Statistics for the "Retrospect (software)" and "Backup" Wikipedia articles. He attributes this to people, many of them from Walnut Creek CA, trying to see if DBA has updated these articles for the release of Retrospect 15 for Windows and Mac. Those people are probably now wondering "When is DBA going to update the articles with the new features?" The simple answer is never, until Retrospect Inc. updates the User's Guides. DovidBenAvraham learned the hard way, over the last 6 months, that Wikipedia has rules against including marketing information in articles on software. One WP editor, with the "handle" scope_creep, even went so far as to consider the use of Retrospect Inc.'s own terms for features to be marketing. Although another WP editor—JohnInDC—didn't go quite that far, he insisted that DBA's references in his WP articles had to be at least to user documentation—and preferably to third-party reviews of the software. The User's Guides have not yet been updated for Retrospect 15. There are downloadable documents on this website that purport to be User's Guides for the new versions, but a glance at their first pages reveals them to be copies of the UGs for Retrospect Windows 12 and Retrospect Mac 14. There are, however, new non-marketing Knowledge Base articles on the main new features of Retrospect 15—features listed in this press release. The problem is that Knowledge Base articles tend to be very nuts-and-bolts, are frequently separated into articles for each provider—such as the new ones on e-mail backup and the older ones on Cloud backup, and do not include all new features—as for example the absence of articles that discuss the new "Storage Predictions" section of the Dashboard and that discuss certain older features whose discussion in "What's New" chapters was simply overwritten in later versions of the UGs (because they didn't fit neatly into nuts-and-bolts KB articles). If you want to see the effects of that approach, look at the references for the "Enterprise client-server backup" section of the "Backup" Wikipedia article; from #19 through #69, they are mostly single-use ones to individual nuts-and-bolts articles (not very informative for WP purposes) for two backup server applications other than Retrospect—applications which have taken the KB approach and do not seem to have comprehensive UGs. DovidBenAvraham has therefore decided to take a stand on the progressive destruction of the Retrospect User's Guides. As the P.P.S. for this post shows, it wouldn't take much effort for Retrospect Inc.'s august Documentation Committee to move former "What's New" items into other chapters of the UGs. That would make room for a new Retrospect 15 "What's New" chapter that includes, and amplifies on, the information in the latest press release. Alternatively, because the Committee seems to be awaiting a comprehensive revision of the UGs that is always somewhere in the indefinite future, the Committee could in the mean time add a "What Was New" chapter after the "What's New" chapter—and that way put back in the "What's New" items that were in the UGs for Retrospect Windows 10 through 12 (and Retrospect Mac 12 through 14). That doesn't mean that someone else can't update the Wikipedia articles; anyone can easily become a WP editor. But whoever does that is going to have to contend with the difficulties that DBA encountered over the last six months, so beware. If someone on the Documentation Committee is thinking about doing that, I think it would turn out to be a lot less trouble for him/her to update the User's Guides—and leave the WP editing of Retrospect-related articles to DBA. P.S.: For updating the Retrospect User's Guides, I suggest the Committee consider as an alternative the "hire a spouse" approach. In my last applications programming job, one of my immediate bosses temporarily moved with his family from Greater Melbourne in Australia to New Jersey. My boss's wife, who needed to be at home because their daughter was still in grade school, ended up being the part-time User's Guide writer for our complicated application product. She is quite literate, and although not a trained technical writer had no doubt been hearing from her husband for years about our application; she did just fine. P.P.S.: Besides the deficiencies as Wikipedia references of the three new Knowledge Base articles alluded to in the fifth paragraph of this post, DovidBenAvraham is worried about the return of a problem that occurred a year before the strong-arming that led to the massive rewrite recounted in the OP. In October 2016 another WP editor tagged the article (see its top) for three deficiencies, the last of which was "This article relies too much on references to primary sources." DBA subsequently worked hard to cut down on the number of discrete Retrospect Inc. sources used; as I write this the count is 13 primary sources vs. 10 secondary sources. Adding the three new Knowledge Base articles as references would bring the count to 16 primary sources vs. 10 secondary sources, which might cause another WP editor to reinstate that tag—probably permanently. By contrast, doing the move of non-transient (i.e., not describing new-version improvements in speed/capacity) items that were in the "What's New" chapters of the User's Guides for Retrospect Windows 10 through 12 (and Retrospect Mac 12 through 14) to other chapters—as suggested in the sixth paragraph of this post—would enable DBA to cut the count to 10 primary sources vs. 10 secondary sources. P.P.P.S.: DovidBenAvraham and I realize that the Retrospect Inc. Documentation Committee must be sorely tempted to delay the comprehensive rewrite of the User's Guides until the Retrospect Web Console is released. But, as the post I linked to in the preceding sentence points out, the Web Console is not going to be released with two-way functionality until September 2018 at the earliest—and IMHO probably not until March 2019. Assuming that any GUI nut-and-bolts will remain in Knowledge Base articles, the item moves and additions described in the sixth paragraph of this post would be totally separate from later changes made necessary by the introduction of the Web Console—so the Documentation Committee should make those U.G. moves and additions now. P.P.P.P.S.: The fact is that the Knowledge Base articles for two out of the three new features referenced in this announcement that Dovid BenAvraham would like to put into the Wikipedia articles (he must regretfully exclude the Web Console—because it probably won’t exist as a non-preview control-capable feature until March 2019—and Data Hooks—because they are simply implementation details of “High-level/long-term reports supplementing the Administration Console[“ in the “Backup” article) are deficient from a marketing perspective. For instance this KB article has a “Wake-on-LAN” section, but I got Tech Support’s QA team to admit in Support Case #50941 on 30 September 2016 that Wake-on-LAN doesn’t work for non-Proactive scripts—at least if the clients being backed up using Retrospect Mac 12 are Macs. If this problem has now been fixed in Retrospect 15, that fact—difficult as it may be for Retrospect Inc. to admit after nearly 9 years of inaction—should go into the User’s Guides so that DovidBenAvraham can again refer to that feature. Moreover this KB article doesn’t explicitly say that “Remote Backup” works between computers that are not on the same LAN or WAN. Assuming that this actually a new feature (one of the announced “What’s New” features in Retrospect Mac 14, "LTFS Production Tool Support”, appears to have already been in Retrospect for several major releases), then it is a great advance—and possibly an industry first. DovidBenAvraham would love to mention that, but he can’t do it without a reference that says it—to do so would be considered the Wikipedia no-no Original Research.
  26. Retrospect does not finish backup

    Which version of Retrospect and which version of Windows are you running?
  27. derek500, and other Retrospect Windows administrators with his problem, should have a permanent solution within the next year with the Retrospect Web Console. And a partial solution may be available as early as May 2018, with the release of the preview version. That is, of course, even if derek500 rejects my suggestion of not running Retrospect.exe via the Retrospect Launcher. The blue icons may be working well enough in the preview version to allow him to review a how a script was set up or grab a status list, which are display-only capabilities he said in this preceding post that he wants. A fuller solution might be possible in 6 months, with the probable release of a more-capable preview version along with Retrospect Windows 15.5. If derek500 puts in a Support Case right now requesting it, the Retrospect Inc. engineers might be able to add to the Web Console preview a capability to "tell all unstarted/pending jobs to delay start but let the actively running jobs keep running" in September 2018. If my hypothesis in the second paragraph of the Product Suggestions post I linked to in the first sentence of this post is correct, by then the engineers may be in a position to beta-test two-way interaction between Retrospect.exe and the Web Console—and that capability sounds like an ideal not-too-ambitious two-way interaction.
  28. Retrospect does not finish backup

    I'm having the same issue with the backup, but this didn't help at all. It still continues to crash. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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